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The Road to Power Part 1[Green]

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#1Knux SHi 

The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:49 am

Knux SHi
In the middle of the large open fields of Baska's Outskirts, a Red-headed man stood alongside a large white Wyvern. This was likely the closest friend he had in a long time, a very long time in fact. He was happy to have had it. The odd pair seemed to be taking a break from their fun of flying around the open plains, Knuckles couldn't think of anything else he might enjoy more than that. That was until it came to fighting, there was nothing that got him going more than that.

While under the bright day's sky the Armored man laid his back against the large beast and removed his helmet setting it to the side of his person. Taking in a breath he comes to his hands through his hair allowing it to be fluffed up from pushed downstate it had been in under the helmet.

"You know Fang, sometimes I'm a bit envious of your freedom of flight. But then again you can't do all that much as a human can. I wonder if the trade-off is really worth it. I mean, after all, you have no idea what a well-tailored suit feels like, of the enjoyment of nice hot baths with scented candles. "

Knuckles began to chuckle, "Oh I know, once I have all the jewels I want, I'll have a large pond made being enough for you to lay in, and I'll higher fire mages to warm it up for you. Maybe I'll even treat you to some water mages making a bubble bath for you hahahahaha. "

He closed his eyes and laid back against the large-scaled creature, the dragon-like monster roaring softly to its friend and owner.


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The air was warm, the air was fierce, the motion of it all still new to her, but so so enjoyable, so... freeing. Jikan sat on her mighty stead, wind blew past their ears, strong and continuous as if a plane's turbine was blowing right by their bodies. The clouds stayed painted in the air around them, in the sky the clouds looking like white buffy puffballs of cotton candy to Jikan. Her hands stayed on her pet, her auburn black hair flowing wild, partially in the way of her sight because it was in her face, she would need to find a way to solve this issue for the future, but it was the present and Jikan was just going to enjoy herself. The wobbling while riding too.

Maxx, Jikan's  Dhuilin, flapped their brown wings as their slowly descended onto the open field. Their hooves bounced on the ground before sliding into a trout and their wings disappearing, turning their appearance into a normal brown horse.

Jikan's left hand went her head, pressing on top of the leather huntsman cap before taking it out with a smile, her right hand coming up to her face to slide her long hair out of her face before escorting her friend to a nearby stream.  Soft sips were heard as the animal happily went and drank to refresh themselves.

Wc: 230

Stats and Equipment:

Strength- 122 = 62 + 40 Radiant Gauntlet]https://www.fairytailrp.com/t52370-iii-radiant-gauntlet#502553]Radiant Gauntlet  +20 (Reinforced Leather Cuirass)  1xS-Rank

Speed- 112 = 52 +20 (Radiant Gauntlet]https://www.fairytailrp.com/t52370-iii-radiant-gauntlet#502553]Radiant Gauntlet) +20 Great Huntsman Cap + 20 (Reinforced Leather Cuirass)  Lunge distance and speed: 12.5 m/s     running speed: 25 m/s

Con- 61 =21 + (40) Stalwart Ring  Hit points: 3xS-Rank Run duration: 6 Posts Lunge frequency: Twice Per Post

Edu- 31 Pain tolerance: A-Rank

Int- 61 Mana cost reduction: 30%

Mana- 1000 / 1000

Weapon: Radiant Gauntlet]https://www.fairytailrp.com/t52370-iii-radiant-gauntlet#502553]Radiant Gauntlet Durability: S / S

Head: Great Huntsman Cap Durability: A / A

Body: Reinforced Leather Cuirass Durability: S / S

Ring: Stalwart Ring Durability: S / S

Necklace: N/A

Earning: N/A

Relic: N/A

Pouch: N/A

Companion: N/A

Mount: Maxx

#3Knux SHi 

The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Sat Jul 24, 2021 12:30 pm

Knux SHi
Knuckles was alerted to someone around by the sound of trotting, the distinct sound that came from an animal's hooves touching against the ground. Lifting his head he scanned the area, it wasn't until he looked down to the stream of water nearby that he saw the creature that made the sound and the human with it.  The Daemon Male sat up and looked up to his friend Fang, who was resting.   "Enjoy the nap Fang, you deserve it. " Knuckles stood to his feet and gathered his gear. Placing his helmet onto his head he walked over towards the new faces on site.  

As he got closer he would announce himself with a greeting. "Greetings, this is impressive stead you have is a truly majestic creature. I have yet to see one in all my time in the world.

While looking at the creature he moved his gaze to the woman, giving her a quick glance over he gave a small smile, almost grin-like.  She wore leather armor and looked to have a type of gloved weapon. It seemed she was dressed like a fighter, he thought this to be the next subject to talk about.

"Forgive me for being forward ma'am, but you look like a fighter. Though I'd argue that the gear you wear doesn't offer as much of an advantage compared to the heavy stuff like I wear." He knocked against the metal on his chest. allowing the bang to echo out.

"My name is Knuckles Shi, by the way. "


Weapon: Steel katana

Head: Warrior Helmet

Body: Vanguard's Haste

Ring: ???

Offhand: Iron Buckler

Earrings: Jaan Earrings

Ring: Tenacity Ring


  • Strength:26[Base]+30[Sword]+10[Helmet]+20[Armor]=86(1xA)
  • Speed:1[Base]
  • Constitution:21[Base]+60[Earring]=81
  • Endurance:16[Base]+40[Ring]=56
  • Intelligence:1[Base]


The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:23 pm

Jikan continued to enjoy the time she had with her newly acquired stead, a gift from a merchant from the town of Baska as a symbol of the town's thanks from her resent attempts of aiding them in their time of need with the plaque that haunted their home. As small as her aid was and the impact it made on the large scale, it seemed that the people still respected a stranger willing to help them. Granted, she doubted that they were aware that this animal was not a simple horse but instead was a Duhlin. She would have to let them know and see if they wanted it back, maybe sell it to get food or medical aid, but that was for another day. It had been a long time since she got to see and take care of a majestic animal, she wanted to enjoy herself for a little bit longer.

In the middle of this calmness, she heard a voice call out to her, a polite one, a strong deep male voice. Well, let's hope this one will be nicer than the last guy that walked up on me. Jikan turned her heard to where she heard the voice approaching from, "Why thank you. He is definitely one of the best I have ever gotten to see in my life", Jikan stroke the neck of her mount as she spoke, a happy neigh escaped from the animal.

Jikan eyes scanned the man, noticing his features while still maintaining eye contact. A steel katana, a shield, a helmet, with matching bulky armor. This many must be some warrior type, one that maybe was a knight or something close?

Jikan eyed the man as he made his comment, one that was, well, arrogant to say the least. Skill made the fighter after all, not armor. "Well, you are not forgiven for being so forward", she said this with a soft jokeful smirk. "I do fancy myself a fighter a little, I would say the stuff I got is better than what you got on though. It is strong for defense sure, but it is bulky, it slows you down and hurts your mobility. Unless you got the strength to move around in it lightly, it is just gonna slow you down. ....and the name's Jikan, Jikan Supēsu".

Wc: 400
Twc: 630

#5Knux SHi 

The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Tue Jul 27, 2021 10:52 am

Knux SHi
The Daemon nodded his head up and down agreeing. She had a point but, speed did not matter too much when one could withstand almost any attack that came for them. It was not a kit currently built for the first strike but a counter strike.  Agility and speed were useful, which he would not deny, but those who needed to be swift to dodge and such showed the lack of damage they could take. "True statements Jikan, however, I do not attend to run from my attacker.  Perhaps this discussion could be handled in a test and we can see which of our styles come out ahead?" He asked in a calm tone yet one that still held his ideals above the others.  

With that said Knuckles turned his back and took several paces away from the stead and the water he then turned to the woman and pulled his shield from his back with his off-hand then drew his steel katana.  His feet were spread out shoulder-width apart as he tucked his left arm in tight to his chest, allowing the buckler to protect his organs and chest, his right hand hung lost at his side as the blade rested on the edge of his shield the two items pairing as one. It was odd for one to wear a shield with this fashion of blade, but it was light, and had length, and was easy to hide his strokes from behind his shield.  The thin blade actually paired well with the shield in the manner in which he used it.
WC: 263


The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Tue Jul 27, 2021 3:50 pm

Jikan listened and nodded back to the man known as Knuckles as he spoke. The back of her mind momentarily being drawn in by their name, what kind of person gives their child's name as Knuckles? That must be an alias or a cover or something. Jikan was fine with not getting the man's true name, it did not matter to her one way or the other if he was telling her his real name. Although, her assumption that he indeed was lying to her did put her on guard.

"It is not running from your opponent, it is being wise. Choosing one's places to attack is nothing to be ashamed of". She listened to the rest of the man's words as she let him finish. His words were calm but she knew what he wanted, a challenge. It had been some time since Jikan had gotten a proper exercise and tested her skills in combat, her time in the tournaments within Baska done away with her priority to uncover the plaque around them. "I accept your test between our styles, I just hope we are close enough in power that the style wins and not something else".

Jikan allowed the man to step aware and prepare himself, his sword and shield ready to test his mettle. Taking her time Jikan walked several paces herself, ensuring their fight would be far away from both of their mounts. Once settled, about 10 meters away from Knuckles, Jikan lowered her stance. Placing her right arm that contained her gauntlet behind her in an upward L position, her left hand was in front of her body, guarding her chest in a closed fist across her chest. Her legs were shoulder length apart, her left foot upward with her toes pointed towards the armor dawned warrior, while her right foot was placed slightly behind her, facing a perpendicular position. "Ready when you are".

Wc: 335
Twc: 965

#7Knux SHi 

The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Sat Jul 31, 2021 7:23 pm

Knux SHi
Knuckles looked at the woman blankly, his name was not as odd as others. It was sort of rude to assume his name was something like a nickname or a fake name he went by.  Knuckles sighed loudly to allow his frustration to be clear/ "Knux is my nickname, Knuckles IS my real name, I am a man of status back in my home town I'll have you know. "

He let it go after that, he gathered himself as she accepted, she moved as he did, they stood 10 meters or so away from each other.  When she said she was ready Knuckles did not wait, he charged forward keeping his buckler in front of his body as he moved his blade down the shield and swung it back cocking the arm for a swing. If she remained in place, Knuckles would bring the blade down as he reached 4 meters from her, he had range on his attacks with her fist. That was unless she could cast magic.  By the time he met the 3-meter mark, his steel katana was coming from a side swing as he moved his shield to the left of his body to protect his side as his blade made the arc across the plain of his chest, covering the right and midsection as he swung, giving him a good enough angle to pull it to the side if needed while slashing at her.


The Road to Power Part 1[Green] Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 8:09 am

"Ah I see so your born name is Knuckles. But tell me, how did you end up with the nickname Knux?". Jikan held back on the comment about the last part he said. The declaration that his name held a class of staus back home. A fact that Jikan really did not care for or about nor wanted to know. Just another ego scared man that needs a few strokes I suppose.... At least this one seemed respectful though, so perhaps he had some honor and manners that higher ups always bragged about having. Hopefully, he would have some skill to back up this sense of pride she was getting from him.

She waited for the man and prepared herself as they eventually stood 10 meters from each other. As soon as she declared she was ready he was on the move, the swiftness of his approach made Jikan smile slightly, a soft smirk on her face. Well, at least he is not afraid to get to it.

He charged forward at her, keeping his shield in front of his body using his left hand, as he did so, he moved his right hand back ready to strike. She lifted her heels slightly off the ground, her calf muscles tightening ready to use her agility. She eyes the blade at his side as he steadily made his way towards her, reaching the 4 meter mark and finally at the 3 meter mark where he swung out his sword in an arc vertically downward upon her. Jikan ducked, dancing to the left side of the man to present her body on the outward side of the arm that held the man's sword, tightening her core she flung her fist out in a straight jab to the arm that the man was using to hold his sword.

Whether or not this blow landed, Jikan would then hop back with a lunge. Resetting the distance from the two and causing them to be about 15.5 meters apart from each other.

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Twc: 1,318

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