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For The Horde [Q | S]

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#1Hanabi Han 

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Hanabi Han
"Man, you really fucked up, huh?" Those would be the first words that would escape Hanabi's mouth as she looked down onto the graveyard just outside Baska from atop a hill. She wasn't alone, as the person she would be speaking to would be both her employer but also the cause of the problem in the first place: Cain the necromancer. Despite what one may think from the insult that she had just thrown Cain's way, the two of them weren't close at all. However, given the current circumstances he was in no position to disagree with her.

At the bottom of the hill was the problem, walking around on legs. Cain, in his infinite wisdom and greedy search for knowledge, had brought the dead back to life but incomplete. There were undead just walking around the graveyard, and combined with the summer heat, release an absolutely pungent stench that could, and already has, kill a bird. Luckily, Hanabi was sitting uphill and upwind of them so she didn't really get much of the stench, but she could only imagine how bad it could be for those on the road opposite of her just wallowing in the smell of warm, rotting flesh.


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#2Hanabi Han 

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Hanabi Han
"So how are you gonna..." Cain finally spoke up, but quickly trailed off to a point that Hanabi couldn't make out what he was saying while being right next to him.

"Huh? What? You speak up, I hear not good." Hanabi snapped at him with her broken English. There was a hint of anger and annoyance in her voice as he didn't even have the balls to own up to the situation at hand. You'd think that she would be nicer to the guy that was paying her, but alas that wasn't the case. Funniest part was that he was 3 times her size, and in a physical fight Hanabi would most likely lose.

"What are you going to do?" He spoke clearer and with purpose the second time. For some reason a wave of confidence seemed to wash over him as he turned to look Hanabi in the eye. The only response she had to this change in behavior was a scoff as she started to rise herself off the grass of the hill. Her scowl never moved from the undead that roamed not too far away.

"That obvious. Gonna kill them again. They are dead, just make dead again. Simple." She stated this in a matter-of-fact tone, as if it was just common knowledge and the obvious fix to their problem.


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#3Hanabi Han 

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Hanabi Han
And with that said, Hanabi prepared herself for action. Though as her hands went to grab the hilts of her weapons, something happened. Something that she was not expecting, but Cain fully expected this to happen. Not only did more of the creature show up, but there was a larger one that appeared as well. The only word that could be used to describe this special undead would be abomination. It was tall, fat, and ugly, with more bone than flesh and its organs hanging out of its stomach. Like the rest, luckily, this abomination seemed to lack any sort of high intelligence. It wandered around the graveyard but it was clearly too large and possibly to dangerous to let do as it pleased. Unfortunately, it was on the far side of the graveyard and the only thing standing between Hanabi and it were about 10 zombies.

Out of annoyance, Hanabi turned to look Cain in his weird, necromancer eyes, a face of disbelief paired with her glare.

"Big one? How did that get there, hmmm? Think that maybe you would tell me, hmm? Hmm?" Cain tried to challenge her looks but then quickly turned his head away, knowing fully well of his mistakes.


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