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Hanabi Han

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#1Hanabi Han 

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Hanabi Han


Name: Hanabi Han

Age: 15, July 1st X776

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sinese

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Adventurer

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back, Olive Green

Face: Kal’tsit, Arknights


Height: 4’9”

Weight: 85 lbs

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Green

Overall: Hanabi, in the simplest words, looks like a teenage nekomata, however she has a bit of uniqueness thrown in to help distinguish her from her peers. Her most notable features are her piercing green eyes and her platinum hair, both of which she inherited from her Joyan mother. What she got from her father was her body, as she had a higher muscle definition than your average teenage girl, a symptom of her high metabolism and genetics. Outside of her muscles, Hanabi has a slim frame with petite measurements along with pale skin, or at least paler when compared to other Joyans or Sinese.

Extra: Being a nekomata, she has cat ears sitting on the top of her head.


Personality: Hanabi is a simple girl. Where her parents were scholars constantly questioning the world around them, Hanabi is almost the complete opposite, complacent and adaptable to her surroundings but yearning to see more of the world that her parents were so interested in. Adventurous doesn’t quite fit her, where curiosity is a more realistic adjective given that Hanabi is often the last person to answer a call for action unless there is something unusual about it. There’s an underlying reluctance in Hanabi that, while she’s fine with picking up her life and relocating at a whim, fears change at the same time. Which leads her to be a bit antisocial and reserved to other people, though the ones that she likes, Hanabi will hold onto with dear life. Her friend circle is tall rather than wide, having a few but dear people rather than a lot of people that she barely knows.

She’s an ambitious girl, though that says less about her and more about adolescence. Having been raised told that greatness would come to her someday, she’s just pretty much all but expected it by this point. In Hanabi’s eyes, the fact that she’s not a king or queen by this point is frankly a disgrace, one of the main reasons that she’s in Fiore now in the first place. Expectations versus reality, that’s what really drives Hanabi. If she doesn’t like the way her life is, that’s probably because she’s expecting something different and goes to chase her dreams on a whim.

Also, due to being a foreigner for most of her life, Hanabi speaks broken English but fluent Sinese and Joyan.

  • Praise: While not exactly prideful, Hanabi does enjoy the occasional “good job” or “well done”. However, she’s too humble to ask people to fulfill this.
  • Sandwiches: An odd preference but Hanabi has been a fan of sandwiches since coming to Fiore. They’re simple to make and yet have a lot of flavor, plus the variety to a sandwich is endless! Her one gripe though, is whether or not she considers a hot dog to be a sandwich….


  • Waiting: Time moves slow, way too slow. If Hanabi had her way then days would be a third of the length they are now, but alas she is no god and thus hates having to live through every second of her life. To mitigate this, she likes to preoccupy herself with something.
  • Seafood: Yeah, going against the stereotype. Hanabi hates eating seafood, specifically fish, because it takes way more work to enjoy very little. Trying to pick fish bones out of her cheeks is something she would pass up in an instant if there’s a quicker, painless alternative she could eat.


  • Greatness: Touched on in the personality a bit, Hanabi wants to become a legend, a household name, and a name that strikes fear into people, good or bad. She’s willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve this dream, with her dedication becoming a borderline obsession.


  • Failure: Naturally, someone who is hellbent on being a successful person would have their greatest fear be failure. Luckily for Hanabi, she doesn’t take every failure or loss as a crushing, dream-ending situation, and rather focuses on major losses or failures so her life-ending responses seem more appropriate.
  • Gymnophobia: The fear of nudity. Being a phobia, it’s an irrational fear, but tries to justify it by saying the touch of bareskin makes her uncomfortable. Really, it’s just any form of nudity, full or half, meaning that she hates going to the beach and would never be caught dead in a changing room. On the flip side, she’s a “never nude”.


Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 14

Intelligence: 1


History: All things considered, Hanabi’s history is probably the least interesting thing about her. Prior to her coming to Fiore, she was just a normal girl, and that hasn’t really changed at the moment. She’s still, at the end of the day, you’re average teenage girl. All that being said, there is still a story to tell.

Hanabi was born as the first and only child to a couple of scholars, both of them focusing on magic and science and the applications possible with both of them combined. Most people would write them off as crazy, which made them perfect for each other, finding solace in their loneliness. While they weren’t exactly trying for a baby, they didn’t exactly mind the thought of starting a family and were looking forward to Hanabi’s birth. Nine months later, they had a healthy baby girl while they were travelling in Joya.

As a toddler, Hanabi was a quiet troublemaker. She wouldn’t cry very much but often just wandered on her own to pursue an adventure fueled off curiosity. With her parents often nose deep in their work it wasn’t unusual for them to put down Hanabi and she’d be missing for a few hours before they realized. It’s not like they were negligent or abusive, they truly loved her, just that they were having a hard time adjusting from working all the time to making time for children. It would take them a few years before they got it down.

When she was around 10 years old, Hanabi’s parents tried to get her to join them with their work. Being academics, it was hard for her 10 year old mind to keep up and, frankly, she wasn’t interested in what they were doing. Despite that, they kept trying and trying to get her interested but in the end they only caused the opposite, where Hanabi had made up her mind to be anything except an academic. It wasn’t long, only four years, before her rebellious phase kicked in and Hanabi ran away from home. One thing led to another and she stowed away on a ship to Fiore. Her parents are still probably out there somewhere, looking for her, but at the moment Hanabi isn’t concerned with them and more with how she’s going to get day by day. It was a smart choice at the time, but she quickly came to regret it.

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