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Sabotage: Hildegarde

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Zexion had arrived in the area he was earlier. He had earlier went on a beast-slaying trip where he had hindered Hildegarde as much as he could. Cassia had asked him to go back and attempt to Hinder her some more. Of course, Zexion would oblige as he felt like a better relationship with Cassia would mean more work and more payment for him. Zexion had finally entered the area he was once at before where he slew the beasts. "I wonder if they still have any more of them going around capturing beasts for their bidding..." Zexion thought to himself. He looked around and decided that he could not find any more soldiers that were looking to capture any beasts. "What can I do now?", Zexion thought as he entered Town. Of course, He was aware not to just walk around the town in the open. He had a cape and hood on to seal his identity from others. Zexion was walking through the town until he saw Stellan Warriors walking through the middle of the town. Zexion spotted this and decided to go check out what the commotion was about. Zexion looked and saw that they were  transporting some items.

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"They were transporting food and supplies for the soldiers?", Zexion then went and looked into his reflection. "That would definitely annoy Hildegarde beyond anything else." Zexion had finally decided that this was the way to go about it. Zexion stealthily followed the soldiers and their transports. He saw exactly where the Goods were being taken. The giant gate that entered into the castle opened, He knew that this was going to be extremely tricky to get in and out without detection. So Zexion went back to his hotel room, So began his planning for tonight. Drawing out the map and location he last saw the Transports, he can guess that the transports were left right near the entrance until they'd be needed the next day. "I need a disguise." , Zexion thought about it for a moment. "I could attack and steal the outfit of a soldier of the Stellan Empire." Zexion looked outside his window, and saw a single soldier leaving the pub across the street. He was definitely wasted and he alone. Zexion saw opportunity as he got dressed and began following the soldier. The soldier moved into a alleyway in which Zexion struck the Soldier. He took his armor and clothes and began to put it on.

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This was it, Zexion was ready. He was dressed as A Soldier of Stella and walked over to the gate. "Hey let me in! I'm a new recruit and I am on my first shift tonight!" , Zexion yelled at the above security. Of course they flashed a light over at Zexion, who was in full Stellan gear and they opened up the gate. Zexion told the first guard he could take a break and he would watch over the post. The guard was reluctant but Zexion gave no reason for him to not believe in his kind words. Both Guards decided to go on break. This was Zexions chance, He opened the gate a little bit from the bottom and jumped down. He looked at the food wagons and looked around. "Not one person in sight aye?" , Zexion went to the back and found some gasoline. He began pouring gasoline over the Seven Wagons that were there. Zexion then turned around and found a torch. "Time to Flame on I guess." , Zexion set the first wagon on fire and the trail of gas began following through. It was nothing but flames, Zexion quickly discarded the Stellan armor and made his way out of Stella.

"Mission accomplished!"


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