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Sabotage: Hildegard The Beastmaster 2

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Once again the small zealot girl was on an assignment for the bastards however, this time it was something she was actually interested in doing. That demon beastmaster who ruined the girls hopes and dreams was the Target and she was to stop a messenger from passing instructions on how The beastmaster can further gain supports over in Stella. She wasn't given a lot of information but she was told that the messenger was a young female with red hair, purple eyes, pale skin in freckles, and a small frame.

From this the girl knew that the female was probably bigger than her but that didn't mean much cuz everyone was pretty much bigger than her. Despite that she was fairly powerful for her own size so size does that mean much to her, and if it did, she always had her trusty blade blessed by her God to baptize her foes in a Sea of fire. While she wanted to cleanse this messenger she was told to take her in alive if possible. The bastards forces could use her to learn more about the messaging routes for the demon beastmaster. So with that limitation in mind the zealot girl headed off.


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The zealot girl started her mission on the dirt roads which traveled along the sides of the thick jungle which held many dangerous spiders and dinosaurs. Lucky for her they were not in sex or else she might have been terrified for she did have a phobia of insects but since spiders have a legs they're not insects therefore the girl was not afraid of them. The girl was sure that the messenger would not have ventured into the jungle for that would put her at risk of getting eating bye a dangerous dinosaur like a stegosaurus, those eight meat right I mean it's called a steak a saurus.

Even if the creature didn't eat me they had spikes on his tails and the spiders could jump and bite her in the face and kill the Messenger. That was ultimately why the girl felt that she would not need to venture into the forest. Suddenly while Lawson thought the girl passed by a woman in a cloak. While her face was hidden it was not common for Stalin's to dress in such fashion and walk alone on these dangerous roads. For the night was dark and sinners roamed through the darkness.

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The girl stopped the cloaked woman. Then she asked for whom does she swear allegiance to. The woman saw the small child and then took a step back. It seemed that the small girls reputation was well told throughout the beastmasters supporters. However knowing this was not enough for the small girl had already found her Target, she's found her prey. If only she could cleanse this woman of her sin and heresy. I lost she would just have to settle for breaking her legs and dragging her back to headquarters. The woman tried to run but the small girl was quicker tackling her and slamming her into the ground as if she wasn't NFL linebacker.

The woman did not know what to do for even though the small girl was lighter than her got sword the sudden weight of it crashing down on her back was enough to bring her to the dirt. The small girl stood up and placed her foot on the back of the woman's leg. Then she stomped snapping the woman's femur into. There was no hope for escape now. All the women can do was dread for she has been captured by the hero of rapture supporter of the dreaded bastard.

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