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Fade Into Obscurity

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Name: Fade Into Obscurity

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Fayre

Story: Upon returning to his hometown of Hargeon, trying to seek out the Demon Slayer, Alisa, to learn from her, Fayre reunites with his mother who he had not seen in two years. Alongside his mother, he reunites with one of his dear childhood friends that had been inspired by Fayre to start pursuing being a mage. Feon, the childhood friend of Fayre explains to the matured Fayre that he has been gifted great power and that he wishes that Fayre share the same power. However, since reuniting with Feon, Fayre notices Feon has been acting strange. It is then that Feon confesses that he had become jealous of Fayre.

Following the confession of his past jealousy, Feon unveils to Fayre now that his jealousy is long gone, and now he wishes for Fayre to join him and his group of daemons, knowing that Fayre had felt dejected from two years before. However, Fayre refuses the proposal to join Feon and his group that has sworn fealty to demons. Feon lashes out on Fayre, angry at the rejection to join him, causing a battle. Fayre must narrowly escape with his life, but after surviving, will have to face a commander of Feon and his lackeys who have been ordered to ensure Fayre and his mother are eliminated.

Objective: Defeat one of the four commanders of Feon's gang that is now targeting you and your mother to inflict pain to you mentally.

Name: Wind Knocked Out of You

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Fayre

Summary: Upon returning home, Fayre will reunite with his childhood friend, Feon. However, this will take a dark turn and twist when Fayre is asked by Feon to join his group of daemons to achieve higher power. Fayre refuses, causing Feon to lash out on Fayre in a drunken frenzy.

Others: None

Enemies: Feon

Feon: A young man and childhood friend to Fayre that became a daemon, and quite a powerful one at that. Feon dresses in well kept red sorceror garments indicitive of his class now as a mage and rank as a daemon. Feon wields a shadow magic that stains red when the user draws blood from others.

Objectives: Fayre must survive and escape.

Name: An Excorcist Retaliates

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Fayre

Summary: After having survived Feon, Fayre has been resting at home with his mom from his injuries. However, just as Fayre was about to fully recover, his residence receives a knock one night. It was underlings of Feon who had come to capture the mother of Fayre but met Fayre instead.
Others: Fayre's Mom

Enemies: Daemon Grunts

Daemon Grunts x5: A gang of average warrior daemon thugs who follow Feon and do his bidding.

Objectives: Fayre must slay the thugs and extract info on the whereabouts of Feon.

Name: In the Wake of the Claw

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Fayre

Summary: Once the whereabouts of Feon are learned, he actually learns that Feon is about to leave Hargeon. Fayre learns the night and time Feon is set to depart at the Hargeon docks. Fayre is interrupted though as when he arrives at the docks by a commander of Feon set within Hargeon, Claw.
Others: None

Enemies: Claw

Commander Claw: A gruff middle aged daemon with a tall and large physique who wields a scythe shaped like a hooked claw.

Objectives: Fayre must slay Commander Claw.

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Fayre's Fade into Obscurity has been approved to start.

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