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OLD CRIES [Akio Solo]

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OLD CRIES [Akio Solo] Empty Wed Jul 28, 2021 7:55 pm

Akio joyfully skipped down the road singing to himself "♪ A-a-ay, I'm on vacation Every single day 'cause I love my occupation A-a-ay, I'm on vacation If you don't like your life, then you should go and change it A-a-♪ HUH". Akio Stopped to listen to his surroundings for a moment "That's auspicious I don't hear the birds anymore" A huge smile formed across Akio's face. "Sweetness That must mean I'm getting close" Akio continue to walk for a few more minutes Before he heard the unmistakable sound of a giant iron gate opening and closing in the wind. "Sounds like I'm getting close. Spooky!" Akio Stood in the archways of the giant iron gate as they banged open and closed in the wind. Akio sat down Just before entering the gate "OK now If i remember what old man Mywand told me this place is locked with magic" Akio Inquisitively scratches his head. "Let's see how do I break into this place? the old man told me not to damage it in any way shape or form, So brute force is out." Akio Begins to tap his head against his head trying to work his brain for a way to get into the mansion. Then a lightning bolt of inspiration hit him. "This seems like a pretty big place which means it would take a good bit of magic to lock all the doors and windows........ But it would take way less magic to just lock all the doors and windows in the front of the house"  

Akio shoots up with new vigor now that he has some sort of a plan. he passes through the gate he holds his sword out in front of his body much like a Walking stick To avoid any obstacles that may be in his way. After a few minutes of navigating finally made his way to the back of the mansion. he runs the hilt of his sword along the wall of the building until he heard the clunk of the back door. Akio reaches from the doorknob and turns. A huge smile appears on his face as the door swings open " Nailed it!" Akio takes one step inside. Everything sounds normal to him what you figure you to make his presence known anyway "YO GHOST DUDES IM COMING IN HOPE YOU DONT MIND! OH, AND I SHOULD TELL YOU IM BLIND SO I WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE ALL THE SCARY STUFF YOU DO, SO IF YOU DONT MIND I APPRECIATE YOU TELLING ME IN DETAIL ABOUT ALL THE SPOOKY THINGS YOU ARE DOING" Akio stood in the doorway for a few Moments Expecting something spooky to happen but nothing did. 'I guess the Ghost is shy, lucky for them I like making friends." Akio ventured into the house. " So ghost dude, why are you hunting this place?" Akio Joked "OOOOOOHH let me guess it's because it's close to your Mummy's place right?" Akio burst out into Laughter. No sooner than Akio was able to finish his joke did a faint Scratching began to ring out from one of the nearby rooms "Oh ok you want me to go that way uh?" Akio followed the Scratching to the staircase that led into the basement.  Akio used his sword to feel around for the 1st step as the scratching grew louder " OK OK ghost dude I'm coming just give me a sec I don't do stairs very well"

After Akio slowly made his way down the stairs He was hit with a wall of dark magic that sent a chill down his spine. even without being able to see it, Akio knew there was Something that exuded a massive dark energy. "Yo Ghost dude I think I understand what you want." Akio slowly walked towards the focal point of the energy. "I don't think you're the one who sealed the doors and windows." Akio sword Made contact with a large mirror. Akio couldn't see the mirror but he could feel As an entity silently begged him to free it. "I hear you loud and clear ghost dude!" Akio raised his sword over his head and brought it crashing down atop the mirror shattering it. From the shattered mirror a warm gust of wind blew past Akio "Nice! I don't feel that Dark energy anymore." Upon Akio making This way back outside of the mansion and through the big iron gate. Akio fleet Like a huge weight was lifted off of his body "well that's a relief I thought i was going to have to fight Elledge horror or long-forgotten deity or something like that" Akio Joked "Would have been nice to know what Ghost dude looked like tho." as Akio walked back to town a warm gust of wind blew past him just like before in The basement only this time I was carrying the sweet scent of flowers. A small smirk appeared on Akio's face. "Your welcome ghost dude...... Just don't go getting trapped in any more hunted mansions i don't want to make this a regular thing." Akio once again started to sing to himself as he made his way back to old man Mywand to tell him the good news.

                              [THE END]

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