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A Stellar View of Stella's Nature.(Open Social.)

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A Stellar View of Stella's Nature.(Open Social.) Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:07 pm

Like clockwork in a manner of how Miriko worked, often in other lands was not uncommon of her, Unless she had really had a reason to stay in Hosenka she would go anywhere she wanted too, just to see what exactly was around, Because you never knew what you discover then.

This was the case for Miriko ending up in Stella and starting to exploring as she did, Her and Alistair would have wonderful time exploring places, If well Miriko could hold on depending on how Alistair go places.

Most would have plans going to other places and figuring out where to go, Miriko had no such plan she just wanted to explore to find the perfect things fitting in her mind for what she felt inspired by, after all it just does not happen right away it seemed so random and sporadic for her.

Was this just the life of painter? Most likely it was at least her experience as one anyway, It had shown so many things. It also brought a joy to various people, It in some manner felt like a just a wonderful way to keep a person busy in life.

For now, Riding upon the Cattian's back, shaded under her umbrella with various supplies for painting, drawing, sewing and knitting with her. Miriko was roaming around Stella to quietly find the perfect the thing she might consider doing with in the moment.

With her slow paced and casual walking, she had to wonder if she packed a lot for Alistair, not one testing the limits even if she was fairly sure it was never to be worried about. At least it was fairly nice enough for her to be able to roam around and not worry about feeling too warm or hot, Then again Miriko had to wonder if she just made her dresses too thick.

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