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Knuckles Shi

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Knux SHi


Name: Knuckles Shi


Gender: Male


Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian
Class: Adventure
Rank: D-rank


Tattoo: Red/Chest over the left breast

Face: Ghislain-Reines des Fleurs


Height:1.5 meters/5' 11"
Weight: 180Ibs/81Kg
Hair: Red

Eyes: Pink

Overall: Knuckles has a slender frame with a lean body tone gained from various workout routines and runs.  he has a slightly tall frame allowing his body type to match his weight and height well. His hair is red and about medium in length in the longest sections of hair. His hair is parted to a single side of his face and the sides are shaved down short on some areas.  His fashion style is more elegant wearing a style of attire more designed with military and high class like to it rather than normal clothes seen by those who travel along the roads.  His eyes are a light shade of pink which matches his hair and color of choice of clothes, that being white and gold or black.  

Extra: He has a tattoo under one of his eyes of a red-winged butterfly. He also wears black makeup around his eyes.


Personality: Knuckles has the classman ship of a member of the upperclassmen of society, he enjoys the nicer things in life. While this may be the case when it comes to tone of speech and speech patterns when he loses his cool he becomes vulgar and ruthless. He generally speaks respectfully to all parties in which he is engaged no matter where they hail from or what part of society they belong unless he is met with rudeness and disrespect.  Like most from his type of life he seeks power and a true show of strength, this can either be political power with a title or respectable power through means of fighting and Class. At the end of the day when the curtain closes he wants to be remembered as one of the best and strives every day to achieve it with grace and remarkable sportsmanship.  Though when angered, his class and good graces go out of the window and he will stoop to unforeseen lowes to become victorious in any challenge before him.  While in his angered state of mind, he becomes merciless and holds nothing back becoming more like the Demon with which he has made a contract with.

  • Jewels: To be one who enjoys fine dining and high living he must also like the thing that can capture that lifestyle, he will do almost anything that he agrees pays a fair price for the job offered.
  • Fighting:Combat breeds a man of honor and those who do combat well become legends, this is the second most important thing in his life next to Jewels.


  • Deffeat:Losing is not something he is overly found or or tolerates even from himself. Defeat does happen and he understands no one is born a master of the arts but must put in the work to become proficient and legendary.
  • Nephilims: It's either the fact he is a Daemon or that Nephilim's have been bestowed grace as if they were blessed or chosen that makes him dislike them, in truth he wishes to kill them all.


  • Demons:Taking a contract with a demon is not something one does lightly, for Knuckles it was a way to power, the downside is damned but because of it he aims to live largely and become legendary before his time to die comes using the most out of his deal.


  • Death:It's not the dying part he fears but dying young and before he can truly enjoy his life and all that he knows he can do.
  • Losing Himself: When one takes on the contract they are influenced by the demon of their pact. Knuckles fears he loses what he was before the pact was taken and becomes nothing but a soldier for the dmeon.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 26

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Enhancement: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Knuckles Shi, as a boy he grew up in a well-loved family, a family of wealth but not the richest. His family was defiantly on the lower side of the richer but still rich enough that it did not matter. Growing p the boy only wished to be a Hero! A man of legend and stories passed down for generations.  That was not his destiny however, his father did not want him to follow the dreams of a boy and become a man of the sword. "That life is for those who have nothing, and my boy you have much, a lot more to live for than these common people."  These words Knuckles had to come to accept as his fate, however, he always held to his dreams.  Many years had passed from that time, Knuckles was now a young 12 years old, out in the yard playing with his wooden sword as he often did after finishing his studies and practicing various instruments.  He'd often ask the guards with swords to tell him stories of their youth and glory days.  "That's a life not suited for on as your self young Sir, heed you father's words and enjoy the life you have been given. " This was how most of the conversations would end.  He lived this boring life as a son of a wealthy man, who was destined to live this life of luxury, though it would never be enough.  Once he became an Adult he took time and spent money on the best tutors of the sword his money could buy, of course, he did so in secret.   Eventually, his father found out and scolded him for it, this engraved the Youngman enough to the point where he stabbed his blade clean through his father, purely on emotion.   This did not kill his father, though it did manage to get him kicked from his family name and home. Though they did not do so without setting him up with a nice chunk of jewels to never return.  On the night he had struck his father, Knuckles was visited by something in the thick of night.  It was while he was out on the road in the back of the carriage he would be traveling in. A Demon Presented himself to the young human. "My dear child, I see the passion within you, you crave power, honor, and to become a legend. Some would call this greed, but I call it a chance. You have gained my notice and your hunger for what you wish amuses me. I'll give you the power you seek to claim all that you wish, use the power to get whatever it is you want, though do so with honor. All you have to do is say yes. "
Knuckles was beside himself, he thought he had gone mad with the emotion and anguish he forced upon himself in a fit of rage.  Surely he was mad, and this was within his mind.  "This is all in my head...This isn't real."  The voice chuckled as it took a figure that was still see-through, it was like a near-solid shadow had taken some form, a gust of wind blew in the cabin as the figure took form. "No no, my dear boy. I know you and you know me, I am Beezeelbub, and I bear the gifts you need to achieve your dreams. Just say yes and all you wish you can claim. "   Knuckles looked scared at first, he recalled his youth and how his dreams were always dismissed by his parents, and the guards. Even his tutors had made fun of him. "He'll never be a swordsman but I'll take his family's money no problem. " He had heard on say on his way out from training one night.  Anger would consume him, he wants to prove them all wrong and take his dreams to make them really backed this want. "Fine, I accept."

Reference: Who referred you here? Jyu.
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This character has been approved.

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