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Support Cassia [Putting to trial #2]

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Support Cassia [Putting to trial #2] Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 3:06 pm

Zexion was at his limits when it came to questing from the underground and the council's boards. He decided to go around the town of Bosco in search of any misdevious acts that were occurring. Zexion was walking through the City, Wind blowing across his face. He knew that he could find some rebels holed up somewhere within the confines of this City, But how would Zexion be able to know? What could Zexion do to find out where the rebels would be. Zexion decided to ponder this later as he went out to grab some food from a nearby diner. Zexion was always into eating well and eating out. Zexion was making quite a bit of money recently from all his hard work , So buying food was never really an issue. Zexion was walking through the town square as he looked up and saw that a new restaurant had opened. Zexion eyed the restaurant and decided against going there. He went over and went to a nearby diner in which he began to order some food for himself. He was thinking about a nice pasta dish with some chicken on the side. He was delighted as the food came to his table.



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"AHHHHH", Zexion sighed in relief as he took his first bite into his dinner. This was what Zexion lived for, Eating and working was all Zexion was able to do. Training was not really on his mind as of yet, Since he was told from his guild leader to make as much money as possible. He told him that money would be essential for his training and what he could become later on down the line. Zexion was a very modest man, Yet he also had a crazy side to him. "What is that?", Zexion said as he heard yelling coming from a nearby area. Zexion paid the tab and bolted over to where the yelling was coming from. He had seen it for himself, The same restaurant that he was just at was on fire! Zexion saw a group of hooded figures with torches running towards the northern side of the town, most likely making their escape. Zexion started running at full speed towards the Four men that were running as if their lives depended on it. He was closing in fast, "Who were these guys?" , Zexion thought as he had almost caught up to the pack of enemies.

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Zexion ran and jumped well above and over to the front of the direction the individual enemies had faced. They quickly took their torches and one by one they confronted Zexion with a vertical strike. He was very well versed in combat because of the experience he had gained from all his times and travels around the land. Quickly, Zexion stopped the first mans strike, and hit him square in the jaw. That shot kicked the man out as he collapsed a meter from Zexions feet. "COME", Zexion said as he waited for the men to approached him. Out of desperation, One of the men decided to pull out a machete and the fight was on. Zexion quickly dodged each strike and returned one with equal power. Zexion had quickly taken out two men. All that was left was the machete Weilding fiend. Zexion ran up full throttle and quickly timed a strike towards the hands of the man, Thus making him drop the machete. Zexion then hit the man with a quick left, right, switch kick combo. The fight was over, as Boscan soldiers came to his aid. These men were clearly working for Hildegarde. Zexion told the men to take them to trial.


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