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Sabotage Hildegarde

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Zexion had appeared once again in the land known as Stella, He was on another mission. This mission was to destroy the revived landmines of Stella. Zexion had remembered how he recently had done this mission. He had blew up the mines where the elvish people were working. Zexion began to walk around the circumference of the land. He saw a couple of mines that were almost fixed up. Zexion knew the one that was running at one hundred percent efficiency was the one that Zexion had to go after first. Zexion needed to plan and plan well. He knew that at the darkest hour of night he could get onto the area of the mine and look around. He decided to head back into Stella, too have a bite to eat. Zexion ordered a steak from a steak house, with some barley on the side. Of course no body was ever really caring about the age of a individual in these days. Any and all money was the way to get everything done in these times. Zexion smiled as he took a sip and took a big bite. Zexion was wary that he was in enemy territory but he felt safe.


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Zexion had finally awoken from his insulin spike, He rose up at the pitches and darkest hour of the night and began his journey to the mines. Zexion walked over to the area he was at much earlier, but there no body there. Zexion must have realised that after the first attack, they probably wrote it off as a freak accident. He checked the surrounding walls of the mines and went in. He saw that there were many items that the elves were using in the mines to get their work finished. He picked up a bunch of pick axes and snapped them in half. He knew that it would hinder the elves if they had no equipment to work with. He went and began kicking the wheels of the wagons that were used to carry about debris. How could they remove these rocks from the site if the wagons were all destroyed. "Hehe excellent", Zexion smiled as he began to scan even more of the mines. Deep within the mines he noticed a giant wagon, filled with explosives. Zexion saw this as his chance and began moving the barrels one by one to certain areas of the interior of the mines.



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Zexion bellowed and was giddy, everything was set up. He laid a bomb in every corner of the mines that he was just in, but how was he going to set them off at once. He had remembered how much damage one explosive would do and move the explosives at the radius that they would need to be at to set the new one off. It was complete, His plans were coming to fruition. He was ready to take out and hinder the mercilious beast known as Hildegarde. Of course the ones that would really suffer would be the elves, but did they think twice before they attacked Bosco with the dragons they sicked on their people. Zexion thought not, with these thoughts he was even more motivated than before. Quickly and swiftly, Zexion bellowed and yelled. He had found a dimly lit torch. He broke the side of an explosive and it began to leak powder. Zexion tossed the torch, and began to run as fast as he could away. Moments and seconds had passed, until finally a giant explosion had occurred behind him. Multiple more were set off as Zexion kept running and scaling the wall. Zexion had gotten out and turned around to see the wasteland of his work.


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