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Akuma and Hildegard III (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Akuma and Hildegard III (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:51 am

Miyamoto Akuma
Akuma and Hildegard have known each other for a pretty long time now, it all started when the news about the fight over the throne between heirs in Bosco started, and Akuma heard the news about all of them. The fight over the throne between Wilhelm, Cassia, Brunhild, Reiner and Hildegard. The news about this has been spread everywhere including Fiore, and they all have their own goals and their own way to rule Boscosi if they get the throne. Not only them, but every single one that supports them have their own beliefs and their own goals if the heirs that they support win the fight over the throne of Boscosi, Including Akuma. He believe that under Hildegard rulership Boscosi will be more friendly and understanding and that would be a benefit to Fiore. Akuma has been helping Hildegard to find some town of wood elves and make them believe in Hildegard and give their support for Hildegard to get the throne. Not just by voice, those people are supporting Hildegard by resources for her people as well. They also start to help each other between towns, trading supplies and needs, and they start to gain trust between towns.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

Akuma and Hildegard III (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:51 am

Miyamoto Akuma
This relationship between towns is exactly what Hildegard wants, when everyone is caring about each other without the boundaries of different towns because they are basically under the same kingdom. Not just helping her find towns to be her supporters, Akuma also helps her to gather more beasts on her side, Akuma often to stroll around wood, he does that to find a perfect place for training, so it’s not rare for him to find beasts in the forest. He sometimes found the one that was injured, or maybe two beasts that were about to fight with each other, or just a beast that was strolling around in the woods just like Akuma. So every time he finds a beast, he always reports it to Hildegard or her people so she can get there and tame that beast to assist her and support her. Akuma also often comes face to face with random people gathering some rare plants from the woods, like a rare flower or mushroom, or maybe he faces some people cutting down the trees more than what they actually need and looks more like abusing nature. To deal with that kind of people Akuma mostly tries to talk it out and warn them instead of directly attacking or chasing them away from there.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

Akuma and Hildegard III (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:52 am

Miyamoto Akuma
Akuma also help Hildegar to fight against the Stellan rebels, and protecting the town that support Hildegard with their voice and their resources. When the Stellan rebels are attacking Hildegard’s supporter’s town, her people are there to protect the city from those attacks and Akuma is often to be part of that fights. But not just fight them when they attack Hildegard’s supporter’s town, they also attack their bases in a group to prevent their attack in the future. Not just that Akuma success to lead his team to win the fight in their area, but Akuma also lead his team to help the other team's fight and even bring back those other team members who get injured during the fight. Akuma successfully lead his team as leader and give them orders to safe more people at the end. The hard part for him to support Hildegard that she doesn't like violence so Akuma can't randomly kill the Stellan rebels in front of her, but later on she understand and allow him to kill in some situation and condition only. This friendship between Akuma and Hildegard seems really nice, they both try their best to support a lot of people and towns for the sake of every single supporter of Hildegard. Even if Hildegard don't get the throne, there is nothing was taken away from this friendship.


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