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Sabotage: Hildegarde [Stealing Food]

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Against Zexion had the duty of going out and finding a way to hinder Hildegarde some more, Upon destroying the mines, He knew that the damage he did towards their empire was severe and punishing. Zexion smirked, He was beginning to embrace the darkness within his heart. He was very well-becoming a fitting member of the dark guild, "Sleeping Calamity." He touched his chest, which his guild logo was on, and began to laugh. He was about ready to go out and sabotage the Supplies of food that they were bringing to the city. Zexion was tipped off by a little birdie that the food was scarce for the warriors as they had spent a lot of money trying to recuperate the losses from the Attacks Zexion had sent towards them during these last few weeks. Zexion smiled and decided to go in.. He walked through the town and realized that this may be one of the last times that he might be able to come to this city. Alas his power was growing and the money for these chores were beginning not to please Zexion any longer. Much different attitude than before. But Zexion was sure of this.

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He awaited the arrival of the food supplies and carefully watched how often they were bringing supplies in. He noticed that the amount of food being brought in was extremely scarce compared to the amount they were bringing in prior to the heinous attacks that Zexion had planned. "Heh", Zexion smirked as he began his mission. He began to Tail closely behind a few of the empty wagons that were going outwards to the next towns over. Zexion had followed and learned of exactly where the supplies were coming from. They were coming from an encampment that was located a few miles away from the city itself. Zexion was shocked that no one had found out of the location of this emcampment. During that night, Zexion decided to head over and check the entire encampment for supplies. He silently, Quickly, Swiftly ran into the site undetected and began his look through every section of the area. He counted the food, checked the logs and saw that they only had a couple more weeks of food left and that tomorrow they were sending a total of 4 guards along with 5 wagons of food. This please Zexion as he knew this was the time to strike.


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The Morning had come, Zexion was fully awake and ready for battle. During the night, He had stolen a sword from one of the soldiers that fell asleep. He checked the refinement of the sword to the light of the bright yellow sun. Radiating Golden light, He felt it press up against his skin. He was ready. Zexion watched as the Wagons and guards were leaving, He knew that after they had passed the three-mile mark that this was the time to strike. As soon as they were too far away to even see the Wagons, Zexion attacked. He attacked quickly, Rushing in shoulder first, Sword in hand, and driving it through the chest of one of the guards. "ARGHHH", Said the guard as he dropped. Zexion took the time to size up his opponents as all three attacked him simultaneously , Zexion had trained hard and took many fights. He swiftly dodged each strike and hit each warrior with a strike of his own. It was done, Zexion had won. The drivers laid there in fear behind the wagons.

"Take these to Bosco, And I'll spare your lives." , Zexion said. Fear struck these men had no choice and left towards the city in which Cassia and Zexion resided.

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