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The Ruthless Appears! ((Support Cissa)

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#1Knux SHi 

The Ruthless Appears! ((Support Cissa) Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 10:28 am

Knux SHi
Rumors had been floating about some time of fight for power or something along the lines of it in some nearby places.  Knuckles did not care for a power struggle between siblings or family members, or of any sort that had little to nothing to do with him or affected his life. Though the thing that would very well bring him here was the tales of Money being paid to those who were selling their skills as mercenaries, fighting for their cause.   This sounded like something Knuckles could do, and so he took a ride over with his Wyvern, landed several hundred meters out of town, sent  Fang off until he'd call for him.   "Well I best be on. "

Knuckles ventured off until he came upon the town.  Upon reaching it Knuckles looked around finding the level of destruction more of that of a war zone than a fight for power.  What the hell was really going on here?  This was when he caught sight of some men attempting to burn down a building.

A voice in his head made its self known, "Ah yes, GLORIOUS destruction! Knuckles my pet, you have found the perfect place for you to spread your wings and fit in with men. Go one give into your hungry for power, your greed for it. Let it consume you, let me taste it. Give...In...To..Me..."


#2Knux SHi 

The Ruthless Appears! ((Support Cissa) Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 10:54 am

Knux SHi
The man snarled, he was not a fool. He had known what he signed on form and the risk when he took the deal with the demon. However, giving in to the demands of the demon every time it wished or acting to its path alone would get Knuckles the power he wished for sure. Though that cost would be too high, there would be no point in taking the path that gained you what you sought for it to only be not yours in the end. He needed and wanted the power, but only if it was he who could use it and control it. He did not wish to become a husk of the Demon.

He ignored the voice and motioned his hand down towards the Steel katana on his hip. Drawing the blade in a quick firm motion, the armored man started to run towards the men attempting to burn down the building. Once he reached full speed his rush was noticed, those with weapons drew them, those with magic began to chant. In total there were four of them. Knuckles was a bit outmanned in terms of power. Though what he lacked in power he made up in Gear.


#3Knux SHi 

The Ruthless Appears! ((Support Cissa) Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:13 am

Knux SHi
Two of the mean seemed to be magic casters, they each hurled a single ball of fire towards him, lifting his shield he'd block the first spell as the flames smacked into his shield and fanned around him. The Adventurer quickly dove to the ground barrel rolling forward tucking his chin into his chest as he did so allowing him to land onto his feet. With each spell handled the Demon Influenced fighter now had to focus on the fighters before him. A Larger ax can hurl towards him once he got into range, the blade of the ax chatting Knuckles in the arm. He felt the power of the blow even through his gear, it was probably going to bruise. He had pissed parrying the attack with his shield by mere inches. Gridding his teeth as he clamped his jaw tight, he swung his katana in an upwards angle slash, cutting the man in the chest and dropping him with a single blow.

His heart was pounding in his chest, his blood rushing through his body as he would be knocked to the ground, by a large blunt weapon. His back went skidding onto the ground, another strike came down toward his head, yet he rolled away with seconds to spare, with a swift kick to the outside of the foe's knee the man went down in a groan of pain as the warrior then stabbed his katana into the neck man who downed him. The two spellcasters saw enough and ran off. Making his way to his feet Knuckles took many deep breaths as he sheathed his sword, he could rest for now.
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