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Support Cassia [Rebuilding Homes #3]

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Zexion was at a loss for words, he had appeared back in Bosco a day after he had come and help the people of the City with rebuilding. The massive changes from the help that Zexion had given to the people of the City was immense. He saw the looks of all the young and elderly people change. They saw a light at the end of their tunnel. They felt that change was happening and that a brighter tomorrow was on the horizon. This pleased Zexion as he had put in a lot of work to help Cassia and her people with their dread. he wanted to make sure the people of the city were positive in their changes to Zexions help. He had made a ton of allies since he started helping out within Bosco. Zexion had quickly pulled out a Burger that he had bought, might as well help their economy prosper. Zexion was always eating, He loved making and eating food. He was quite the foodie, He loved trying and eating a huge array of different foods. Once Zexion had finished eating he quickly walked over to the same place he had been before. The Townsfolks saw him.

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"Hey!", Said Zexion with quite a big smile on his face. He knew that the people were relieved that such a big help with the reconstruction had come back, You could feel their demeanor change from tired to overjoyed. Zexion waved to the good people of Bosco that had ran up and gave him quite the greeting. "Hey Zexion! Welcome back Lad", Said a elderly man who was drenched in sweat. Zexion looked at the man, "You should take a break, Let us young ones get the job done." Zexion smiled at the man, and began to start working. He quickly went and picked up a array of boards that laid on the sidelines of the city and began hauling them towards the almost finished houses. Zexion lugged and lugged as many boards as he possibly could, Now Zexion was the one drenched in sweat. Zexion was not worried, he was now a Water Dragon slayer. Water was too his calling, Zexion quickly began to fill up the lakes with his Water variety techniques so the Townsfolks had water to drink. Zexion went to and started cooking for the people that were hard at work. Zexion was going to repay them.



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Zexion was happy and enthralled that the people were shocked at the amount of gourmet that Zexion had cooked up. He then ate with the townsfolk and again they went back to work. Zexion went up to the various new buildings that were built and began shooting beams of water aiming to clean the surface and the walls of the non painted statures. Zexion was excited, with his new found power, He had a lot of ways to help others who were in need. He always kept himself neutral, but that made no difference to him. Zexion then was asked if he could come and help with painting the houses. Zexion picked up a few brushes and began to dip them in the multiple buckets of paint. Swish, Swoosh, slosh, Zexion began a long hard day of painting. He knew that this would help the people a lot and knew that they appreciated it. After a few long hours of working , Zexion had finally finished with all the work that had to be done. Zexion looked at the town folk, They had suffered greatly in these times. "I know that tomorrow will bring brighter days", Zexion said as he smiled and left the town,.

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