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Sabotage: Hildegarde [Beast Slaying]

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Sabotage: Hildegarde [Beast Slaying] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 6:48 pm

The Dark sky glooms over and shines through Zexions Steel Blue hair. He was at peace, beginning to feel the pressure more than ever. He had nothing against Hildegarde, But he knew that everything was going to happen for a reason. Zexion Scoffed and began to stretch, near the outskirts Stella, Zexion waited and waited. He knew that time was near to begin his mission.

"Hindering Hildegarde... Sounds like fun!", Zexion gleamed. He knew that a successful attack here would help Cassia the most. Zexion began searching high and low. Talking to himself Zexion asked, "How can I of all people be able to hinder her? Shes a mighty warrior so I can't directly attack her...Not at my level." Zexion walked slowly but surely he was brainstorming. As seconds pass by this beautiful summer night, Zexion looked about and saw a few soldiers stalking beasts. Monsters were being captured? But why?

These were questions that Zexion kept asking. Zexion decided to follow the soldiers and see what they were going to do with them. Zexion , with the darkness of the night slowly but surely followed the soldiers who had just captured a beast. What are these men planning?

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Zexion had finally found it! He found a way to teach Hildegarde a lesson. Zexion, Upon following these warriors found that they would capture these beasts and make them fight for Hildegarde. Zexion was disgusted but thought to himself that it was a clever way to increase man power when you're at war. In Zexions mind, he had nothing but praise towards Hildegarde, But It did not change the fact that Zexion was there for a reason and one reason only. That reason was too make sure that Cassia had the upper hand all along. Finally, Zexion had been prepared for this. Mentally, spiritually and physically he knew what had to be done. Zexion went on the defensive and quickly decided to look for a weapon too use. He walked along the exterior of the Beast Camp until he found a low ranking soldier sleeping on the job. Zexion snuck over and stole the mans sword, and without waking him no less. Zexion giggled too himself, "So this is a sword? Pretty low quality if I don't say so myself". Zexion laughed and slammed the sword into the land itself. "UNfortunately for these guys I know some magic of my own."



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His wrath was filled, these creatures that were captured and domesticated will be taken down here and now. The Earth begins slowly absorbing the blade of the sword, becoming thicker and stronger. Zexion smiled and knew that this was it. Zexion always  had the ability to manipulate the ground to this extent ever since he learned basic Earth magic as a kid. Zexion was now on the move, swiftly and surely he ran into the camp and attacked the strongest looking guard he could.

"TAKE THAT", Zexion swung the earth contourted blade, Hitting the warrior in the side of the head. The men in the camp were startled. They released all the beasts to attack Zexion. Zexion smiled, this is what he wanted. As the beasts closed in, Zexion noticed the location of all the Beasts, two were behind him, one to the left and right, and lastly one was right in front of him. Zexion stabbed forward towards the Beast, Piercing its skull. Zexion took this time to swing his blade in a swift circle. Each Beast got hit one by one, crushing their skull. At awe the Solders couldn't believe what they had seen.

"Mission accomplished", Zexion Smiled as he made a run for it as he dropped his sword and bolted.



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