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Familiar Figure II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Familiar Figure II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 2:15 am

Miyamoto Akuma
After his unexpected meet up with Hildegard in the forest when he was meditating and Hildegard was taming beasts, Hildegard asks Akuma to help her bring those two beasts back to the nearest supporter town. Hildegard explains that those beasts have got some injuries and were trying to protecting themself by roaring to scared each other away to avoid a fight. Hildegard wants Akuma to assist her and protect them on their way to the town in case any attack from rebels or another beast suddenly attacks them on their way. Well, of course, Akuma will agree to assist her on her way to the town, Akuma is willing to protect them from any possibilities of attack from anyone. They start walking to the nearest town of Hildegard’s supporters, and the journey begins right here right now. As always, Akuma enjoys being around Hildegard, the soothing and calming atmosphere coming from her really calming him down help him controlling his emotion with less effort. “It’s a good thing that we see each other in the forest, coincidently the beasts that I tamed have some injuries on them so they need protection from you all the way to the town near here, one of my supporter town,” says Hildegard.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

Familiar Figure II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 2:16 am

Miyamoto Akuma
“I didn’t expect to see you already there taming those two giant beasts compare to your size,” says Akuma joking around Hildegard. But while they are talking and walking towards the nearest supporter town, Akuma starts to notice that they’re being followed by some people jumping from tree to tree around them and the beasts. Learn from experience, Akuma knows that they will follow them back to town and then attack them right when they arrived at the town. But being calm, Akuma just keeps that information for himself and not telling Hildegard about it, he fully focuses on his surroundings and prepared himself to protect Hildegard anytime they launch their attack. “Well it’s a good coincidence that we meet since you need help and waiting for support come will take some time and that must be annoying,” says Akuma. This journey will take a pretty long time if they keep moving in this phase, and those people who follow them might lose patience and either attack them suddenly or simply leave them alone. So Akuma just chilling and talking with Hildegard and ignore them for a while, but he put his right hand hold his sword in case he needs to use it he can take it out quickly.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

Familiar Figure II (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 2:16 am

Miyamoto Akuma
“I might take a rest now for a while,” says Hildegard. Akuma nods his head and starts focusing his sense on his surrounding to avoid surprise attacks from those people. It has been some time since Hildegard fall asleep but those people don’t make any move yet, but they still patiently follow Hildegard and Akuma. Akuma feels a little bit sleepy cause of the wind that flows around him, but those people suddenly jump towards him and launch their attack, Akuma takes his sword out to block those attacks that launch at him. Akuma doesn’t want to wake Hildegard up so he jumps down the beast they were riding, and runs chasing those who attack him. Turns out those people are Stellan rebels, Akuma start fighting back, jump towards them, spell by spell throws at him and he still avoids those attacks while keep moving towards them, when he gets close enough he slashes of their hands one by one, a total of 5 people. Those Stellan rebels weren’t able to fight back anymore. Akuma then stands near them when they fall down and crawling hurt cause they lose their hands in an instant.”Stop screaming or I’ll cut your tongue next, your loud voice might wake Hildegard up and I don’t want that to happen. You better run for your lives, get back to your base and tell your leader to stop bothering Hildegard and all town around here or I’ll cut his head next.” When those five people start running away from Akuma, he runs chasing them and stabs 4 of them right on their chest. “I only talk to you, no to this other four fool, now go,” Says Akuma to the last man standing.


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