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Support Cassia [Rebuilding Homes]

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The dark sky bloomed, Endlessly. The Flames of evil were distinguished. The land was torn apart, Homes destroyed, Families cursed. The Dragonic damage that was done, simmered in the soul of Zexion. The Steel Blue-haired boy had finally reached Bosco. The terror in the eyes of all the villagers. His hands, clenched, He knew that war was too much. These Villagers were disregarded, Living in the depths of peace.

Zexion had decided it was time, Time to help out and Support Cassia as much as he could. Approaching Casually towards a group of Townsfolks, Zexion asked a rather vague but blunt question. "Do y'all need any help?". The villagers looked at the young boy, who stood at 5'7 Feet tall. Tension was felt between the boy and the villagers, But one of the elders. Smiled and waved the boy over, Zexion puzzled by this behaviour walked over and asked what was wrong. The man simply told Zexion, "We need help rebuilding some of the destroyed buildings...Think ya can help?".

Zexion felt something shoot out within his soul. He knew this was his chance to show Cassia that he was serious about supporting her.  Zexion jumped up with his arm up and high and bellowed, "LETS GET ERRR DONE". [212 Words]

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Zexion has casually walked up to a bunch of wooden boards. Slowly one by one, He lifted the boards and took them to the villagers who seemed to know what to do with them. Zexion had spent hours on end helping the Villagers with the heavy workload. "This was nothing", Zexion smiled as he continuously went into labor mode. Lifting and trucking whatever the villagers needed. "This is exactly what A Sleeping Calamity Wizard is all about!" , "Anything to Support Cassia", "Lets not lose hope now!". Zexion kept the positivity up to the highest possible level he could. He knew that the Villagers had lost everything. Their homes, Their possessions... Zexion knew of this kind of loss. Going back in his mind as he aimlessly worked he kept thinking about the pain he suffered from the fire that took his parents and ended his families life. No body had Zexions back at that time. These thoughts gave Zexion a revelation! He began to ask the Villagers, "Hey! Do you think I could try Nailing those boards up?". Of course the Villagers were happy for the help. Zexion joyfully was making friends! He never experienced this before , the feeling of being there for someone. [204 Words]


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Zexion had learned a lot with his time helping these Townspeople. He knew that they Appreciated all the help they had received. The wind blew by, sweeping his Steel Blue hair to the right side of his face. Zexion was extremely tired, from working with the townspeople for at least 10 hours straight Zexion was falling over. The Townspeople could see it, the elder from earlier approached Zexion and offered him something to eat. "YES!" Zexion bellowed out towards the crowd as they all laughed at his reaction. Zexion sat down on the ground, "I thought you'd never ask hehe", He smiled at the villagers, they smiled at him. Obviously they didn't have the amount of food supply yet they were happy to share? Zexion was touched, He knew that he had to help them with all of his power and support. This wasn't about supporting Cassia anymore, it was more than that. The kindness these People of Bosco had show him will never be forgotten. After Eating and sleeping, Zexion continued too work for another few days. After 3 days, many houses were brought back. The villagers thanked Zexion again for all his help. Zexion grabbed his backpack, put on his cloak and waved good bye too the people of Bosco. "Ahhh time to go report back to Cassia!"

-Exit- [600+ Words in total]

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