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Murderous Madman - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Murderous Madman - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 7:15 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
Orchidia is like a home for Akuma, since he moved to Fiore from Joya he mostly lives here in Orchidia. As much as he loves Hosenka for the vibes and the look of the city because it’s reminding him of Joyan, Orchidia is still like a first home for him. He might enjoy it here because he already knows the town and his room because he has lived there for some time. As he wakes up, as he always does, he opens the window and sees the town outside, and sees the people of Orchidia walking around doing their morning business like always, some are walking to their work or maybe to the forest. Akuma on the other hand, is about to go out to buy some food for his breakfast before he really starts his day and starts his meditation and breathing technique as his morning routine. So Akuma gets ready, takes a shower, looks up in the mirror, gets dressed up and takes his stuff and goes out of his room. He starts walking around the town heading to his favorite place to eat and get his breakfast. Well, he walks around town while observing his surroundings, especially around his house.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma
When he finally arrives at the restaurant, he gets in that restaurant and sits by himself next to the window to see outside. He often checks the condition outside while he’s waiting for his food, even when he eats. He likes to see the activity of the people of this town, instead of asking people for information he chooses to take his time to observe the town and the people. But that doesn’t stop him from getting information and news in this town, he’s observations help him to get those information, at least he knows what’s going on around his living area. While Akuma is enjoying his favorite food in that restaurant, Akuma can see that some rune knights are busy doing something on the other side of the street. Akuma then take a detail looks out there from that restaurant, he can see a dead body, seems like a murder case has happened last night. But all he can see is the victim, and all those rune knights that are going back and forward around there. Despite what he saw, Akuma decided to finish his food first before going there to see for himself what’s really going on there.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma
After he finished his food and pay of course, he decided to go to that crowd of rune knights to look closer about what those people were doing. So he walks across the road and towards those people. As he arrives there, some of the rune knights notice him because of his reputation and tell him to get away from that crime scene. But Akuma's curiosity keeps him standing there looking at that scene gathering as much information as he can from that scene. As he observes that area, Akuma knows that this is an unsolved serial killer case. “I think you might need a criminal to catch a criminal.” says Akuma to the guy that told him to go. As he said that, Nilan, one of the inspectors heard what he said and called him to the crime scene to get his point of view of this crime. Nilan starts telling Akuma about the crime, and about who he is. He used to be an operator among the higher ranks in the Rune Knights. He quit the rune knights to spend more time with his sick wife, who died not much later. After rejoining the ranks, he was dispatched to Orchidia.


#4Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma
“It has become dangerous at night in the streets of Orchidia. Someone has been stalking the dark corridors and alleyways of the city and slicing the throats of unsuspecting people. The guards have not been able to catch the murderer. Somehow the murderer keeps slipping away each time.” Nilan tells Akuma explaining the current situation. Akuma then explained his point of view, “This isn’t done easily, my point of view is this is the doing of someone who knows about the schedules of all Rune Knights exactly in Orchidia allowing him to move unseen to commit murders.” Akuma then offers his help to Nilan, he offers to help him catch this murderer and close this case at the end. Nilan agrees to his offer and calls three rune knights under his command, “You guys, take this guy to the previous crime scene, let him examine that area and get as much information as he can.” Akuma then walks and follows the guide from those three rune knights assigned by Nilan and gets to the last two crime scenes from the same serial killer case. As they walk, those three rune knights start talking about him, and how Nilan is willing to get help from someone well known like Akuma for his infamy or bad behaviour.


#5Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma
When they arrive at the first crime scene, Akuma gets the chance to observe that area and Akuma tells the three rune knights to explain every detail they know about this serial killer and specifically this crime scene. “This crime scene was discovered 3 days ago by inspector Nilan, as he arrived here the murderer had slipped away already.” Akuma then observes that area for more detail before they are moving to another crime scene. This time, those three rune knights leave him there to do his thing. So Akuma starts observing that area while looking for evidence, but as the three rune knights warn him, there’s really no evidence that can be found in that crime scene. Akuma then decided to waits around that area to see if the murder will happen again tonight around his area or not. As he waits, the night starts to come and the sky is getting darker and darker as the sun has set down. Akuma stands on top of a building near his favorite restaurant as he has an instinct that the killing case happens around this restaurant, and might be the center of the crime since the previous case happened nearby.


#6Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma
As the nights get late, he can hear a girl scream from somewhere nearby, and Akuma quickly gets to that location as fast as he can. But when he gets there, the murderer is gone and all he can see is a dead body lying down there. But there is something strange that Akuma feels, as a dragon slayer Akuma has an enhanced smell that allows him to smell anyone within a 25 meter radius but he can only associate the smell to someone if he has smelled them before. This time Akuma smelled someone familiar around that area, and Akuma quickly ran and tried to chase that smell, but when he ran around looking for that person and getting further from the crime scene, he lost that smell. Because Akuma can’t reach that person he smells, Akuma decided to just go back to the crime scene as soon as possible and wait for the rune knights and Nilan to come to that crime scene. When he arrives back at that crime scene, Akuma sees the rune knights are already there observing the crime scene and collecting some evidence from that crime scene and from that dead body that was found earlier.


#7Miyamoto Akuma 

Murderous Madman - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 7:19 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
But as Akuma arrives there, he sees the three rune knights that guided Akuma to the previous crime scene are there, but he notices something weird but also useful and works well for a clue. Akuma decided to keep that clue to himself for now and play along with the rune knights investigation. “How does this murderer always get away from us?” Says inspector Nilan complaining to his man. Akuma trying to give a hint to Nilan that he has a clue that he keeps to himself “I believe that this serial killer has good information about the rune knights schedule and location, seems like the killer knows exactly where the area with no rune knights patrolling. Is there any way that this schedule details information being leaked to the public?” ask Akuma to Inspector Nilan. “That information should be classified to run knights only, unless… someone must be spreading that information to the killer to help the killer.” Says Nilan. Akuma on the other hand still keeps his clue to himself. “We better split up in a team of two and look around this area to find clues around here, since the killer might run somewhere and might leave some clue unintended.”


#8Miyamoto Akuma 

Murderous Madman - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 7:20 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
“Sure I agree with Akuma right here.” Nilan agrees to Akuma’s idea and commands his man to split up while he teams up with Akuma to stroll around looking for clues. This is exactly what Akuma plans when he gives the idea to split up. As the rune knights start splitting up and move to look for clues, Akuma approaches Inspector Nilan. “I have something to tell you, I have a clue about this murder. I was the first one who arrived here after that girl got murdered. I smell someone familiar around the area, as a dragon slayer I can smell someone I smelled before in a 25 meters radius. After that, I quickly tried to catch up with that smell, but as I got further from the victim, that smell started to fade out so I decided to go back to this crime scene and when I arrived here, all rune knights were already here. This is when I notice something suspicious, I smell the same scent as the one I tried to chase. That is one of the three guys you assigned to take me to the previous crime scene earlier this day and that is the killer we’ve been looking for.” Says Akuma


#9Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma
With a pretty shocked face, Inspector Nilan tries to understand the situation based on the information from Akuma. “That would be a perfect explanation on how the killer always slips away from the rune knights like the killer really knows when and where is the perfect time to do the killing. The only explanation is that the killer is right under your nose this whole time.” Says Akuma to Inspector Nilan. Since his explanation makes sense, Inspector Nilan starts connecting the dots between those theories from Akuma. “If that is true, then we have to quickly catch that guy before he realizes that we know about his identity.” Says Inspector Nilan. Agreeing to this, Akuma lead the way and guide Nilan to the killer, but on their way to catch up with that guy, the partner of that guy is lying down on the street unconscious, being a little bit panic about the situation, Nilan quickly request for back up from the rune knight. Akuma then quickly runs trying to chase the killer by chasing the smell of that guy. Right behind him, Inspector Nilan is also running trying to catch up with Akuma, but Akuma’s speed is unchaseable with Nilan’s current speed.


#10Miyamoto Akuma 

Murderous Madman - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 7:21 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
With his speed, Akuma is able to reach the killer with the help of his enhanced smell as a dragon slayer, as he reaches that guy, Akuma quickly launches his attack to drop that guy down in one hit. As that guy falls down from Akuma’s attack, Akuma can see that guy has already used a mask. Not so long after that, Inspector Nilan arrives there from the other end of the road. The killer sees that as an opportunity to take inspector Nilan that’s tired of running as a hostage. “STOP CHASING ME AND LET ME GO OR INSPECTOR NILAN WILL HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE WITH HIS LIFE!!!” says that killer. Inspector Nilan takes that chance to reach his mask and remove it from the killer’s head, and Akuma was right, the killer is the one of the rune knights. Akuma being Akuma, he quickly lunges towards that killer and kills that killer while saving Inspector Nilan’s life. Being confused with the situation, Inspector Nilan is mad but also grateful to Akuma because he saved his life but he killed the killer when he was supposed to capture that killer alive and put him in the prison. But Akuma did the job anyway, so he demanded his reward. Nilan being confused but fair, still gives him the rewards he deserves, and Akuma leave that new crime scene.



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