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Miriko Hara Rinmizukmi

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Name: Miriko Hara Rinmizukmi.(Goes by the nickname: Mimi)

Age: 24,  December 25,Year 744x

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father:Joyan.

Ethnicity, Mother:Sevenese

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Empyrean Divine

Tattoo: Center of her back,Dark purple

Face: Murasaki Shikibu - Fate/Grand Order.


Height: Miriko is a rather tall woman. Standing at 6’3”

Weight: 155 pounds.

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes:  Dark Purple

Overall: Her outfit is mainly a beautiful gothic-style dress, the colors consisting mainly of black with blue and purple as complementary ones. The dress's skirt has a spiraled frill all around it. The torso is similar to a corset. The shoulder cloths are large and baggy, and the sleeves are large and open. The under-chest area is clad in the same material as that of the torso, while the over-chest is composed of a brown material. The dress goes up to her neck, and it possesses an ornamental amethyst over her sternum. On her hips are a blue ornament with a purple spiral, attaching long black and blue strips of cloth to her body. She wears a blue purse with a white diamond pattern tied around her waist by a string of beads. Miriko also carries black umbrella with a blue underside to protect herself from the sun and a chessboard-patterned cloak with wide sleeves over her body. Around her upper body is now a purple rope tied around her to keep the cloak in place when walking with it for when it is colder outside.

Sometimes Miriko will wear a multi-layered, multi-colored kimono, consisting of the colors: pink, red, orange, green, and many shades similar to those. Usually her hair is styled to reference her enjoyment of painting, Having tips of her hair look like paint brushes or just completely straight and not tied down.

Extra: Miriko’s skin gets burned from the sun super easily.It is the main reason why she always carries an umbrella during the most sunny or bright of days and always carries reading glasses. She also gets extremely hot and cold quickly.  


Personality: Miriko seems to have a range of personality ranging from how she is in public and how she is in more personal at home settings, With some parts intersecting with one another others seem to oppose each other. She seemed to have a strong affinity for most things artistic and creative, seemingly making her life around studying and learning all she can of them to the best of her ability. This has led Miriko down a few interesting roads in life. Even if Miriko is lazy, often enjoys sleeping and tends to take her time waking up and preparing for the day, it is common for her to be sleeping longer than most people.

Miriko has a seemingly undying interest in learning and studying all kinds of information when it comes to various things, Often seemingly fixated on what she is studying at the time, so much so that she seems to ignore everything around her intentionally when she is in this stage, Even times forgetting to eat. Miriko is also easily frightened by jump scares of being poke when she can not notice it or see it, Miriko seems to work at her own pace and time making it sometimes hard to work with her.

Publicly Miriko seems to have a very picky person: You must not touch anything she had placed where she had placed because it is there for a reason.It may cause her a great panic if something is out of place after she had just organized everything in a particular manner. Having more interest in objects,paintings,papers,books,ruins and buildings seemingly older and dated rather than talking to people, Even seemingly lost as she is painting pictures on a canvas in public areas. Keeping a conservative and slightly prudeish outlook in general in terms of attire and behavior is just a way she has been in public, finding in some manner there are times and places for some things, but not all, Some extent she is even picky about her food.

More at home and personal Miriko seems like a figure, who seems to enjoy creating and making things, Even willing to go as far to help someone learn some of the things she knows how to do many things the best way she can. Often mentioning the ideas and the express of a person and creativity is entirely needed and beautiful for being of free will to have. Often mentioning she was to see the best to what the world has to see, new and old. Wants learn from everything she can from history and people alike. If she is not busy with her many hobbies, Or out exploring to get inspired for a painting or to learn something interesting.


  • Art: Art being a general term the various things that can be considered art, In some manner varying Miriko will always be delighted and happy to see what art a person can express or has to show, Even enjoy what she herself will create.
  • History: The past and the many events of history seem to interest Miriko going as far as to attempt to verse herself as well as she can into the and areas she visits, when given a chance too
  • Reading: Fictional or not, Miriko can be found spending time in a book as much as she can painting. It is one of her notable past times where she does not hide her enjoyment of reading.
  • Sleeping: Miriko seems to not hide the fact she loves to sleep, as long she feels it is not uncommon for Miriko to wake up later than other people, either sleeping in because she can or staying up too late from her hobbies.


  • Losing Focus: Not shocking considering her focus and hobbies, With what she is trying to do or make is her focus or concentration is broken it may cause a lot more than most people assume.
  • Having to Cook: Miriko does her best at many things, However she does know one thing she can not cook well, How far does this go? Miriko will say she is a vegetarian when at home because it is far easier to cut vegetables and make salads, when it is to cook meats and other various objects to eat are seemingly her downfall.
  • Being Woken Up: Considering her love of sleep, It is not super shocking Miriko does not like being woken up when she had been sleeping.


  • Inspiration: Being the creative soul she is, Miriko finds that being inspired to paint,draw or anything she does in general works in many ways in her life and how it works for her in many ways.
  • Curousity: Given her interest in wanting to learn various things in life, It is not overly shocking that Miriko gets motivated by her own curiosity of subjects of interest or how something is done.
  • Learning: If in some manner or some way she can learn something she might not have yet to learn about it, whether through exploring or reading Miriko knows she is easily motivated by expanding her knowledge and understanding.


  • Becoming Blind: In any manner, what she views as important to anything she does is seeing. She would rather lose the ability to hear, speak or walk rather than not being able to see for how high she values her sight.
  • Imprisonment: A life of open expression and freedom, Miriko seems to make sure her hobbies and things she does, do not break laws for she values being able to roam freely as she does, So form of imprisonment or hold backs figuratively speaking spark a great amount of fear in her.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 53


Magic Name: Flowing Images.

Magic Element: Water

Magic Enhancement:Holder Enhancement

Magic Description: Reflecting the image or idea of an object through paint or ink, Miriko creates objects, images, parts and various things through ink or paint. Creating them for a particular intention or use. Everything with this magic has one purpose to achieve. From objects for general use or creating things for other needs, Flowing images could be as reflective as the person who uses the magic ideas of how to create them. The objects made from ink or paint don’t fade as easily as normal ink or paint does to show off the beauty of the created object.


History: A figure of mystery Miriko just seemingly showed up in Fiore one day and settled into the ranks of the guild of Empyrean Divine upon settling into the city of Hosenka. Often mentioned or called by the nickname Mimi, A story she seems vastly uninterested in to tell even if in some manner she carries a lot of interesting things with her.

Pieced together long ago Miriko seemed to be raised in a church of some kind, full details never really explained, raised with a twin sister, their bond even if not mentioned was always caring and strong, They both always talked and cared for one another, The best form of sibling love and affection. At some point within her time in the church with her sister a woman had arrived causing what she picture as a great ruin into the area and people around, Later to learn it was a mission to save her, Sadly it was solely her, Miriko was no longer with her twin.

It seemed fate had driven her from her sister, it was actually extremely depressing in some manner, Life on the road and traveling all of the time did not leave Miriko much to consider doing, However a hobby did stick eventually,During the many years of travel there was a well known visitor and family friends only merely known as Judith, She seem to have family as well it showed a interest part of life, Miriko seemed to learn a lot from the experience starting the gears to shape what she would become now, Learning a fair amount of her family and the life behind it from why she had only a mother,why her father was not there and the cycle needed to forgive in such a situation, Giving Miriko a delightful perspective of life. Often reflecting on her strongly developed hobby of painting. Eventually it showed that some of the pictures showed Miriko painting pictures of some of the people's past not having control on what exactly is reflected on the canvas or paper, Something she oftens keeps to herself unless a person is willing to accept and allow it to happen,it however is only limited to the past.

As her life went on, Miriko learned many things: knitting,sewing, painting and drawing. She seems to dive into the crafting part of life or parts having to do with visual expression of scenery Settling into city of Hosenka was an idea choice of hers, simple put it where she would fit in the most,Even if when she is actually out and about she stands out somewhat easily. She traveled often to learn from others to better the skills she took an interest in.

Even if Miriko wished to stand out in her own way, a lot of her actions and mannerisms are in some way her reflecting how she greatly respects her sole parent, learning she became a great inspiration in the eastern nation, It was only seemingly fitting of the course of how her life would work to eventually fully settle into Hosenka and consider opening a gallery to sell paintings, Making clothing, quilts and blankets on the side, when she was still around in the city, only yet to never fully dive into her plans because she was often exploring.

During her many times of travel, she was met upon by a man who only seemed to have a sole goal of protecting Miriko, something that perluxed her for it seemed odd and out of place, it would take time for Miriko to figure out what his full intention was getting seemingly okay with them around,

It was a wonderful life to live, often having a lot of time to see, learn and interpret many things into paintings and drawings.With many other parts slowly revealed, Miriko eventually would request something from her sole parent, The reasoning behind the request to allow the mind to expand in understanding for new ideas for paintings, Even if the request still had more intentions then what she mentioned. Resulting in the current woman who is now known as Miriko. Sometimes referred to as Mimi. The tall painter of Hosenka, Standing out for her easily picked up gothic nature. She often seeks out people who are comfortable enough to allow her to paint images of their past as well as see if they would be comfortable in talking about it, Then again she often finds inspiration from almost anything, given the chance she will be often be seen in public in a safe area painting, With a large cat by her side watching her over and napping while she paints away.

Reference: No one,Judi's Death Coin Character.

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Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 62

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 63

Experience: 243,750‬ (B-Rank)

Custom Reclaims

Custom Companion/Mount from Game Event

Judina's Death Topic.


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This character has been approved.

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