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Ren Aikawa

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#1Ren Aikawa 

Ren Aikawa Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 1:31 am

Ren Aikawa


Name: Ren Aikawa

Age: October 10th, X771

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Crimson, Back of Left Shoulder

Face: Kaedehara Kazuha from Genshin Impact


Height: 1.7m or 5’7”

Weight: 65kg or 143lbs

Hair: White with a strip of Crimson

Eyes: Red-Orange

Overall: Ren is quite short compared to his fellow colleagues. His hair is of medium length and some of it are tied in a ponytail. His hair is white in colour aside from the noticeable streak of crimson over his right eye. His eyes are orange-red in colour and have a warm appearance, but when Ren is in battle or is angered, then the redness in his pupils become more prominent.

He often wear his samurai attire; a grey shirt with a black drape covering the entire half left of his body. His right hand is covered in bandages, if one were to peak beneath the bandages one would see the burn marks along his hand. He wears a red and brown pants along with dark red tights and black sandals. A black pair of leather covers from under his kneecap to near his feet.

His body is lean and in a fit shape due to his lifestyle. He can be found doing rigorous training almost everyday. His sword is almost always by his side. As if his life depends on it.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Ren is a gentle person and has a carefree spirit. He seeks to be at peace with himself and the nature around him. Anything that prevents him from having his peace and freedom shall be met with the swift swing of his blade; only after he had nicely asked of course.

From a young age, he looked after himself. He knew when to be assertive and ruthless, despite not liking to be so. He prefer to be kind and warm, he desire to share his compassion with the world around him.

By default, he is nice to everybody. So it is quite hard to know whether Ren regards a person as a friend or just a colleague. Though one could tell that they are his friend if he let them pass his walls. Ren has many walls, and even the feat of getting through one can be considered amazing.

Getting to know Ren and being his friend is hard. But the perks of being his friend, the things that Ren would do for a friend. It would all be worth the effort.

His gentle eyes and his smile radiate warmth, while his voice soothe to the ears. It is simply the way Ren expresses himself to the world. Though deep locked inside his heart are scars of past battles; and he would never let any soul peek into it.


  • Tranquility: It isn’t hard to guess that Ren loves a peaceful environment. If he isn’t in one he would seek for it.
  • Soothing Music: Ren can sometimes be found playing the leaf to pass some time. He also adores others who can play a calming tune.
  • Hot and Warm Food: He simply loves food that are served hot. The warmth he gets from such food is simply undeniable.


  • Discord: It is not that he could not handle it. But rather he prefer not to. He will actively avoid it.
  • Closed Ears: People who simply won’t listen are annoying. Not only that, they can harm everyone around them and themselves. Ren won’t even bother giving any of his attention towards this kind of person.
  • Pollution: He will get mad at the sight of harm towards nature. People who doesn’t care about the state of the mother earth will have to watch out for Ren’s wrath.


  • Peace: As mentioned before, he will actively seek to be at peace. Why he is like this is a mystery. But deep inside he knew the reason why; but he doesn’t want to confront it. At all.
  • Friends: It is hard to be a friend of his. But once someone does they will find that the bond is very strong and there is no mountain high enough, no valley low enough and no river wide enough to stop him from caring about the other.


  • Restrictions: Ren loves his freedom. He can not imagine a day without it. If it were to be taken away from him he will stop at nothing to get it back.
  • Human Connection: Due to past traumas, Ren prefers his own company than any other. The thought of developing a form of trust and bond with another person is very scary for him, he will be suspicious at anyone who tries to get through him.


Magic Name: 楓原 (Kaedehara) | Maple Field

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Enhancement: Holder Magic (Sword)

Magic Description: Ren can harness the wind to reach greater heights. His family lineage has a particular affinity to the Autumn Winds and whenever Ren casts a spell the wind that is summoned is that of the Autumn’s.

The Autumn Wind greatly provides Ren with exceptional Self-Buffing. The Winds can also aid him in the forms of Offensive and Supplementary.


History:  He was born during the sunrise of an autumn day. His father witnessed a Lotus blooming in a pond where they lived, which was quite peculiar as no lotus could bloom in such climate at the time. And that was how the boy was given the name 蓮 (Ren) which means Lotus.

His family was a clan of Samurais with the surname of 愛川 (Aikawa). For generations his family served their Lords. Everything went well as Ren grew up, he learnt the way of the Samurai from such a young age. His father, the leader of the Aikawa clan thought Ren himself. His love for his son was incomprehensible.

Then one fateful day the clan war broke out. It was not pretty. Everyone was slaughtered, from the Lords to the women and children. Ren’s mother was quick enough to send the 10 year old boy running across the woods. At that time Ren was confused and scared, tears fell across his cheek as he tried his best to run, and just keep running. That was his mother’s last words. Run. Don’t stop running.

He ran away with a sword by his side. And he didn’t stop. One would wonder if he was running away from his birthplace, or his past. But one thing for sure nothing had stopped him from moving. He grew up living in the outskirts, learning and adapting to the ways of the wild.

He didn’t stop practicing his swordsman skills. One day while he was training he discovered how he could harness the winds to aid him. Which came in very handy while he fought off all sort of monsters; from bears to thieves and liches. He might seem like a vulnerable kid until he draws out his blade, and how the air would shook around as he did.

Reference: Sage Meilyr’s new character.

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#2Ren Aikawa 

Ren Aikawa Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 3:23 am

Ren Aikawa

Death’s Coin Reclaims

  • Experience: 501,250
  • Rank: S
  • Attribute Points: 530

Attribute Reallocations

  • Strength: 126
  • Speed: 121
  • Endurance: 81
  • Constitution: 81
  • Intelligence: 121

Other Changes

  • Previous Character: Sage Meilyr
  • Death Details: u_u
  • Epithet: None (for now)


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This character has been approved.

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