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Support Cassia [Rebuilding Homes #4]

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Zexion loved the area of Bosco, it was completely different from when Zexion had first began to help out. Many buildings were back up and running. Many shops were back and making business. Zexion was happy, He had come to the people three separate times before and helped with as much as he could. Zexion understood the pain and mentally scarring damage these people had been through over the last little bit. Zexion smiled and knew that everything in their power was making it happen. Zexion walked into Bosco, full of energy, he had eaten and he was ready to help the townspeople out once again.

Zexion approached the ever so beautiful city, He had never seen Bosco look so different. He smiled and walked up to the same group of men who were happy to see him once again. Zexion smiled and asked, "The city is looking as good as it was before no?" , He smiled and the townsfolk smiled. "Heya lad, Welcome back! Your help is always appreciated no matter what happens." , This was the best time to act. He quickly began to stretch and thought to himself. "What can I do to help these people here and now?"

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Zexion had picked up , yet again, more boards of wood that were on the side. Zexion remembered when the huge amount of wood was so daunting. But it seemed that now, There were less and less boards than before. He was happy to carry all the wood up for the elderly workers who were drenched in sweat. He knew that these people around him were working as hard as ever and he could not afford to slack off. As he dropped and placed and even nailed one board at a time, He knew that this was making a difference. He looked at the gleeful eyes of the children who also were doing their part. They had hoses of water, and they were cleaning off the sides of all the newly built houses. Zexion stopped working and walked up to the various children. "Heya kids! Wanna see something cool?", Zexion said with a BIG smile on his face. of course the children knew who he was now and nodded their heads. Zexion tilted his head back, "Water Dragons No Pressure Roar!" , Zexion said as a magic circle appeared before his face. He let out a roar that shot out a ton of water with no pressure to damage anything.



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Zexion shot the water out and he began cleaning all the dirt and mud off all the wood that was nearly nailed in. The Children looked at him with their eyes wide open, their mouths dropped. They had never seen this kind of magic in their entire lives of life. Zexion had finally finished cleaning the nearby houses and decided to do the same for the houses that were already occupied. Upon finishing , a elderlyh lady in a near by house approached Zexion and handed him a sandwich made of meat. Zexion took the sandwich and began happily eating it. He was happy to be of help and be appreciated for his efforts. He had turned around and look at that! All the boards were gone. It seemed that all the houses that needed to be built were finally done. Zexion cheered along with the rest of the villagers, they celebrated. A Big feast was being prepared in honor of them completing the daunting task of rebuilding the whole city. Zexion smiled as he ate and ate and ate. He was full, but he thanked the Boscian people for their hospitality. Zexion got his things together and began to leave.


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