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Mimi's Plot and Relationship Pages.

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Mimi's Plot and Relationship Pages. Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 6:17 pm

As person normal for any of my character, I will be setting this up for Miriko for people to be to suggest or mention ideas for future topic ideas between and character and Miriko for when they meet.

I tend to keep these topics streamline and simple as i have setup past characters.

Name:Miriko Rinmizukmi

Family: Unnamed mother, father and sister.(this is ic she has yet to name them in a topic.

Partner/Lover: None.

Friends: None So far.

Enemies: None so far.

Current Location: Hosenka.

You can leave ideas and suggest for how you could maybe wish to interact with Miriko for me to consider, Or if need be mention it to me on discord too.

However...the things you suggest a plot for do not end here, For Miriko can offer some thing to forwards a plot idea depending on the character and interesting if need be.

This idea is allowing Miriko to paint pictures of the persons past in which she is posting with. A series of topics based around this, The Painting of the Past so to say.

Keep in mind, This is entirely only related to a willing a person to subject themselves too, You must choose what is painted, It can be a good or bad picture of the past,with as much or little detail with in the painting and Miriko will paint this past reflection with you around her and give you the picture.

What is done with the picture is entire of your choosing for Miriko will be giving you the after when she is done with it, So if interested.

So make sure it is clearly seen or mention to me somewhere: Name of character?, Idea of plotting or topic,Do you want to know Mimi before the topic happens?(Mimi's story is open ended enough she could already know a person before an IC post.),What kind of relationship are you hoping with Mimi as this builds up?

And well now for. "The Paintings of The Past." Questions: What will the painting reflect and details? Is it good or bad? How many times will you wish to go through this?(If need be i will allow more then one painting a person since it is just painted pictures and nothing else.)

Either way, That ties this page up, Happy reading and posting.

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