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It was a bright summer day, The sun was brimming with light. Zexion had received a few job listings of the sort. He was on his way to the smithy to see if he had any more dirty work for him to get done. Zexion was walking through the city, admiring the positivity that was in the eyes of the fellow Baskan Townsfolks. Zexion had arrived at the smithy, Before going in Zexion noticed a man go in rather quickly, He had his face half covered. Of course, this was rather worrisome, but it was to no care of Zexions as he took a quick bite out of the pocket toffee he always had on him. He had seen a huge array of crimes in the area recently, Maybe it was the stress on the economy from all the war-torn damage being done to the country itself. The people were struggling, and they were struggling hard. Zexion shrugged it off and walked into the smithy, He had been here many times before and it was brimming with fellow adventurers waiting for their weapons to be made. Instantaneously, He noticed the man from earlier had grabbed a few swords from the stand near the entrance and bolted out the door. "HEY STOP!", Yelled Godfrey as he was behind the front desk.

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Alfric Tanaka
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“Ooh. This place is way too chipper for me.” Remarked the diminutive wizard on his way to the blacksmith. Tentacled appendage angled at the exact position needed for his mouth to nibble on a plump red apple. Baska was lively today, but he wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it. He’d just woken up from a well-deserved nap, to perform yet another job. He had just started doing jobs since leaving the old wizard’s place and he was having a difficult time adjusting to them. They took him all over and demanded more of the lazy squirt then he’d been used to. If it were up to him he’d have someone else running around for him. But here he was in Baska with the sun blinding him. Well, at least he had a delicious apple to eat.  Bathed in light and laughter Baska reminded him of his own hometown.  Not that it was as big as Baska, but it held the same lively spirit as his old place. Even the people held that same spark of familiarity. “Hey” he said as some guy bumped into him on his way into the blacksmith. He didn’t get a good look at him, but Obasi did hear the shouting. When he’d reached the smithy’s innards he was greeted with a familiar tattoo on a man’s chest.  



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Zexion had looked back over at where the man once was, He was in a gaze, He saw the young man that was bumped into taking a second to shrug it off. Zexion turned over towards the Black Smith and then back at the young boy. Zexion had noticed the man, looking directly at the mans tattoo and then back to his. "HEY!", Zexion shouted at Obasi, "It seems I just met my first ally". Zexion with a big smirk on his face welcomed the man into the smithy. Zexion turned over and looked over at the smithy, Who was in a panic. "Ahh Man NOT AGAIN", The smithy shouted furiously. Of course, Zexion had never seen Godfrey mad so he was wondering what was wrong. "This is the Tenth time this month.", Scowled Godfrey, "Hey listen, You two would it be possible if you could hunt that thief down? He comes in here almost every single day and he try to takes a sword or two. It is really hurting my business Yenno." Zexion looked at Godfrey with a blank stare. "OF COURSE I'LL PAY YAH, BRING HIM BACK HERE NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. MAKE SURE THE YOUNG LAD COMES BACK ALIVE."

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Anger spoke in Godfrey’s stead; he was already swamped with customers and a thief had yet again pillaged his wares. So, when the rage escaped from him, it erupted in furious shouts. Things turned interesting when the two men were confronted with a proposition. Bring that man back alive and be rewarded, well assuming they could catch him. Obasi couldn’t help, but notice he said two. Did he mean he’d be working with his guildie? If that was the case, Obasi was more than happy to team up. Surely, there was no one more you could trust than your own guildmate? But first they needed to apprehend that fleeing criminal, which Obasi was more than up to the task for. “Unfortunately, I can’t speed you up, so we are going to have to chase this guy down.” He said to Zexion. It was an intense situation and on such short notice, but the man hadn’t gotten far. He was certain they could chase him down before he could get far. The anger in Godfrey’s eyes told him they’d better get going too. He was a little excited he had to admit. This was his first "job" after all.

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Zexion knew that this was the start of a grand old day, He had tons of experience when it came to chasing down and tailing his foes. He looked over at Obasi and introduced himself quickly, "I'm Zexion Daygo, You can just assume I'm the strongest member of our guild kay?", He said with a wink and a big old smile. Without any warning He quickly dashed out the front door, Zexion knew that if he was a member of the guild that he would catch up fast. The quickest way to find out where the man went was to ask someone nearby. Zexion as he ran came to a complete stop and asked a group of elderly ladies if they had seen a tall man, wearing a hood and mask. "Ehhhh?", Said the old lady, "Ye whippersnapper, is that how you ask for help?", The woman scolded Zexion. "He went that way", The second woman as she pointed into an alley. "AYE HE WENT THIS WAY!", Zexion yelled expecting his guildmate to hear as he bolted through the alleyway at top speed. It may have been faint, but Zexions eyes never lie. Up ahead was the culprit, Hood, mask, and swords in hand. The chase was on.

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Zexion was a polite, but cocky guy. He was strong this was obvious. Maybe if Obasi put in some work he’d be a powerhouse too. Probably not Spellhowlers were more of the behind-the-scenes kind of guys anyway. At least that’s what the old man told him. Not wanting to be rude he returned Zexion’s introduction with one of his own. “Names Obasi Cross and I am someone you will probably forget about an hour from now.” A joke of course, but Obasi wasn’t the most impressionable guy. He liked to maintain a low profile especially when it came to groups. He’d often wondered if his unwillingness to stand out was a detriment or not. In the long run it might have been, but there was no time to think about that. They had one job ahead of them and there was reward to be had. So, with all the speed his legs could muster he ran after the man. In Zexion’s haste he collided with a pack of older woman. After a brief scolding the second woman revealed the direction the thief was heading. At least he assumed that was the case from Zexion’s loud declaration as to where was headed.

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Zexion was catching up fast and quick, the thief himself was pretty fast as well, almost as fast as Zexion, This proved to Zexion that he had a ton of work to do before he could claim to be the strongest. Ten minutes had passed, as both Obasi and Zexion were hot on the mans trail. Eventually the man ran into the wrong alleyway, maybe because he only had a few seconds to make the decision. It was a decision the thief knew was the wrong call. Zexion had the man in his sights, As well as turning back and seeing his Guildmate not that far behind. Well Zexion did bolt off first, So of course he was going to be ahead. Zexion was definitely not the type to wait for action. As they closed in on the target, Zexion noticed the man stopping and turning around. He was trapped, there was a wall at the end of the Alleyway. Zexion stopped, panting slightly, "Hey man, Thanks for the nice warm-up". He grinned and clasped his fists together. "Now you're either going to come with us quietly or we'll force you to come. My Dinner is on the line here so I definitely won't lose right Obasi?". Upon saying these words, the man pulled out one of the swords he had stolen and took a stance, It seems to Zexion that the man was not going to put up much of a fight considering he was shaking, seems like he was trying to sell the swords instead of using them himself....Times really were tough. "Lets end this quick Guildie."

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Much to the half-pint’s chagrin, the bandit was fast. Obasi might have been a lean guy, but he didn’t enjoy running unless it was for his life. Zexion was also a pain in the ass to catch up to. Perhaps, he’d invest in a speed buff after all. He certainly needed one if he was going to take part in chases like this in the future. The chase across Baska wasn’t far, but it did feel longer than he would have liked. The thief was experienced at navigating the back alleys it seemed, but he was panicked this time. When Obasi finally reached their panicked prey, he and Zexion were both winded. Zexion thanked the guy for his “warm-up.” After all, the thief was just a small fry, and he was about to be devoured. Something that must have been obvious by the way the man stabbed futility at the air with one of his stolen swords. He was too scared to put up much a fight if any, which made their job so much easier. “Zexion, take this guy out so we can collect our reward.” Obasi said after recovering from his slight exhaustion. The wizard palm's glowed bright as a magic circle materialized within it, followed by a tentacle that imbued Zexion with more strength.



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Brimming with power, Zexion looked over at the man, As if he had burst with flames. Energy filled the very core of his essence as he slowly walked over to the man. Zexion stood a foot away from the man as he stared him down. The man, slightly shaking, was staring at Zexion with nothing but fear across his eyes. With a quick feint with his left, the man flinched, But he wasn't hit? Instead the man hell on one knee, within a few moments his of no reaction he had a reaction. "ARGHHHH", groaned the man as he held his stomach. Zexion hit the man with a light kick to the stomach, As the man looked up he slowly passed out. Zexion lifted the man up on his shoulders, As he was unconscious and began to walk back.

Soon after about fifteen minutes, Zexion had reached the end of the road. They were at the Blacksmiths store. They entered, "Welcom--- OH IT'S YOU GUYS! THANK YOU! Is that him?", The Smithy exclaimed as Zexion set his stolen items on the stands they were previously on. "Yeah we brought him back as you wish, Now I'll collect my reward." The smithy quickly opened his till and handed both Zexion and Obasi their money. Zexion turned around and looked at Obasi, "It was nice meeting you Bro, I'm in town for a while at that hotel." , Zexion turned and pointed over to the building. "Lets take on a real quest soon!", Zexion smiled as he patted Obasi on the shoulder. "Oh and welcome to the "Guild"!" , Zexion said as he walked out the door. Upon Zexion leaving, the thief had awoken and was confronted by the Smithy. The smithy then began to hit the man, almost torturing him. "WANT TO STEAL FROM ME?" , The man said. Zexion stopped and watched the show, "I'm sorry you had to see me like this...Not even my brother has seem me this upset. Thank you again.", He said as he hit the thief with another blow.


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Obasi watched the show with amusement as Zexion played with the thief. He was wondering where this would lead until a swift kick later told him all he needed to know. Within a few minutes the man was down for the count, and all it took was a single kick. Well, Zexion was strong so it was more than light he was sure. Whatever the case was their quarry was unconscious, which meant taking him in would be cake. Zexion slung the guy over his shoulder effortlessly before walking past Obasi. It was time for them to collect their reward and leave this alley. Hanging out in alleys wasn’t his idea of a fun time anyway.

When they finally reached the smithy, Zexion extended another invite. He was a nice guy and the rewards were even nicer so he couldn’t turn down his invitation. When he said welcome to the guild, Obasi just smirked and shook his head. The thief on the other hand wasn’t quite so fortunate. He found himself on the wrong end of the smithy’s hammer. An otherwise brutal scene, but Obasi had seen worse. The blacksmith himself was surprisingly apologetic for a man that just broke a guys legs, but it wasn’t his concern. They had just completed a job well done, and Obasi could return to his nap. He was also a little richer than before.

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