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Unexpected Fight In The Woods (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpected Fight In The Woods (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo] Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:45 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
Akuma and Hildegard was in the woods, enjoying their time chilling in the top of high mountain. Feeling the wind on their face, looking at the stunning view of the woods, and just talking about how everything has been going so far. Like how many town has become a supporter of Hildegard, and how many beasts were tamed and assist Hildegard, also not forget to mention that they was attacking the base of some Stellan rebels as well and get some important information out from those rebels. Those informations can later be use to attack another base, or find the town near that base and protecting that town from a sudden attack from the Stellan rebels. This is a big improvements for Hildegard to get the throne, seems like everything works nicely and perfectly under their control. This is how Hildegard want, how the people of the towns can work together with her supporter, and one day they will be able to work together at the capital of Boscosi to make a better future for their town and for everyone else, especially for Boscosi. Akuma feels glad that he can help and be a part of this growth of Hildegard’s supporter, Akuma gladly helping Hildegard because he believe if Boscosi is under her rulership, it will be a big benefits for everyone, especially him because he have this close connection to the ruler of Boscosi. He also believe that Hildegard just want the best for everyone under her rulership, she want to take care of all town under Boscosi and make them better, give them a better future also a beneficial thing for Boscosi.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpected Fight In The Woods (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo] Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:45 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
This is a really enjoyable day in the woods with Hildegard, where they can talk to each other about everything. Akuma and Hildegard seems to work well as a team, and this will be a good thing in the future if Hildegard can really put her trust on Akuma. The soothing wind blows around them make this day as calm as ever, the sound of the woods, the birds, the river, the water drops, and everything in this forest are really calm that makes the time fly fast. But it was suddenly stopped by the sound of someone running towards them. That person is one of the supporter that support Hildegard, he seems injured. And Akuma was right, that guys was attacked by the Stellan rebels, and he ran looking for help from anyone, it was a luck how he end up meeting Akuma and Hildegard. Akuma can notice that some of those rebels are chasing that guy, Akuma then pull his sword and get ready to fight and protect that guy. Akuma cast 悪魔の強さ (Akuma no tsuyo-sa), black flames shroud his sword and provide him a strength buff. Akuma then get ready for those who will come. When they come out of trees Akuma dash towards them and quickly attacking them giving the the surprise counter attack. That attack was successfully knock them back, but doesn’t make them run away. They stand back and get ready to fight, they have the advantage of numbers but that doesn’t really scary since it’s only two against one.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpected Fight In The Woods (Support : Hildegard the Beastmaster) [Solo] Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:46 pm

Miyamoto Akuma
This two against one fight is nothing for Akuma, it should be an easy fight since he can feel how those people are just weaklings. Akuma then dash towards them again, in this distance they start throwing some attack spell to Akuma, but he can avoid those spell easily. He rush his move to get closer to make the fight easier for him, but those two enemies start backing up each other. When Akuma was trying to get closer to one of them, the other one will attack and block his way or distract him. Their attack doesn’t really get Akuma, but he feels annoyed by that phase. Akuma then have to make a move, he move as he about to rush an attack one of them, but when the other one about to attack him, Akuma throw his sword to that person in a flash and it was so fast defeating that guy, and using that moment of surprise, Akuma straightforward and attack the guys near him and end this battle. Akuma then take his sword and knock those two guy since he know that Hildegard doesn’t want him to kill anyone. They then requesting back up of healers and some supporter to bring those two rebels in to be interrogated. Akuma and Hildegard then just stay there for a moment, checking on that one supporter who was chased by those rebels, and making sure that he is alright. When the back up is arrive, they treat that one supporter, and caught those two rebels with binding spell and they all go to the nearest supporter town.


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