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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:37 pm

Zexion woke up in the morning, with nothing but money on his mind. He began to think about the Job they had done yesterday, He realized he was not at the level he wanted to be at, More training was in order. He got up and made his bed as he always did, Then he began to make his breakfast. He decided on Bacon and Eggs for today's meal. He had completely forgotten to give Obasi the meal he had prepped and decided to make some for him as well. Zexion began to pack the lunch for him in a small container, He was thrilled that he was going to have another mission with his new found friend. Zexion was off to meet at the center of the city. He had appeared to be troubled as to what kind of job today would have. Quickly, Zexion was on his way down the streets of Oak City. He had recently came here the other day for the first time, So he began to scan the town of all locations that he could.

Zexion was walking down the morning streets, filled with a ton of individuals who were gleefully enjoying the summer day as always. Zexion laughed as he passed by a quest board. "OH MONEY", Zexion said in a playful tone as he began to scan the board for any and all kind of work to be found. There was one that really put Zexion on edge, It was a job listing from the church. Apparently there were phantoms that were rummaging the area of the church and many of the employees and church goers were spooked by it. It was a quest of investigation. Zexion pulled the Quest from the board and made his way to his destination.

Zexion had arrived, with a lunch bag in his right and the job posting on the left. He awaited the arrival of his very promising ally.

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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:40 pm

Sunlight penetrated the little apartment in blinding rays of light. “Fine. Fine, I am up.” Obasi said to no one in particular. He was having a good dream too until he found himself awake again. There was no reason for him to keep sleeping anymore anyway. Obasi had yet another meeting with his new friend. At first, he didn’t know what to think of Zexion, but he eventually grew on him. The kid had a larger-than-life personality, which meshed well with Obasi’s low-key nature. He’d also awakened within him a desire to crave more. He was beginning to resent wanting so little in life. Everyone else it seemed took what they wanted. They were even becoming rather good friends, which to a guy like Obasi who never any had was nice. He even wondered if he should do something nice for Zexion. Well, he was wondering what he should do until a rumbling stomach cut through his thoughts.  A palm on his tiny stomach, Obasi realized he hadn’t eaten since the tournament yesterday.   Time to fix that he thought, grabbing a few eggs and some bacon. Obasi knew he had to hurry or else he’d be late for his meetup with Zexion.

As usual his breakfast took little time to make, but Obasi couldn’t help lingering a little longer. He liked to relax after a meal even if it meant being a second or two late. He knew his laziness was an issue, but he liked to relax. Do strong people relax this much he pondered. Would being a bit more dedicated really yield that much? These thoughts and more nagged at him, but he’d have to think of them later. There was a meeting that needed attending too and he didn’t want to be late. When he’d finally arrived, Zexion was there as usual. “Mr. early Bird is here I see.” He said to Zexion in a playful voice.


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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:55 pm

"Hey Guildie!", Said Zexion as he smiled. This time he was not going to forget about the lunch he had made for Obasi. "Here ya go!", Zexion said as he handed Obasi a container filled with breakfast, "I Made some extra, I was up and decided to make you some too." Zexion then pulled out the Job listing he had picked out earlier. "This certain job listing sorta caught my eye a bit", He said with his tongue out, as he handed Obasi the listing for the job. "Apparently there's some Phantoms that are flying around the under portion part of the Church and we have to go and investigate. I love mysteries, Granted I never actually seen a ghost, But I ain't scared. We are Mages after all." Zexion waited for Obasi to finish his food, and then both the young wizards were off on another adventure.

Zexion was looking out for a giant church, of course it was not hard to spot. "Damn, I guess they used their donation money well aye Obasi?", Zexion joked as they walked up the steps towards the front door of the church.

"My My are you the wizards who accepted my posting?", Said a priest as he stood at the top of the steps staring down. "Then I don't have to explain much", He quickly replied before Zexion could respond. He waved his finger towards the boys as if he wanted them to follow him. Zexion nodded and began to enter the interior of the Grand Church of Oak city. Within the church , the art on the ceiling and the walls were... beautiful. Zexion never enjoyed looking at art, But religious sacriments were always interesting to see. They continued walking until they had reached a wooden door.

"This is where the cellar is, and a lot of us priests have been dealing with a ton of mysterious things happening down there. It ranges from screaming, howling, and just things knocking around or slamming. Please investigate" , The Priest said as he pushed open the door to let them both in.

"You can count on us!"

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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:24 pm

Zexion greeted Obasi with a smile, which he returned. It also seemed like Zexion had a lunch prepared for him. Obasi had already finished eating, but the blue wizard’s kindness wouldn’t go unappreciated. With his tentacle wrapped around the box Obasi dumped the contents into his mouth. Demihumans always had large appetites and it showed. At least he did anyway. After devouring his meal, the octopus boy listened intently to what else Zexion had to say. It appeared that they’d be in for another fun adventure that once again, involved the undead. Obasi had was intrigued by magic’s darker half since he was a kid, so the undead always interested him. He often wondered if his magic had similar leanings, but as always, such contemplations were for later. “Make sure the ghosts don’t try to posses you, though; with your energy you’d probably tire them out.” He said with a playful smirk. Zexion was a fun guy, but he had energy that Obasi just couldn’t muster.

After scarfing down his lunch they were off. Their destination was the church, which Obasi had never been to. Not a religious man himself he never saw a need though he didn’t judge others who did. The wizards search didn’t go on for too long before a mighty cathedral stood proud before them. Dressed in ecclesial trappings it resonated with a holy vigor. “I wouldn’t mind a donation too.” Obasi joked along with Zexion. Both money hungry wizards shared the same thought. When they reached the stairs, a wizened old priest greeted them. Both parties were aware of why there here so no words were spared between them. He seemed like the friendly sort too. He also wasted no time in getting to the point, which Obasi greatly appreciated.

He led them through the grand hallways of the church until they reached the end. Obasi had to admire the art and craftsmanshio that went into bringing the church to life. The walk also wasn’t very long because they found their way to the source of the “evil” within a few miniuytes. The oldman informed of their job and what they had to do.

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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:43 pm

Zexion grabbed the near by torch that led down the stair well, "Not a fan of fire, But I recommend you take one for yourself as well", Zexion stated to Obasi as they walked down the creeky steps of the cellar. "Of course the steps make this shit more ominous than it should.", Zexion stated as he reached the bottom of the steps. He quickly scanned the area and noticed a few corridors. "Usually I would recommend splitting up, But I feel that us being here will lead whatever it is down here to come after us." Zexion made his way down towards the right corridor that had a sort of slant. There were many pictures and words written on the wall ranging from "Turn around", "Stay back", "Don't look behind you" , and even "BOO". Zexion was not really phased from the words and kept walking down the corridor. Eventually there was knocking coming from each direction, as well as the occasional scream. "These f***in @&&holes" , Zexion said as he turned to Obasi and shrugged it off. These spirits were definitely trying to startle both the make shift wizards who were looking around for the source of the hauntings. All of a sudden, down the dim light coming down the end of the corridor which had a left or right corridor going both ways Zexion noticed a figure. The figure looked quite ghastly and stared at both men as they continued walking towards it. The Light on both torches began to flicker intensely, But they did not go out. Eventually the figure had disappeared. Zexion turned around and saw a few more figures, Zexion had enough of these games.

"WATER DRAGONS STREAM" , Zexion then produced a blue magic circle which shot out compressed water towards the figure, The stream had passed by Obasis face, 10 centimeters away and was aimed at the monsterious figures. Zexion hit two of the figures that were behind and all of the sudden they were gone. It became extremely quiet until nothing but Shrieks and Moans and screaming was heard coming from each corner of the halls. Zexion began to run, "COME ON LETS GO", He yelled as he ran and ran. Eventually they had reached the center of the Cellar. It was a giant room, with nothing in it, But Zexion looked around. Screaming and laughing began to start as more and more figures began to peer out on both ends of the Room. Zexion looked around and began shouting, "Any spirits here who wish to be put to rest come and do something!"

The spirits began to rage, they were angered. They began to swirl around the rooms roofs. They began tapping around the roof, Stones were thrown at both men. Zexion then all of a sudden lost his temper. With his Dragonic Vocal Cords, He roared. The Roar reached even the upper area of the church. The Priests were shocked at the sounds and remained frozen in their spots. The Sound of Zexions scream was that of a Dragons roar. Eventually it subsided and all that remained were the spirits in front of both men. "Lets go", Zexion said as he got into a stance. "We have to rid this area of the problem, So make sure to kill any and all spirits you can."

Zexion began to run towards the spirits at all force , "Water Dragons Claw", He spoke as his free hand began to form a water claw. Zexion ran up and struck a Phantom. All that could be heard was a scream before it disappeared. Quickly Zexion realized it, "QUICK USE MAGIC! IT'LL KILL THEM" , He yelled as he turned to jump into the fray.

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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 11:14 pm

Obasi gazed into the darkened stairwell, eyes widening at how vast it seemed. He only stopped when Zexion spoke about his distaste for fire. Well, he was a water mage after all, so it did make sense.  Torch in hand Zexion led them down the rickety old staircase, its form creaking with every step they took. Eerie old cellar with only a single torch between them was bad, but creaking staircases just made it worse. It was bad enough that they had to fight ghosts, but in a haunted cellar. Really? Apparently, Obasi wasn’t the only one who was uncomfortable with this turn of events. Zexion was also painfully aware of how unsettling the entire situation was. When they finally reached the bottom of the stairwell, Obasi was thankful. They were still in a spooky basement, but at least they moved on past the stairwell.

Finally, the wizards were in the cellar, which was significantly less creepy than the stairs. He was still a bit on edge, but he pushed it out of his mind. At least he could make out his surroundings, and he wouldn’t be stumbling around blindly in the dark. The cellar was as unimpressive as he expected it to be. It was filled with dusty tomes and portraits of people he didn’t know. The only thing that was remotely engaging were the paned glass windows covered in elaborate designs. He found them visually captivating unlike the useless junk that surrounded them. He would have gazed upon them longer if not for Zexion. “Hmm” Obasi responded, still somewhat distracted from the mission at hand.  Zexion mentioned the many corridors around them, corridors that Obasi in all of his eyes’ aimless wandering didn’t notice. He wondered if splitting up would help, but the water wizard thought otherwise. Usually going different ways while faster could also be dangerous so he didn’t make any objections., Zexion’s logic was sound and it would have been unwise to piss off whatever was down their if they were separate.

As they traveled further, they were greeted by ominous graffiti. Most of it was comically over-the-top and easy to ignore, but he could tell they were getting close. At this point he was less unnerved and more amused at the attempts to scare him. Eventually the ghostly shenanigans inspired Zexion to strike. From his finger he casted a spell that blasted two haunts causing them to vanish. More screams and maddened laughter caused them to retreat further into the cellar. Eventually their running led them into a vast and empty space. He wondered where they were, but Zexion was more intent on having it out here. He roared at the poltergeist that angered them sending them into a blind fury. At that moment Obasi knew the real fight was about to begin. Once more Zexion roared mightily causing the church’s very foundation to shake.  Even the priests above them felt the sheer prowess of Zexion, if only for a bit. After that all was silent and Zexion now readied his stance. Obasi, ever the watcher waited to see what exactly would happen next.  After that Zexion made another proclamation before summoning his claw to destroy a gaggle of spirits before him. When Obasi was told about the spirits susceptibility to mage his jumped into action. After activating his own magic circle Obasi materialized a horde of tendrils and began crushing spirits into dust. He never knew such a thing was possible, but then again nothing is impossible he figured. There were there were back to “killing” ghost like they’d been old friends. It was exhausting, but it was some of the most fun he ever had.



OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 11:22 pm

The battle was long, Amassing a army of Angered Poltergiests was no easy task. Zexion had used all of his power to destroy each and every ghost he had laid his eyes on. They just wouldn't stop, if it wasn't for the help of his friend Obasi this would not have boded well for the Water Wizard. Zexion had hit a final poltergiest before jumping back. He jumped in front of Obasi and began to lean his head back. All the ghosts were right in front of him, they were angered. The whole fight was something out of a horror movie. As he tilted back he Roared loudly, "WATER DRAGONS ROAR", With all his power he roared a large beam of compressed water that had hit every single last phantom that stood in their way. The battle was finally over, Zexion turned back to Obasi and smiled, "No more cellars, no more ghosts, Shit was fuckin terrifying." , He laughed as he walked passed Obasi. "Hey at least they didn't possess me right?" Zexion and Obasi began walking back up the stairwell, He turned back. Now it was the sound of silence, No more energies were falling around and pestering anyone anymore. They exited through the door and back to the main floor of the church. The priest stood there, still in shock. He knew a battle had taken place down there but was to afraid to ask. "di-di--Did you kill it?" , He said as he was visibly afraid. "Of course!", Zexion said, "Shit got crazy down there."

Zexion then was given payment and Zexion turned back to Obasi and proclaimed a "Job well done"

"We will definitely go on another job together sometime brother", He said as he laughed and walked off back to his inn.

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OAK CITY - WHAT LIES BENEATH [B Rank NQ W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 11:56 pm

Tentacles and claws swiped and slashed through the air as magical energies collided. It was a sight to behold, but he was having the time of his life. Ghost clawed at him only to be destroyed by him or Zex. A beam of spectral energy flew at him only for it to batted away by a tentacle. He then returned fire with a shot of darkness banishing it from existence. Whenever he could shield himself or Zex he would before imbuing the water wizard with his magic. He even started roaring, although; it had no magical effect it was still fun to do. Eventually they finished off the ghostly army reducing them to ashes.  

When they emerged from the cellar they were treated as heroes. The priest was in disbelief, but soon realized what kind of wizards they were dealing with. After a brief chat they were done and decided to settle up with the old man. He was just thankful and gave them their reward. When Zexion brought up being possessed Obasi couldn’t help but laugh. “Hey, you’d probably end up counter possessing the ghost.” He said in a playful tease. After a good chat the two guildmates parted ways once again as they often did after missions. “Hmmm, necromancy, eh” He wondered aloud to himself before going hom.

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