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Rounding up Rebels[Supporting Cassia]

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Rounding up Rebels[Supporting Cassia] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 5:02 pm

“The rebels are held up in that old fort. It’s our duty to seize them, but remember, spare anyone who yields. We are here for justice, not bloodshed.” Announced the knight on horseback. His finger anchored to the sight of a dilapidated stronghold on a nearby hill. They were there to capture Stellan rebels plaguing the countryside. Obasi wanted just to kill them and be done with it, but politics and morality decided otherwise. He found it all so trite and dull how any lord’s actions were dictated not by want but by political alignment. Then again, he himself was uncomfortable with needless murder so, Obasi couldn’t exactly complain. Really, the lad just wanted this whole ordeal to be over so he could collect his reward. He was eternally uninterested in fighting under the banner of some lord or lady instead of hoping for it to end. Until such a time, however, he would wait amongst Cassia’s henchmen ready to charge.

“Are you ready, lad?” A gruff older gentleman a decade his senior asked the Octo-lad. In return, Obasi blossomed a small magical circle, which garnered a subtle not from the old-timer.  At least they would get on with it. The planning stage would, at last, come to an end.



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After a final round of conversation betwixt the regiments, the knight captain commenced with the assault. Obasi was among those meant to support from afar while the soldiers fought. Not that he was complaining because supportive roles were best suited to someone with his skills. He was simply happy that he finally got to do something beyond standing around. Sure, they had to plans things out, but it was all so tedious to him. It was just a bunch of stragglers so surely; they could just rush the fort. Regardless, they were finally going to move. Thankfully.

When the war horns blew, the troops were off. The rebels slung spells and arrows with Obasi and his faction returning fire. Luckily for them, there were plenty of healing spells mixed in to replenish the health of any downed comrades. When they finally breached the gates of the aged bastion, the troops were greeted with a torrent of rebels. Not quite a strong enough mage himself Obasi did his best to weaken the opposition. His tentacles doing their best to rob the rebel scum of their strength and vitality. He smirked at how thrilling the battle had been. Being a new soul to slaughter combat was strangely empowering and gave him a thrill.


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Eventually, their combined might overwhelmed the fortress gates. Broken and destroyed the troops poured in taking prisoners wherever they could. Astonishingly, the resistance lowered their arms in the face of such a superior force leading Obasi to smile. Sure, he still thirsted for conflict, but this went smoothly, and his wallet had grown that much larger. He’d also gotten his first real taste of combat in a while. Perhaps this whole ordeal of being a good person would pay off after all. Besides, he didn’t exactly hate it. Well, not if things continued to go this smoothly anyway.  

After the final rebel laid down their arms Obasi was free to leave. He had to admit after such a thrilling conflict he felt alive and wanted to keep fighting. The soldiers still rounding up rebels saluted him for his efforts. Again, he felt that feeling of being a hero. He wasn’t one of course, but it left an unfamiliar tingling sensation in his heart. Was he beginning to enjoy “heroism” after all? The idea lingered in his octopoid head for a while before it was dismissed. He was not a good person, but he was also not a hero and had no desire to be. He only wanted coin and would do whatever he could to obtain it.


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