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Support Cassia [The 3 Stellans]

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Zexion was at it again, he was on the look out for any and all rebels that had snuck in for refugee within Bosco. Zexion was searching every bit of the town, He knew that there were some stragglers just hiding out. Some of them had come into the town and set fire and harrass many of the good natured citizens. "They had suffered enough" , Zexion said as he recalled the dragonic attack they suffered. "Imagine losing everything and laughing at them. I won't show any mercy to anyone who would do that too people who can't even fight back!". Zexion turned around and decided to get a drink, He sat down in the nearby Pub of Bosco attempting to find any clues or any leads on any of these so called stragglers of the Stellan army.

A quick scan in the pub, he noticed a huge array of different types of people. Ranging from loving and happy drunks, all the way to the the occasion closet shut in who just came in for a quick drink along with some soldiers that were on break. "Everyones working hard these days, I am glad people are getting some good times to themselves."


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Overhearing the near by conversations, He saw a pair of two suspicious men sitting the corner with cloaks on. Zexion scanned them for quite some time and decided to approach. Zexion stood up and casually walked up to the men. "Heya Boys! Mind if I join ya?" , Zexion asked with a huge smile on his face, "Do not worry, the next rounds on me." The men looked puzzled and stared at Zexion.

"Hey listen Pal, We don't want any trouble because it seems like your searching for it." , Said the cloaked man on the right. "Hehe Hey just relax, Sure thing! You can join us anytime as long as you actually pay for the drinks." , The other man howled as he apologized for his friend. Zexion and the men sat down and began to talk, Zexion asked them about any Stellan people in the area. The men were actually on the same kind of case from Cassia. "Heyyy what are the odds? Do you have any leads?", Zexion asked as he took a sip of his drink. "Of course, I heard there were a few holed up in the northern area of the town." So it was settled. They were on the way.


Support Cassia [The 3 Stellans]  Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 7:37 am

Zexion slammed on the table the money needed for the drinks and so they were off. Zexion and the Two Soldiers of Cassia began looking around. They headed up north and eventually they heard a commotion coming from a group of people. Zexion and the Pair of Warriors ran towards the commotion. "HELP! We're being attacked by Rebels!" Yelled a voice. Zexion looked at his companions and ran straight towards the noise. three rebels were there attempting to break into a citizen's house. Zexion yelled, "STOP!", And ran towards the man on the left of the house. Zexion threw a left and fake right into a head kick, This connected and knocked the first man out. The other two warriors drew their swords and began battling the two rebels that were left. Zexion picked up the sword and began harnessing earth around the blade making it into a giant earthen bat. Zexion waited and timed a right swing that hit the second man square in the side of the head, The last rebel dropped his weapon and got on his knees. We had taken them into custody. Zexion checked them and found Stellan Warrior Emblems on their clothes. They were off to trial.

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