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Sheep in a Flock of Wolves [Sugma | Open]

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Sheep in a Flock of Wolves [Sugma | Open] Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 4:18 am

The ball was in full swing now, with Odin watching a lot of it from the sidelines, having not joined in on many of the goings on. It couldn't be helped really, he was a terrorist back home in Fiore and, from looking around, most of the people here in Stella were big name mages from back home. They weren't the kind of people who would want to talk to someone like the Wizard Lord. And even if they did want to have a conversation with him, the things that simple act could do to someone's reputation were, if you were to ask Odin, quite funny with how devastating they could be.

Then again, Odin's mere presence was likely causing something of a stir. He spotted at least one Rune Knight skulking around, funnily enough the one who had arrested him in the first place, but he had no doubt that there were likely more present. The ban on fighting, imposed by Kurisa as the benevolent organiser of the night, meant that Odin could basically do anything to provoke the knights, light mages, basically anyone he wanted. He had been invited here by the guild master herself after all, guest of honour and all that. He had diplomatic immunity while completely surrounded by enemies, and he was going to have such fun with it.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

Sheep in a Flock of Wolves [Sugma | Open] Empty Thu Aug 05, 2021 12:46 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo smirked, wiping the remains off his lips from the now empty glass of whiskey he held in his hand. Placing the empty drink and swiftly grabbing a full glass from the tray of a passing waiter, the mercenary made his way towards the person that would most probably become the reason why the Sugma Ball would become the hottest topic of gossip back at Fiore. Kenzo noticed ever from his arrival that people couldn’t stop nervously glancing at the country’s one and only Wizard Lord. Too afraid to approach him, but too interested in him to stop paying attention. It was understandable of course, considering the infamy behind his name. Even before Kenzo left the country almost a year ago, he’d heard about Odin’s exploits. Now that he had the opportunity to meet the most wanted criminal in Fiore, there was no way he was wasting his chance. Furthermore, things like reputation and others’ opinion mattered little for the mercenary. Heck, Kenzo even had gotten a 2 million bounty to his name, so maybe it’d even come handy as an ice breaker? The only thing the warrior knew was that it would make for an interesting chat.

Getting within Odin’s range, the Blue Pegasus swordsman cleared his throat in order to get his attention, before directing at him. ”Quite a statement making an appearance today… And here I thought our guild master was one for theatrics~” The male carefreely spoke with an amused tone. ”I’m just hoping things don’t get messy at the exit once the party is all over” Taking the glass of whisky to his lips, the male motioned his head towards the direction where one of the multiple Rune Knights present carefully tried to hide his staring at Odin.

”I’d say it is a pleasure finally meeting Fiore’s Wizard Lord, but that might increase my bounty once again… Unluckily, I promised Alisa I’d behave from now on.” The male’s words came across with a smile on his face. Kenzo’s attention was completely focused on the figure in front of him. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen a lich up close, but he could definitely perceive he was on a whole different dimension from the others. The warrior simply trembled with excitement at the prospect of one day testing his strength against his. For now, a simple chat would do.


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The moment the man stepped into Odin's view, he knew exactly who he was. Introductions were completely unnecessary for the two men, and the sentiment was echoed by the blue haired male. Kenzo Valens, arguably one of the most reputable mages in Fiore, although one who had been 'out of the game' for some time. Odin had kept an eye on his story a great deal, once considering him a possible addition to Eternal Nightmare. After all, despite his current position within Blue Pegasus, the weapon master had previously been registered as a dark mage, once possessing a bounty not much lower than Odin's before his jailbreak. Combined with his undeniable power, the Lich had wished to have him as an ally much more than an enemy. He hadn't thought of him in some time, mostly due to the fact he had considered -and in some cases hoped- he had died and been forgotten, but evidently that was not to be the case.

"Tell me, what's the point in being a criminal if no one knows who you are? Presentation is everything in this world." Maybe trying to convince a light mage of the perks of being his opposite was futile, but Kenzo had proved he wasn't entirely a light mage. The man had a dark past, as Odin glanced in the gestured direction, locking eyes with the rune knight who instantly turned away and threw up in a nearby plant pot, bringing a small amount of joy to the Lich who had that kind of power. "I suppose it depends. Is collecting my bounty worth declaring war on Empyrean Divine? That's the question every rune knight is probably asking themselves right now. So far, it seems they've decided not."

The end of the party, at the exact point when Kurisa's influence ended, would certainly be interesting. Maybe they were all waiting for that moment. Odin would extend a hand by way of greeting to the man, well aware that even shaking it could increase his bounty. It was extremely fun being Odin. "I can say it's a pleasure to meet you, however it'll be really awkward if I end up having to kill you some day." A light chuckle would escape from the Lich, his hollow voice echoing within his empty body making him sound detached from the material world, "If you don't mind my saying, behaving sounds incredibly dull. It's much more fun to be free."

#4Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
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Despite having left the country for almost a year, Kenzo had managed to stay reasonably up to date on what was happening in Fiore. The warrior had heard about the man in front of him even before the sudden disappearance of the witch of carnage, Yumi Hateshiganai, but it became clear that Odin quickly taking the title of most infamous person by storm was no joke. For the months he was abroad, the lich’s infamy did nothing but grow, increasing Kenzo’s already high interest in the Wizard Lord even further. Now that he was planning on returning back to the country, the swordsman decided to settle a question he’d been toying with for quite some time. Should he hunt Odin for his bounty? Or should he perhaps get in his good graces? In hopes of securing an interesting deal in the future of course. Whatever he chose, it was just a matter of finding out which of those would be the most profitable.

”Hah. While I might have gone with making easy money, I guess there’s a point to be made in favor of the fame.” After all, money and fame went hand in hand. Kenzo himself enjoyed the pleasures that came along with his increasing popularity in the country. Yet, his time as a fugitive taught him the differences between fame and infamy, and he’d honestly grown to prefer the calmer, albeit duller pleasures that moving unrestricted brought with staying clean. Still, Kenzo couldn’t help but agree how more fun it could be at the sight of the puking Rune Knight.

”Who knows? One may argue the act itself could be well worth more than the bounty in question. Since, you know … Presentation is everything in this world.” The merc slipped a cheeky grin before taking another sip from his glass. Even if there was a stupid enough Rune Knight to do as proposed, there was no denying the gesture would instantly net them a spot within the halls of fame of the magic council, even if just as a martyr; something Kenzo wouldn’t bet happening either way.

As Odin’s hand was presented to him with a chuckle, Kenzo’s jawbone glinted in excitement with a blueish hue. Without hesitation, his hand firmly shook the lich’s, following suit with a chuckle of his own. ”Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to shoulder the awkwardness if I have to” Kenzo’s innocent smile was completely detached from the meaning of his words, disregarding them as he answered the following comment. ”Oh by all means. I can hardly disagree.” Kenzo paused for a second. ”However, I fail to see how hedonism would take you so far. Especially considering the impressive following you’ve managed to bring along tonight. But perhaps that’s just my lack of imagination.” The warrior obviously referred to Venus Rosé, the only other woman alive that could hold a candle to his guild master, besides Karisa. Kenzo was genuinely intrigued how Odin had gotten a woman like her to tag along. He doubted she was just there for the fun.

Oh yeah, there was that other guy with them as well.


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Odin could never understand it himself, but he respected someone who enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. He had once thought of settling down himself, many years ago, after Grimoire Heart had deposed the former king and allowed the rightful heir, Arthurias, to ascend the throne. The then-human had been offered a place in the new Kingsguard, serving as a personal protector of the king and of the realm. He chuckled slightly as he imagine how different his life could've been, if the king hadn't lost his life so soon into his reign. Perhaps he'd still be human, maybe he'd even have a wife and a family. But that wasn't who he was anymore. "I agree it's probably much easier for you to get a drink in Era than it is me." Event though his face could betray no emotion, the Lich's tone betrayed his almost childlike, mischievous approach to life.

Maybe that would be true, perhaps some knight would actually try to attack Odin, Kurisa's rule be damned, and enjoy their brief moment of fame before it was wrested away from them. And Odin would ensure it would be brief. After all, he had promised not to attack anyone while at the party, he had said nothing about defending himself. No one had brought weapons, and Odin had his magic to defeat anyone that approached. He couldn't be blamed if his approach to combat was slightly more brutal than many would deem 'fair'.

Kenzo's response to Odin's mild threat just served to make the Lich like him more. He knew he was strong, he knew they were on different sides, and if the day ever came when they stood on the field of battle, they would respect the other's position. They would not hold back, and what a fight that would be. He then spoke, in a somewhat subtle way, of who Odin had entered the ball with. For as much as the Lich was a well known figure, he paled in comparison to the reputation of Venus, someone who had been on another level before Odin had even died, let alone in her current form. She brought a sense of legitimacy to the guild. It wasn't simply Odin and a group of nobodies, he had gained the faith of one of the most powerful people in Fiore, and that carried weight.

"Hedonism is only part of it, Kenzo. That is what you are missing. I am who I am not only because I wish to be free, but because I have dreams myself. And that is true of everyone in my guild. Many wouldn't even by classed as criminals if it weren't simply due to their association to myself. They wish to live outside the confines of this world, and under my banner they can do just that. They can embrace hedonism, truly, but they can also gain the assistance from a group of like minded individuals who all strive for their own goals, as well as the goal of the guild itself."

#6Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
Tag: @Odin | 484 Words | Other

Kenzo was honestly surprised by Odin’s answer. He’d never expected the lich to be such an idealistic man, but it was something he didn’t dislike. On the contrary, his ideals were very much similar to those the mercenary had. Kenzo was not trying to kid anyone; he wasn’t a hero or someone that would jump into the thick of trouble just to save an unknown person because of some lofty ideal of justice. Heck, a part of him believed the world could go to hell for all he cared, as long as the people important to him were safe. In a way, Kenzo hated to admit that the man’s ideology was certainly enticing, stirring his soul for a second. Maybe he’d just found what he’d been looking for?

”So this is the man they call a Wizard Lord, huh.” Kenzo thought to himself with an amused smile. His charisma was certainly no joke. However, there was still something the warrior couldn’t shake off. The fact was, Odin was a lich, an unnatural being born of dark magic. Kenzo could feel the jawbone in his cheek vibrate and start hurting with each passing second, making him remember his vow to eradicate demons from existence. While Odin wasn’t one, it still made the mercenary remember the reason he’d decided to join Blue Pegasus. However, the lich’s response was enough to at least give Kenzo an answer regarding his initial intentions when approaching him.

”Maybe under other circumstances we might have stood on the same side. I respect with your way of living, even if I don’t agree with your means.” The Bellan discreetly took out a small card from his pocket dimension ring and passed it over to Odin. Kenzo’s right eye shone with a blueish flame, making completely sure there was no one in the vicinity that could see the mercenary’s gesture. It could spell trouble for the people around him after all. ”However, allow me to offer my services in case you’re ever in need of a sword for hire.” The swordsman flashed a cheeky smile before continuing. ”As long as it doesn’t go against Blue Pegasus’s objectives, I’m someone that can discreetly do a job”

The warrior stared firmly at Odin’s empty sockets, fruitlessly trying to find out the tiniest hint of life from them. Kenzo had taken his decision now. While hunting and fighting Odin was something he wouldn’t entirely discard – more due to the fact he was aching to test his strength against him more than any other thing – Kenzo would remain neutral with Eternal Nightmare for the moment. His gut told him their relationship would lead to interesting places, and he’d never been wrong about his hunches so far.

”With business out of the way. Could I entice you to a little bit of fun?~” The male downed the remainder of his drink, wondering if Odin would take the bait.


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As disappointed as Odin was with Kenzo's disagreement, he wasn't entirely surprised. There had been many people who believed in Odin's goals, and empathised with Eternal Nightmare. However for whatever reason, often to do with who Odin himself was, they didn't wish to do anymore than secretly give them a pat on the back. Passive activism, wanting something but not willing to take the leap of faith required. He had seen it many times with members of the light guilds specifically. Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail were full of many different kinds of individuals, and unfortunately many of them saw Eternal Nightmare simply as a dark guild, not realising how much potential both they, and the guild itself, could have.

However, what Odin didn't expect was to receive a small slip of parchment from the light mage. Perhaps it wasn't passive activism after all, as Kenzo offered his sword for Odin's purposes if it was ever needed. Naturally, as long as it didn't go against what his own guild wished. Taking the card, and noting the glowing eyeball for a moment, Odin deposited it in one of his suit pockets before replying, "Your faith in my guild's values is appreciated, and your offer truly is generous. If I call on you, I'll try to make it for jobs that won't completely give away your feelings." Odin would chuckle for a moment before adding, "Although it's not like you've never had a bounty."

The more Kenzo spoke, the more Odin was realising just how much he liked the man, as he suggested they have a little bit of fun while at the ball. Given the phrasing, it sounded incredibly mischievous, and Odin was very much intrigued. Without a second thought he would also finish his drink in one gulp before responding, "I thought you'd never ask, what do you have in mind?"

#8Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
Tag: @Odin | 454 Words | Other

Kenzo chuckled at Odin’s comment about his bounty. ”As long as the price is right~” The warrior was dangerously threading with this entire interaction, since he had Blue Pegasus’ reputation to take care of, but it was a necessary thing to do for the sake of the objective he and Alisa shared. Regardless, Kenzo was the type of person to worry about such things when they actually became a problem, not now.

An amused smile creeped up on his lips as Odin accepted his invitation. The Blue Pegasus swordsman was someone that knew how to enjoy a party, so he’d made sure to previously investigate what fun could be had. As expected of the boss of Hosenka, Kenzo was not disappointed by what Karisa had prepared for her guests. ”Seems like the Ball’s fun is in the floors below the dancing hall” The man motioned with his head towards one of the stairs leading down. While the enormous building was positioned at the edge of a cliff, the architects had apparently managed to create a couple of floors below ground level. Supposing the Wizard Lord came along, the warrior would lead them to Floor -2, where a sign signaled the words Crimson Den in complete Hosenkan style.  

Odin’s mobilization to the lower levels of the building caused somewhat of a disturbance. A couple of “undercover” Rune Knights clumsily – and obviously desperately – communicated with each other through their lacrima phones giving alert to their fellows. A couple of them failed in their attempts at secretly following the two men, which only managed to amuse Kenzo even more. He knew the Rune Knights had just came back from extinction, so it was funny to see how they were still lacking discipline and organization.

Regardless, he would pay them no mind, as his interest laid in the so-called Crimson Den. In true Hosenkan fashion, it was almost as if the entire floor was a tiny recreation of the Crimson Quarters of the resort town. Dimmed lights, Joyan decoration and a multitude of different gambling tables littered the place. Skimpily dressed dancers entertained guests as a group of Oiran played traditional Joyan instruments for their enjoyment. The place was packed by now, the atmosphere heavily contrasting with the main dancing hall. A combination of booze and money changing hands had set the mood in the entire floor by now.

”Anything specific of your preference?” Kenzo asked the lich as he motioned with his hand at the multitude of tables. There was something for everyone, offering whatever you’d expect from Hosenka. Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Pachinko, Mahjong and even Arm wrestling where some of the options where intoxicated gamblers tested their luck. Whatever Odin chose, Kenzo was bound for some fun.


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Odin's mind was already racing on the possible ways he could employ Kenzo in the future. Some of them were simple enough: if he needed a target assassinated in the future he presumed the light mage could be hired. After all, he would want to keep his name out of the news as much as Odin would want someone dead. The more difficult concepts came with what Kenzo was known for, what he was best at: full combat engagements. It would be much harder for him to hide who he was if he were to do that, but maybe the price would be enough to convince him. Maybe Eternal Nightmare would be calling on him soon, especially if anyone else tried to encroach on their territory.

The ball had more 'fun rooms' down below the main room. How very cliché Odin though as he followed Kenzo down into the 'Crimson Den': a few floors below and one of those places that were hidden to all but those who knew where to look. Hosenka was a place of decadence, and it seemed Empyrean Divine were living up to the reputation of where they had founded. Odin had a few tail him, but honestly it wasn't like they were actually going to try anything. And if they did, they'd be dead before it even got interesting.

The den itself was much like the rest of the city it emulated: debauchery ran rife throughout its makeshift streets. Gamblers of every game ran the tables, many of the inhabitants drank, fucked and played there way to a happier life. And Kenzo had called Odin the hedonist! He would never be so brash as many of the people here, and it reminded him of how disgusting humans could actually be. He was very glad to no longer count himself among them.

"How about you get us some drinks, and I will find us a blackjack table? And perhaps after that we can try the arm wrestling. I've always wondered how I would match up to someone of true strength."

#10Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
Tag: @Odin | 524 Words | Other

As the two men walked down the stairs and into the lower floors of the Ball, Kenzo couldn’t help but wonder what their future business relation would amount to. He was a man that enjoyed gambling, but he enjoyed investing even more so. Was giving Odin’s bounty up for the sake of doing business with the lich a sound investment? Or a gamble? Either way, the warrior couldn’t wait to see. For now, he simply wanted to let go some steam and perhaps blow through a couple million jewels or so. What was the reason for charging his clients so well if he couldn’t squander his fortune every now and then?

”Sounds like a plan.” Kenzo answered with a confident smirk at Odin’s suggestion. While a round of Blackjack sounded appealing, it was the Wizard Lord’s second idea that caught the warrior’s interest the most. Kenzo was confident in his physical strength, sure it couldn’t be easily matched by many in the continent. However, the fact that Odin himself had suggested arm wrestling meant he had some faith in his skills too. Intrigued, Kenzo took a discreet peek at Odin’s bone arm, wondering how much strength a lich could even possess. As he turned around in search for something to drink, he shrugged the thought off with a smile. Liches were powerful mages that had shed their mortal vessels in pursuit of immortality, so any strength the mage possessed had to be magical in nature, he presumed. Was magic stronger than muscle? He would soon find out.

Grabbing a pair of glasses from the bar at the far end of the hall, Kenzo walked towards the table where Odin was waiting for him. A small clearing had formed around the gambling table, as people tried to get away from the dark mage’s path. However, there were still a couple of people that were either brave or drunk enough to remain at the table. A stuck-up-looking noble with a pair of bodyguards at his back, an elderly and wrinkled monk that looked so old he could be mistaken for a mummy and a fierce looking woman with a patch on her left eye and unruly attitude that reminded Kenzo of a pirate. The trio of eccentric looking people were only complemented by the lich and the man with a jawbone stuck at the side of his cheek. Truly a picturesque scene.

Passing a glass of warm sake at Odin, the swordsman took a seat next to him and tossed a bag of jewels at the dealer to have them exchanged for chips. ”Well well boys… Is any of you up for some side bets? Or are your monthly allowances just not big enough for some fun?” The warriors words were spoken towards everyone at the table, but his sights were set on the noble at the other side. He knew how to ruffle a noble’s “feathers” and was sure the poor guy would inevitably fall for his provocation. Kenzo was in a light guild, so part of his good Samaritan activities involved relieving people such as him from the burdens of having such vast wealth.


Sheep in a Flock of Wolves [Sugma | Open] Empty Sat Sep 18, 2021 2:16 am

Kenzo arrived shortly after Odin with some drinks in his hand, passing the Lich a glass of sake, a Joyan delicacy that Odin had to admit he hadn't drank a huge amount of in the past. As a Lich, his existence was one of ash and dust when it came to food and drink. Anything that touched his mouth gave a hint of its true flavour, before disappearing into the void and becoming nothing. Odin had tasted nothingness and he wasn't overly fond of it. That was why he mostly stuck to wine: the initial hits and flavours of the drink were enough to at least attempt to satisfy him in ways that many other items could not. Sake had a similar strength though, meaning Odin could definitely feel it as he took a sip, unpleasant though he found it.

The two men joined a table of strange people, Odin noting there was someone there quite possibly as old as he himself was at one hundred and twenty four. Monks were often strange creatures to Odin, as they followed very niche religions and seemed to possess tricks that no one else could even hope to assimilate.

They played Blackjack for some time, before a messenger arrived for Odin. One of his cultists who was also present at the party due to not having a high bounty. Odin had placed many of his followers in plain sight, as no one was checking on them once the Lich had strode into the room. He would have to head back up and so he bade the table and Kenzo farewell.

"My apologies, but I look forward to seeing you again very soon Kenzo. After all, I know how to contact you." A slight chuckle ended their interaction, as the Wizard Lord's face darkened briefly, returning to the party upstairs.


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