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Sabotage Hildegarde

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Sabotage Hildegarde  Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 3:17 pm

Zexion had appeared once again in the land known as Stella, He was on another mission. This mission was to destroy incoming merchants from the land. Zexion knew all too well that defeating these so called merchants and stopping them from helping boost the economy would be a worth thing to do. Zexion was on the look out, he had just came back from Bosca where he had stopped four men from starting a fire and rampaging on the great city. Zexion was not fully aware that the economy in Stella was already falling, Hildegarde was strong but she was not unbeatable. He knew that every little action would help with the combined power of the army he had supported. Zexion could never forget, building homes, Stopping pillagers, and watching men, women and children die like cattle. This greatly angered Zexion to the point where he was physically shaking. Zexion walked along the outer area of Stella and he was on the look out for all trades and goods coming in. This was going to take a few days to plan, as he was here doing this for Cassia on his own. Zexion watched night and day, Enjoying his freedom as much as he could.



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Zexion decided to quickly take a break as he went to the back merchants den in the city. He was looking for any sort of Candy that he could get his hands on. Of course this meant boosting the economy by buying goods but Zexion knew in the grand scheme of things just buying a few candy bars would not really do much. Zexion smiled as he went back to his post and began to eat and eat as much candy as he had brought. They did not have salt water toffee here in this country but they had such delicious arrays of chocolate. Zexion could felt tingling in his mouth after every single bite, He loved the thrill of eating. He was always cautious as he continued watching his back and for any and all wagons coming in with goods. Through the time Zexion had spent watching the gates he realized that most of the goods were coming from the Western area off the coast of Stella. Zexion skipped him up and began to dust himself off. He had to ambush the next goods merchant that was going to come in. Zexion laughed to himself and deemed this to be a great day.



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Zexion was ready, he began walking the Western pathway that led to the outer side of the kingdom he was in. Zexion was excited, he knew that no matter what happened he was going to get everything done in record time. He enjoyed spending the time he did, Eating. Quickly and swiftly from the edge of the pathway he could hear a wagon rolling. Actually there was a few of them. Zexion quickly got ready and hid behind a giant rock that was on the side of the road. This was it, Zexion knew that he had a chance to get the drop on them. Zexion waited cautiously as one and two wagons passed him by. Zexion knew at this moment he had to strike. He quickly turned away from the corner and throw a push kick into the side of the wagon wheels, instantly breaking and moving them. "WHAT?" , Said one of the merchants as he tried to draw his sword. It was too late, Zexion quickly struck the man, and attacked the second man knocking them both unconscious. He then pulled the wheel over to the nearby lake and pushed them in there. Zexion knew that these goods would have been important for the people but this was war.



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