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The Bosco Wildfires(Supporting Cassia)

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The Bosco Wildfires(Supporting Cassia) Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 10:49 pm

Smoky wisps escaped the tiny hamlet in fiery eruptions, heralding the arrival of the Stellan resistance. Screams fled the lungs of villagers as flames fell upon their homes. And to bare witness to it all was Obasi.  He was a lone “defender” against a horde of rebels hungry for vengeance. Obasi could only stare wide-eyed as the inferno consumed the small township. If not for the yells of terror he would have been lost in the blaze. It was clear that these were the brigands he was supposed to dispatch. Obasi just needed to formulate a plan of some kind. In his current state he didn’t have the offensive power needed to take them all on by himself, so he’d focus on picking them off. Admittedly, there was probably a better way to attack, but it was a plan of some kind.

First, he’d need to get the villagers to safety. Puny hands gripped a passerby, before explaining the situation to his captive. Amazingly, he listened to the youth and started evacuating the village. They were confused, but to his surprise again listened to the large man. Meanwhile, Obasi decided he would deal with the rebels that were wreaking havoc.



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His first victim was a lanky guy menacing a woman. The guy didn’t look too tough, but he’d felt an endurance drain spell was appropriate anyway. From Obasi’s palm spawned a magical circle that gave rise to an inky black tentacle. Upon creation the dripping appendage hastily slithered towards the thug. Enthralled with his pursuit of the woman the rebel didn’t notice the tendrils assault until it was too late, causing him to feel temporarily drained. Before his foe register what happened Obasi slammed a nearby shovel against his back. Weakened from the spell’s influence he collapsed without much effort. From what Obasi could see the blow knocked him out. “Well, one down and now…a lot more left to go.” He sighed, looking at the heap of humanity before him.

Without so much as a word between them the woman ran off. Her shrieks echoing in the distance as she mad, her way out of town. “Let’s see if I can do that again.” He remarked, scoping out his next target. A fat man and woman who were busy burning down a home. “Shit.” He cursed at the prospect of having to fight two people. He was just going to pick them off one by one, but that’s what fist and feet were for. So, he readied another spell. He’d diminish the woman’s vitality and the man’s physical might. That way she’d be easier to knock out and then he’d see what happened from there.



The Bosco Wildfires(Supporting Cassia) Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 10:50 pm

Trusty shovel in hand, the octo-man conjured another circle in the center of his palm. A brilliant shade of purple materialized in the lad’s palm before a darkness drenched tendril made its exodus towards the woman. Another manifested just as quickly, robbing the man of his power. Before either of them could react to the magical taint Obasi attacked. With the butt of the shovel as a battering ram, he hit the woman square in the face. Before she knew it she’d been knocked unconscious on the ground with a bloody nose. Confident that he could end this fight quick Obasi slammed the shovel over the head of the fat man. He wobbled a little, clearly stunned by the youth’s actions, but was still in the fight. His counterattack was a vicious left hook that sent Obasi flying to the ground.  “Ok, that was bad.” Words mixed with blood as they exited his mouth, but he didn’t give up. When the man went to follow up with another attack Obasi again used the butt of the shovel. This time not in the man’s face like with the woman, but his neither regions. Predictably, he too was felled by Obasi’s impressive shovel-fu.  

Shortly thereafter more troops loyal to Cassia showed up to fight the resistance. The battle was fairly short lived and Obasi was commended for his actions, but all he wanted to do was leave, which he did.

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