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Beauty Pageant [ESG]

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A beauty contest, hm~? The brow of the brunette lifting as she looked into the mirror and remembered the reason behind which she was currently fixing her hair and her makeup as well, Sofia Serena was to be found smirking in front of something shiny as she stood there in a dress which was light and airy, and perhaps not entirely suited to the occasion she intended. However, that was just fine by her, at least at this stage.
I don't really like to draw this much attention to myself, but I can't wait to see her face when she sees I've entered~? Not looking to peak before she was ready after all and as such happy to start a little slow and simple and work her way up to the grandeur with which she was capable of, while she didn't usually go in much for efforts of vanity like the one which was presented before her but making an exception on this occasion, a habit of trying to avoid the spotlight had seemed to fall second to the chance to show off in a little local contest which hopefully wouldn't draw too much international attention, but would draw a nice swell of amazement and appreciation from the right kind of person.

And what I'll be wearing~? The mind of the minx occupied by images of the womanly wonder for whom she felt such a strong level of affection for as she put the finishing touches on her appearance, even as she scooped up a strange but special key into her palm the princess of the Pegasi had only one set of eyes for whom she wished to demonstrate the delectability she was capable of, and she knew all too well where to find her as well.
That seems an even better prize than any amount of money~? Wry and dare one say a wicked little madam who had made no note for her lady love that she would be entering something that some might sneer at for being vain and frivolous, while there was a decent pot on the table for whomever might have claimed victory in the contest to come Miss Serena felt that the true reward would be the awe of the sinuous siren she sought to in her own way upstage, and could hardly wait her turn really to give the woman and the world around her an introduction because of that.

Showtime~ Practically trembling with excitement when she considered the chance to step out there and earn that surprise and sizzling sentiment which she knew would be offered out in spades by her beautiful bride, Sofia seemed to nearly leap free from the position she was standing in as a voice nearby seemed to ask for her appearance, and she felt only too glad to offer it for the crowds that had gathered around for this spectacle of splendour and sublimity.
“Good afternoon everyone~!” Striding out of the dressing room because of that and squeezing the little key that she carried in hand because of the sense of anticipation which had built up inside her, the woman in white raised her empty hand as she stepped into the air and waved for everyone around her, but knew there was only one person she wished to impress here, and they weren't even on the judging panel. Anyone else was just a bonus, really…

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

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