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Sabotaging Hildegarde

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Sabotaging Hildegarde Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 8:44 am

It was a beautiful summer morning, Zexion had just awoken from his slumber. Today was another day, to change the course of the wars and battles around the country. Zexion had to work hard, Of course Zexion had Hindered Hildegarde man times, but today was different. He had nothing but Ill intent in his mind. Zexion was going to drink all of their water supply and defeat a few of her finest troops. Zexion sat up within the confines of his bed and began to stretch. He arose and went to the washroom and began to get his day started. Currently in Stella, Zexion was and could never become accustomed to being in a new country, But he digressed , Zexion began to make some food and quickly ate. He ate his breakfast of eggs ham and toast as quickly as he could and got himself ready to go.

Zexion was off, Today was a new adventure and he was excited to get everything accounted for. As he walked down the streets of Stella, He noticed how many of Hildegardes forces were patrolling the streets. Zexion knew he had to be more cautious than ever as he had to avoid detection.

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Zexion noticed the abundance of troops now patrolling the area, But Zexion knew that he was a much bigger threat than the troops were to him. Zexion smiled and began to head over to the Main Gate of the City. He exited the City and began to make his way over towards the Water supply that was located Miles away from the city. Zexion had recently unlocked his new found power of Dragon Slaying magic, he knew that this power would come in handy for many of his jobs. Power qwelled up within the soul of Zexion as he smiled, enjoying the view of the country side, He was ready to get it done. Zexion walked past multiple arrays of troops, they had eyeballed him but decided not to say anything. Zexion was at the end of the day just a teenager. Zexion had arrived, He was at the Cities main water supply, He smiled heavily. This was probably the most evil intentions Zexion had ever had, he knew that all the people of Stella would suffer if he began to drink the water. Zexion did not care for now, "Dragon Slayers: CONSUMPTION", Zexion said as he began to slowly inhale.

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The Water began to swish and swirl, It began to move towards the inhalation of Zexion. Torrents of water kept closing in on the mouth of Zexion Daygo. The water entered, The large body of water furiously and calmly entered Zexions mouth. The main water supply , slowly and slowly began to disappear before Zexions very eyes. "poof", Zexion had completed his task. As he looked over at the crater that was once the cities Maion Water supply, Zexion laughed. He knew that Hildegarde would not be pleased. Zexion smiled, until he heard a voice call out to him. "HEY KID! Did you see who took the water that was just here?" , The Guard said to Zexion, Zexion shook his head and told the guard, "Ahhh I just got here you see? I did not see anybody else around this crater." The Guard looked at Zexion and then back towards the empty crater and shrugged. The man knew that he had no proof to pin it on Zexion and decided to let the young man go. Zexion began walking back towards the gate of the city. Upon entering he decided to call it a day and went back to the inn to fall asleep.

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