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Support Cassia Rebuilding homes #2

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Support Cassia Rebuilding homes #2  Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:49 am

Zexion was again willing to do some more dirty work. He was once again there to help the people of Bosco with more repairments of the land that had been shook by the attack of the dragons. Zexion was well aware of all the duties that needed to be performed to get everything done in a timely matter. He began to walk up to a crowd of workers and said, "HELLO AGAIN!". He waved happily. He knew that supporting Cassia meant building these positive bonds with the people of the war-torn lands. The Towns people had looked at Zexion and responded with a positive smile and wave. They knew of the work ethic Zexion had shown previously a few weeks ago. Zexion was there to work, He knew that any and all help was welcomed as the people here were struggling to get themselves back on their feet. Hildegarde was ferocious and she had shown almost no mercy, She was like a beast that was constantly out for blood. She had killed many people with her unprovoked attacks and this angered Zexion greatly. He knew that the work here will carry on and build a positive light towards Cassia San.


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Zexion had picked up a couple of boards and a bunch of stones and began to move them with intent to help as much as he could. The people around him, Kept giving him water and food. They could see that Zexion was not evil, nor was he good. Zexion had done a lot of work for the people here and knew that this was the beginning of a great day. Zexion had been training, He had many close calls in his last few quests and this in turn only made him stronger. Day by Day he could feel himself become a better man. He was only sixteen after all , yet he had accomplished more than many that were his age. Zexion began pounding away at the boards with Nails, He had helped a lot of towns people put up walls. Zexion even learned the concept of interior designing and helped the villagers create sofas and beds out of the sticks and cotton that were recently picked. Zexion was a machine, He knew that this day that a lot of the people would have a better tomorrow. Better sleep, and less anxiety will always bring up the morale of the people.



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Zexion was tired, but not as tired as the time he was a C rank mage. His stamina and his powers had gone up. He had made a ton of allies since joining the resistance to keep the peace in the land. Zexion knew that Cassia was the one that would change the lives of all the lands. Hildegarde was losing her edge because of all the work being done by everyone in the factions. Zexion helped the elderly move into their homes, he would go out and begin washing the exterior of all the new houses. He had done a lot for the people of Bosco and this made him feel pride. The workers then began to take a break, it was time for a feast. the townsfolk began making grub for Zexion and all the towns people. He knew that this was the night that celebration was in order. Atleast fifty percent of the work had been done, but there was a lot more work to be done. Zexion began to shower in the outdoor shower and he packed up his things. The people of this land were becoming better and stronger. There was hope back in their eyes.

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