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Support Cassia [Bring about change]

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Zexion was finally in Bosco once again, He stared everlastingly in the sight of those that walked the town late that Evening. "What was Cassias dream for Bosco and Stella?", Zexion wondered as he strolled through the street. Quickly Zexion realized that maybe he should go about spreading the support of Cassia Herself. Zexion began to walk around until he saw a handful of Townspeople. "Hey! I'm Zexion! I'm a Wizard and I want to let you guys know that Cassia is all about positive change to both Bosco and Stella!" , Zexion said with much excitement. He meant every word he said as he truly believed that Cassia was a catalyst for positive change that can make this country of ours strive. The villagers looked at Zexion with a plain look, "Why would we support her? Would not the other Supporters say the exact same thing? What makes her so different?". Zexion was shocked at their response and closed his eyes and began to think. "Cassia believes in a fair trial, freedom and the ability to give everyone a chance at striving towards their dreams." Zexion said with a smile on his face. "We can all be one"

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The Townsfolks had no idea how to respond to Zexion, And Zexion could feel it. They knew that he was just talking about of his ass. Zexion sighed and said once more, "Cassia is the reason that Many of the tyrants of this country that attacked us, The people of Bosco many times. Who would want a ruler that would sick dragons on another country. WAR is NOT the answer, We should all become better than what was shown." Zexion said out loud. Many other passer bys decided to listen to what Zexion had to say, Interested in the pure words that were being said to them currently. "Love your neighbor, Not burn your neighbor...Share success as we are all people who share the same love of life. We should not have to end other peoples lives to stay in power.", Zexion yelled out to the crowd of Over fifty five People. "WE MUST STAND STRONG! WE MUST BECOME ONE, WE MUST STRIVE AND ACHIEVE PEACE TOGETHER!", Zexion said as he made eye contact with each one of the Townsfolks who were in a trance listening to him speak. Zexion was not lying, He truly believed in what he said.


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Together we must become stronger than ever, we must fulfill this bond by being a unit. Zexion knew that Cassia was the only one out of all the leaders who could achieve this. "SUPPORT CASSIA, STOP THE EVIL FROM OVERTHROWING US AND CAUSING US PAIN. IF NOT FOR ME, THEN FOR THE ONES WHO HAD DIED.", Zexion took his hand and hit the outer part of his chest where his guild logo was. "We as people must stop this hate, must stop this inequality and believe in a better tomorrow. I WANT TO BELIEVE THAT WE CAN MAKE IT UP FOR THE ONES WE LOST AND LOVED." The Crowd grew more and more, People were believing in the heartfelt words Zexion was saying.

"Sacrifices will be no more, Everlasting love is what we need. If I do not speak for everyone and bring people together than no one will. Love will always triumph over evil. We will make it through this with the burning passion in our very souls." , Zexion screamed at the crowd of now Two hundred strong. The people began to cheer and chant, "CASSIAA,CASSIAAA,CASSIIAAAA". Zexion knew that he was now successful in changing the hearts of these people.



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