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Sabotage Hildegarde [Destroying Mines]

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Sabotage Hildegarde [Destroying Mines]  Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 3:33 pm

Zexion had appeared, With intentions of changing the course of this whole fight. He was one of those men, Who was always looking for a fight or flight. He searched far and wide as the eyes can see. In his view was the power house Hildegarde Mines. Hinderance, Evil intent, Lack of love towards his foes. These are ideal for a man such as Zexion to take this challenge without any qualms. Zexion was obsessed with the idea of hindering the enemy, Regardless of whether his Guild mates had love or hated Cassia, he did not care. He was here to change the ideas of fact and fiction.

He spat towards the right, "Well it is time to get this done". He approached the right northern side of the mines. He knew that these mines were what had to be taken out. Quick and swiftly... But how could Zexion get this done? More planning had to be done. Zexion saw that the elves were running the mines. He knew that they had to be stopped. Those fiends, Mercilessly working away only to be stopped. Hildegarde has caused too much pain and suffering. This all had to come to an end.

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Zexion had a plan, He went over and quickly scouted the explosives that they had from the mining. "What can I do too cause them to go off?", Zexion thought as he looked at the amount of damage an explosive could do. "Easy! I'll wait and see one of them go off and I'll be able too see the amount of explosive power the bombs can give off!", Zexion smiled and waited patiently for any and all explosives to go off. Zexion noticed after hours of waiting that the elves began to pack explosives. One by one , little by little they kept going out and stacking bomb after bomb. Zexion was watching from a far and he knew that it was going to go off. A few moment of silence later and the elves began running for the hills,


It could be heard echoing across the mines from the outer reaches of Stella. Zexion was impressed with the amount only three explosives could cause. Zexion smirking, knowing damn well that this was the key to be successful in this mission. He had to now find out where all the explosives were kept. He Saw that the guards were all around.


Sabotage Hildegarde [Destroying Mines]  Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 5:07 pm

Three guards that alternated every few hours, more like 8 hours to be exact. Doing this job at night would be perfect. Zexion had only 7 hours to get the job done. Upon night fall he reached towards the back of his backpack and pulled out a little tiny flash light. "Now it is time to move." , Zexion said as he ran towards the inner area of the quiet canyon. It was so different being here at night time, the elves were showing a lot of progress, What were they even mining for? Zexion wondered as he scanned the regions. It was time to do it now. Zexion waited till one of the three guards had their backs turned and he jumped the first one. Zexion waited along the side until both other guards finished their patrols. Zexion jumped out and attacked the other two. All the guards were compromised. He began loading up a wagon filled with not three, or four, But twenty four explosives. He was lucky that the Canyon had a little area he could drop them. Zexion kicked it down, then then lit a match he found on a guard and dropped it on the explosives.


The entire mine fields were ablaze and sunken. The mission was accomplished.


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