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Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 2:49 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer


Yards of silk, clouds of powder, brushes, combs, pearls, and diamonds glistened before Venus’ eyes. As the beauty arranged the last strand of her hair neatly around her face, complete the finishing touches of her makeup and placed a small ruby tiara on her head, Venus couldn’t help but feel, despite herself, like a princess.

”If I didn’t know know better, I’d call myself a Fiorian Queen.” Her companion cat, Blair, curled around the edge of her bed while the redhead knelt to polish the lump of crystal on her silver heels. Though not often, the black feline enjoyed talking to her owner as if it was a human through telepathy – the only form of communication she had with her owner and as Venus’ number one devotee, she showered her with compliments. ”I barely recognize you!”

”Good,” Venus said. This would be her first ball where she wasn’t there to kill someone. True, she was mostly going to make sure Odin wasn’t being hunted again. But, a ball was a ball, and she was also personally invited by the host. Maybe if she was lucky, she could dance a little.

Standing before her reflection, she admired the dress she wore, her eyes filling with light. It was coloured the same shade as her hair and her scarlet hues, perhaps even brighter, and its narrow and flowy skirts and bodice were encrusted with thousands of minuscule crystals that reminded Venus of the surface of the sea. Swirls of silver thread that made rose-like designs that could have passed for a work by any master painter lined the neck all the way down to the back of her dress. The dress so graceful and decorative, and revealing at the same time with an open arch in the center of her chest revealing the cleavage of her well-formed breasts and her open back.

Tiny diamond droplets fell from her ears, and her hair was curled and swept up onto her head, strands of pearls woven in. The clock struck seven and Venus glanced towards the doorway and hastily slipped a dagger down her bodice, strapped around her thigh. It wouldn't hurt to be careful just in case, she thought.


The grand doors appeared and before they opened, she’d wait for the two striking men who promised to accompany her to the ball today. ”They better not be late.” She spoke through gritted teeth and glanced around the massive establishment. For the first time in a long while, she was nervous.

#2Jove Augustus 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 8:26 am

Jove Augustus
Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Nanami.Kento.full.3231621

Compared to his normal attire, Jove had truly gone all out. Long gone were his tie and shirt who lived in contrast with one another. In their stead, proof that he could dress himself should he choose.

Stepping into the beautiful banquet hall which housed the Sugma Ball, the middle aged businessman wouldn't exactly grab peoples attention. He was not one of the picture perfect members of Blue Pegasus, and he would never make it to the front page of a magazine. Still, what he had cultivated for this event was an image of refined taste. It wasn't a blaring fashion statement, nor was it tone deaf for the evening. Instead it struck a simple middle ground, and he believe he pulled it off well.

His hair had been slicked back, his blond locks still without so much as a single strand of grey. A single cluster of his bangs fell forward over his forehead, though they hung in such a way that it actually aided in pulling the look together. Balanced on the bridge of his nose were a pair of sunglasses, something he usually made a part of his attire. Rather than the normal green tint that he preferred, these were a pair of black spectacles with a wire that hung down and around his neck. This wire meant even should his lenses fall from his face, they would stay with him and add to the image.

His suit was a charcoal black, with storm grey strips in even spacing throughout. The clothes were devoid of so much as a spec of dust or a single hair, sitting in untouched perfection upon his well sculpted body. A closer look would reveal that this suit was not made of the same silk as many of the attendants. A page of the Rune Knights, he'd never be able to afford such an expensive fabric. Still, the suit did not appear cheap.

Under his jacket was a crimson red button up shirt, the contrast working to draw eyes to his chest for a moment. In that brief glance, one would notice his solid build that helped add to the overall appearance. The tie was a shade of off-white, black plots of color spaced unevenly throughout, giving it an almost milk-and-cookie vibe that somehow fit the overall composition of his attire. His wrists held cufflinks that bore the symbols of the Rune Knights, a silver that did well to fit the overall color scheme. Finally his shoes, customized dress shoes which allowed for mobility should then need arise, were a black which matched both his socks and his suit.

Making his way into the center of the room, Jove would help himself to a glass of champagne from a passive butler. Offering up a word of thanks, the sunglasses on his eyes were tinted to a deceptive color. He could actually see nearly perfectly within the building, but still he took them off and pulled the entire string up from around his neck. Folding their arms in, he would tuck the glasses safely into his chest pocket, in front of the folded red handkerchief, and somehow it made his look seem a little more complete than before.

He had not come on official duty, but rather as Jove Augustus. He would bring the far too expensive drink to his lips as he worked his way through the crowd, eyeing passerby's in the hope that he could identify someone whom he knew.

#3Venus Rosé 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 4:18 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The ballroom had been decorated in hues of lilac and glacier blue, with swaths of silk floating from the ceiling and ornate glass baubles hanging between. It was something out of a dream, Venus couldn’t help but admire the effort put behind this beauty. It wasn’t the grandest party she’d ever been to, but it was still one of the best ones. She had taken a peek inside the ball whilst waiting for her partners to accompany her inside the masquerade and indeed, throughout the room, tables were overflowing with the most beautiful, decadent-looking pastries she’d ever seen. Pastries stuffed with cream, cookies dusted with sugar, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate beckoning to her everywhere.

Perhaps she’d swipe a few before she left.

Her ruby eyes had glossed over the vicinity, still searching for her two escorts that should better be showing up any minute now until she met the eyes of a man who stood out – well enough to attract her attention. He was dressed nicely; so nice that her eyebrows arched ever so slightly and her lips parted from shock: a pleasant kind. Her silver heels clacked against the marbled floor as she strode towards the gentlemen and even swept two glasses of champagne within her hands as a server walked past her.

”I didn’t expect to see you here.”

The vampire walked up to him, a sheepish smile forming along her painted lips. Up close, she looked at him – truly looked at his figure and registered how gallant he appeared in a suit. ”You look…different, but nice – really nice,” she added as she edged the other glass of champagne in her hand towards him, a faint smile unto her lips. ”Come, accompany me for a bit.”

At the other end of the domed ballroom, massive windows faced a patio overlooking a glittering stretch of the kingdom. She could imagine those doors thrown wide in summer, and how lovely it would be to dance alongside the riverbank under the stars and city lights.

”Our second date is a little too soon, don’t you think?” The redhead took a sip of her champagne and turned towards the knight. ”But, it seems like the perfect place to have one,” trailed off the woman.

#4Jove Augustus 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 8:35 am

Jove Augustus
The dangerous thing was champagne was how it essentially drank like a carbonated beverage. It was airy, light even, and went down far quicker than intended if one was thirsty when they grabbed it. Jove had barely worked his way into the room, drink in hand, when he found his glass to be empty. It wasn't as if he had come here intending to become fully intoxicated. That said, maybe it was better if he did? He wasn't exactly comfortable around all these big names. Every time he turned his head, he saw yet another sorcerer whose fame far preceded them.

"I didn't expect to see you here."

A familiar voice, though the timid tone threw him off. He followed the angelic choir to its source, spotting two ruby eyes looking up into his dull blue gaze. Before him, he saw something truly breathtaking.

Hair like fire, wrapped neatly around her head and tied together with a diamond crested tiara that screamed of royalty. Her face was dotted with freckles which he hadn't noticed last time, the light of dusk having done a poor job at highlighting her finer features. The chest of her gown was missing, showing off her sternum and curves daringly. His once over caused something which was rare for Jove in any circumstance; left him at a loss for words.

"Venus?" It had only been a few weeks prior that they had parted in Fiore, and now they were bumping into one another at this great gala. She spoke of him kindly before inviting him to join her, offering a new glass to replace his empty drink. He took it, still at a loss for words. As she turned to make her way into the distance he followed. He couldn't very well tell her no. Seeing her like this, his mind flashed the vivid images of her atop of him, snarling like a beast and threatening his life. Oh, how situations change.

She took him toward the far end of the room, to large glass doors which offered a vantage point of the property that would have been eye catching had it not paled in her comparison. He had found an empty tray on their walk over, dropping off his empty glass, and sipped at the light amber liquid.

"Some could say not soon enough." He finally found his voice, once given the opportunity to respond to her. She had turned to face him, and he regained appreciation for their difference in height. With her looking up to meet him, he appreciated truly how large her doe eyes were.

"You look gorgeous, by the way. I can hardly imagine you baring your teeth and threatening my life when you look like this." In any other circumstance there may have been a bitterness anticipated in those words. Yet Jove sounded anything but. His gaze was surprisingly soft, as if he had been caught off guard by her arrival.

"How have you been since I last saw you?"

#5Venus Rosé 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 11:44 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Their interactions on their first encounter were entirely different from this laidback ambiance between them, when she found herself atop him, threatening his life that night. When the knight never showed any ill intentions towards her, the two kicked off right from there, even opening about their lives – or well, her life. Perhaps she was naïve to think that she could trust Jove, but she did and now, at this event, she was no more vulnerable than a deer in a forest swarmed with predators.

”I didn’t take you to be the type of person to attend events like these.”

The vampire edged herself away, further from the crowd and settled herself near the patio, finding herself an empty spot in the crowd and stopped. It was a good vantage point. She could see everything from here – the dais, the main stairs, the dance floor. Venus felt each of her heartbeats hammering in her veins when Jove had locked his ocean eyes with hers, especially when he looked like that, and when he’d complimented, her composure festered slightly in embarrassment.

”As do you,” spoke the vampire, chuckling at his remark albeit, there was a pang of regret when she decided to lunge at him on their first rendezvous. ”Are you enjoying the ball?” She played with a fold in her dress and added with a sly smile growing on her lips, ”Such a shame you came to the gala alone, when you look this alarmingly handsome.” There was no awkwardness in her tone when she talked to him, no barriers set and she let her words run free without hesitation knowing that she was comfortable around him.

There was long sigh before she was about to answer his next question. ”Lots of travelling and slaying, but—“ she brought a finger up in case Jove was to stop her and assume that she was killing people. ”—no humans involved.” As if she was trying to prove a point to him that she was not evil unlike how he thought her to be.

She walked out into the patio, currently leaning against the pillar and set the empty glass at wherever place she could find. The tendrils of her breath curled in the night air, and the moonlight glinted off the tiara that she wore on her crown. The music was loud enough that it reached them out there, and at the terrace, she began to waltz with herself. She even held the edge of her wine-red dress in one hand, her other hand poised on the arm of an invisible partner. She turned, an elegant sweeping motion that brought her to face Jove, and halted.

”Aren’t you going to dance with me?” she said, and held out her hand to him.

#6Jove Augustus 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 4:49 pm

Jove Augustus
"Nor did I," he said, the words coming so naturally that even a total stranger could tell he meant them. He wasn't one for fancy getups and expensive horderves. He was a simple man, who had been lower middle class in Fiore his entire life. He was use to the streets of Hosenka, or the bars of Oak. Not so much this stuffy, high brow environment in which everyone knew everyone. In a way, he was the truest enigma here. The only unknown in a room of identified variables.

That bit of anonymity was the only saving grace for the night. The only one, until he had found the energetic redhead who now stood before him. When she had taken the time to lead him through the room, he couldn't help but admire the fabric of her dress. The light, smooth linen that flowed from her body like water. It did his imagination good to not have to work so hard, and for a moment he appreciated the fact that he was still in touch with what it was to be a man.

She would have never caught his roaming gaze. He was a well adjusted member of society. Like all those who lived life interacting with others, he knew the intricacies of a quick glance.

As she spoke to him, a grin touched his lips. "Alone? Is that what you think?" Again his tone held its indominable position of being indecipherable. The deep rumble gave little hint of whether or not he meant what he said. Still, he didn't rush to clarify. He watched her, wondering if she would perk up at the idea of him being here with another- Or would she squirm?

Giving only a few moments of suspense, he spoke again. "Good guess." Perhaps another man would have used that moment to try and slip in a smooth word. A flirtatious jab, or a way to drag the atmosphere into something more playful. For him, however, this level of dry sarcasm and wit was enjoyable enough.

As she regained her composure, talking of the humans she didn't kill, he couldn't help but feel the lines of his face relax. He hadn't realized how tense he was, even now, being in this den of sharks they called a gala. With Venus, however, he felt lighter. Like the gravity that threatened only just previously to crush him decided to give him respite. "That's good to hear. I assumed as much, after all." He said his words with a sense of passion behind them, driving home the fact that he believed in her before she clarified. He never thought she was a bad person, after all.

And as she stepped into the empty space, the music just barely in the peripheries of their conscious, she began to move. Her steps were well timed, her movements graceful. Regardless of if she knew how to dance, the flow of her body seemed to be that of a seasoned professional. She had a fluidity to her motion that seemed as if she naturally fell into the beat.

As she invited him, he stepped forward. Perhaps, due to his nature and behavior, one would think of him as stiff. Contrary to that assumption, he immediately stepped into her rhythm. He matched her pace without effort, placing his left hand on her hip. His right hand stretched out, his fingertips briefly dragging against her forearm and palm before grabbing her hand in his own.

He didn't like events like these, but that didn't mean he had never attended them. A middle management businessman, he had often found himself dragged to parties with the very customers he represented, as well as his bosses. He had quickly adapted to the situation, realizing it took less energy to learn how to dance than it did to constantly refuse the invites to step upon the floor.

As the music played and the two twirled through their own world, his eyes searched out her own. "I'm surprised you're not here with anyone yourself. I would have assumed that you had someone you could have brought as a guest?" In typical fashion, Jove seemed disinterested even when he was engaged. Truth be told, he was fishing for whether or not she had a partner whom she was meeting here, or who she could have at least brought. It wasn't that he was opposed to asking straight up, but he decided it would likely be best to treat this conversation like he had their dance; matching her pace. She had only just previously danced around the topic of whether or not he had a date himself, after all.

#7Venus Rosé 

Sweet Like Sugar [Ball: Jove] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:29 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

For a moment, she was lost – lost in a world where there was nothing but gold candles, music and the man before her. He’d taken her hand, and his fingers were coarse from the brutal work as a Rune Knight yet, the grasp was soft around hers. He slid his other hand around her waist as she braced one of hers on his arm. She looked up at him when he began to move – a slow step, then another, and another, easing into the steady rhythm of the waltz. When her eyes found his, she forgot about the chilly night, and the moon, and the people dancing about at the ball.

Venus had seen him smile for the first time just a moment ago. For a man that barely had any facial expressions, she was rather caught off-guard by his slightly awkward beam, and she could tell that he probably didn’t smile often. ”If you weren’t alone, you would be dancing with someone else.” There was a small smirk on her lips. She didn’t care; she didn’t want to know whether or not he came with a partner, or if there were any other ladies in the ballroom that he would’ve preferred to dance with.

All she cared about was that she’d caught his attention now and how he’d chosen to spent time with her instead. He spun her and led her about the floor, waltzing as smoothly as he could and none of them faltered a single step.

”Curious who I came with?” She stared at him, a playful smile dancing along the line of her cherry-stained lips. She figured she’d tease him a little bit for earlier and left a moment of suspense to leave him pondering about her thoughts. ”They’re my guild mates, from Eternal Nightmare. I didn’t have anyone to escort me, and we were all invited so—“ spoke the female, leaving her sentence unfinished.

Jove had last told her how he knew who she was, so she easily assumed that he would have an idea of which guild she belonged to as well. ”Seems like both of them are busy tending to themselves and possibly also attractive ladies.” She added, turning her head towards the guests inside the hall. There were so many that it was impossible to find Odin and Zane from this distance. ”So, now you have a boring company to keep.”

The vampire didn’t turn her eyes away from him and there was a moment of silence, neither of them smiling. ”So, what did you do when you weren’t graced with my presence for weeks?”  

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