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Sabotage Hildegarde [Taking out some troops]

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Sabotage Hildegarde [Taking out some troops] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 2:57 pm

Zexion was at the edge of his limits when it came to taking on and completing quests. He was lying within the confines of his Hotel room as he stared off at the roof of the inn. He was now thinking of ways he could sabotage Hildegarde in any way, shape or form. Zexion quickly sat up and pulled out a Bar of his favorite salt water toffee. He took a quick bite and realized the flavor that he enjoyed, Zexion had to conserve his supply as best as he could because they did not sell the same type of Toffee that Zexion enjoyed so much. Zexion had finished his bar of Candy, crumpled up the wrapper and tossed it in the nearest garbage can. Zexion was ready to rock and roll. He had gotten up from his bed and began to casually stretch. Today Zexion was going to sabotage Hildegarde by fighting some of the soldiers that were doing their rounds of patrols near the outskirts of the town. Zexion quickly packed up his bags, and began to make his way down towards the front of the inn. Zexion began speaking to the concierge who was on duty there.



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Zexion had spoken to the concierge and handed him the money for the stay. Zexion was content, he could not keep any of his belongings in the hotel just incase he was found out by the enemy. Zexion smiled as he quickly made his way through the busy streets of Stella. There were a ton of people out enjoying whatever time they had of this so called "Fake Peace", they had to enjoy it anyways. People were out there fighting for their lives, and to live in a prosperous future. Zexion smiled and made his way to the front of the city gates. He waved at the few guards that were posted there and off he went. Zexion had to find a place to store his bags so he began to dig a hole next to a lake that was near by. He quickly stored his belongings and began to drink some of the water from the lake itself. He was now ready to do the deed. He awaited any group of warriors to pass him by. Eventually after an hour or so of waiting a group of warriors were making their way. There was about ten of them in the battalion. He was quite prepared.



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Zexion confronted the mean streaked men of Stella and the battle began. Zexion yelled at the men, stating that this was from Cassia herself. The men drew their weapons and awaited Zexions first move. "Water Dragons Jet", Zexion spoke as a bubble of water burst beneath his feet propelling him towards the First three men in the battalion. "Water Dragons CLAW!", Zexion yelled as in one fellow swoop he took out the three guards. The remaining seven had charged at Zexion, As Zexion had nothing to fear towards magicless folks, he jumped back and began harnessing water from the near by lake, Water swirled around Zexion in sort of a spiral as Zexion began to chant his next move. "Water Dragons... ROAR", He yelled as a two meter Magic circle appeared in front of his face. Zexion let out a giant roaring tidal wave of piercing water that went towards the seven warriors. They were stratled and they could not act in time. The roar hit various warriors knocking them all out of the area. Zexion had stood there victorious. Zexion casually made his way over to the hole he had placed his belongings and began to take off back to Baska.

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