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The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 11:24 pm

Sage Meilyr
The headache returned. The magus had dealt with it in the past before, and he learned that it had something to do with the magic that had been passed down to him from his ancestors.

He still didn’t know who his ancestors were, but one thing for sure, they were powerful people. And Sage couldn’t harbour such immense power any longer.

He decided to walk around his favourite place, the outskirts.

Baska was his choice because the place was so calm he could hear the sound of a leaf drifting through the breeze.

Dead leaves crumpled as he walked along the forest trail, heading towards nowhere. His senses seemed to be sharper and more sensitive despite the throbbing pain in his head. He covered the sunlight that seeped through the leaves of the forest with his hand. Birds chirped merrily and soon he heard the sound of gushing water.


He walked up towards the sound of the water, brushing off tree branches and ducking low as to not get hit by it. Then the river came into sight. He didn’t know why but his lips curved to form a smile.

The man approached the river slowly, before sitting at the edge of the stream of water. He loved it. He loved the atmosphere there. Might as well be a good place to rest forever.


The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 2:51 am

If there was one thing that Ikazuchi made a point not to slack on, it would be training. During his stay in Baska he continued making trips to the outskirts in order to hone his skills and improve himself. He had grown so accustomed to the act that he would feel uncomfortable on the days that he couldn’t make his way outside of town in order to practice with his weapons.

Today happened to be a day after one of the rare occurrences where he missed training, so he found himself training longer than usual. He was extremely satisfied in the end, but he had also worked up a sweat due to his heavy armor. ‘I should go get cleaned up…’ Ikazuchi headed towards the nearby river that he had visited many times at this point with that intent.

He enjoyed the scenery as he made his way down a familiar path. It was distinctly relaxing for him after the hours spent training. The air in the area was slightly cooler near the river providing him slightly more comfort as he approached.

Ikazuchi wasn’t aware, but he was wearing a satisfied smile as he reached the riverbank. It was at that point that someone caught his eye. ‘Sage Meilyr?’ This name popped into his mind as he observed the stranger thanks to the mysterious power that he had. Along with the name came a slew of other information, but he had grown accustomed to this.

Ikazuchi shook his head slightly as he decided to approach the man sitting at the riverside openly. He stepped firmly to ensure that his steps could be heard in order to prevent the man from being startled by his arrival. In the end, they were on the outskirts of Baska. He knew better than to sneak up on someone as a stranger.

It’s a wonderful place, isn’t it?” Ikazuchi found himself asking this question naturally as he noticed that the man was also appreciating his surroundings. He wasn’t normally one to initiate conversation, but he couldn’t resist after coincidentally meeting someone in this remote area. After a long training session, he hoped to enjoy a peaceful conversation with the individual that he met by chance.

Word Count: 370

#3Sage Meilyr 

The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:22 am

Sage Meilyr
He couldn’t help but to notice the delicate sound of footsteps approaching his way. He hoped that whatever was approaching, wasn’t trouble. With the headache going on he simply did not have any capacity to handle anything that requires him to think it out.

Luckily for him, it was a gentle spirit. He looked up at the armoured man. Sweat could be seen falling down the man’s skin.

”It is quite the resting place. Had a good workout?” he asked, his tone and demeanour gentle. There was something about how soft his eyes looked when he spoke.

Sage shifted his gaze towards the sky. Admiring the many shape of clouds, all drifting away in such a calm way. ”Those clouds used to be a body of water just like this river…” he trailed, eyes still fixed on the blue sky. ”And soon they will turn back in the form of rain, it goes on and on and on. Such is the cycle of life.”.

He was not only talking about the cycle of water. Whenever something is bought to life, it will be nourished by the earth, and when it dies it will return back to the earth, returning the nutrients it had once received. Such is the cycle of life.


The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:44 pm

Ikazuchi felt a bit awkward when his sweaty state was pointed out. He generally tried to wash off before returning to town, but now he found himself meeting a stranger in his sweaty state. He nodded with a slight smile before responding. “I come here often since I train nearby, it’s peaceful out here.

Ikazuchi didn’t pick up on the strangeness of the situation as he sat down a short distance from the stranger intent on having more conversation. He didn’t interrupt the man who didn’t seem much older than himself as he spoke of the cycle of life.

Nature’s really interesting, isn’t it? There are some things that mages still can’t replicate despite their best efforts.” Ikazuchi’s thoughts drifted towards the limitations of magic compared to the possibilities of nature due to Sage’s words. The hidden meaning was lost on the young man who wasn’t aware of Sage’s current condition.

Ikazuchi found himself looking up at the sky from a spot that was far enough from Sage to avoid invading the man’s comfort zone. After a short time, Ikazuchi would direct his attention back to his temporary conversation partner. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Ikazuchi, it’s nice to meet you.

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#5Sage Meilyr 

The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 11:08 pm

Sage Meilyr
’Ahh training,’ he reminisced of the days he used to train as well. Not rigorously as the man of course. But it is training still. He used to train on controlling the power gifted to him. No not gifted, cursed upon him. Or maybe a bit of both, really depends on how one perceives it.

But at that moment, it was definitely a curse. Sage knew what was going to happen, and the person beside him looked nice enough he didn’t want to scare the poor man out of his wits.

”That is true, nature is the ultimate mage. The greatest of them all. Our minds can’t comprehend the intricacies of what and how it works.” he began to speak his mind, and his eyes seemed to look out onto something that wasn’t in their plane of existence.

”And when nature does something that we could not explain with our reasonings, we begin to make up stories, of ghosts, monsters and curses. Little did we know that they are just simply the reflection of our fears.” he continued his rambling from before. Stopping for a short while as he enjoyed the balmy breeze sweeping through the forest.

He turned his gaze at the other man, ”I’m lucky to have you here Ikazuchi, you seem like a good man. You can call me Sage,” he smiled yet his eyes were filled with sorrow.

He then plucked a daisy near where he was sitting. He observed the flower’s beautiful patterns. Observant as he was, his mind was blank. He simply wanted to fill his very last memories with nice, little things.


The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:36 pm

Ikazuchi found himself slightly amused as Sage spoke. A mage acknowledging nature as a superior mage went against what he understood about mages. Perhaps it was due to his lack of interaction with mages, but he frequently found himself misled by stereotypes. There was even a rather unique interpretation about superstitions.

On the topic of fears, Ikazuchi felt a chill creep up his spine. ‘Why did he mention that?’ He couldn’t help but wonder as he observed Sage. ‘At least he isn’t a ghost…’ Ikazuchi found himself comforted by the information about the mage. It was a clear sign that this was a person, so he didn’t overthink the situation.

At this point, Ikazuchi saw Sage’s gaze directed at him. The emotions of the man were more apparent as he said something foreboding. Ikazuchi was unsure how to respond as he watched the man pluck a flower nearby. ‘Something seems to be off…’ He couldn’t tell what, but he knew that something was wrong with Sage.

What are you doing all the way out here Sage?” Ikazuchi was influenced by the man’s mood, and naturally curious. A small part of him was on guard against something dangerous occurring as he looked at the young man who seemed to be at the end of his life.

Word Count: 210

#7Sage Meilyr 

The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Fri Jul 16, 2021 11:22 pm

Sage Meilyr
He pondered at the man’s question. Why was he there? He didn’t know why he came to the outskirts. He was simply drawn there. The daisy between his fingers twirled as his eyes were still fixed on it. ”I-I’m not sure myself,” he finally answered after a long while of pondering.

”But there are many things in this world that can’t be explained right?” he then added. Not long after that he looked at the Ikazuchi once again, ”It is in our nature to be afraid of the things that we don’t know. But after knowing that will we still be afraid of the unknown?” he questioned the man and yet he did not expect any answer from him.

The wind then picked up and the sky darkened as rainclouds formed. The daisy that was in Sage’s hands escaped his fingers, drifted away with the wind, lost amidst the many other flying leaves. Droplets then begin to drop. One by one. Before many others followed along.

Sage could feel it. The curse that had been flowing in his veins. It was inevitable, might as well just accept it. In a way no human mind can comprehend, his body dematerialised. Vanished into thin air. Leaving behind his earthly possessions of clothes and such.



The End Of A Lineage [Private|Ikazuchi] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 8:59 pm

The conversation had been mostly normal so far, however Ikazuchi felt that Sage had been suggesting something throughout it. An uneasy feeling was gradually developing in the young man. He wanted to respond and rid himself of the feeling, but the rainfall interrupted him.

His voice caught in his throat as Sage just...vanished. It wasn’t something that Ikazuchi could understand; he doubted that anyone short of the most accomplished mages would be able to recognize what he just witnessed.

Despite him logically knowing otherwise, he had his fears triggered at this moment. Perhaps due to what Sage said previously, Ikazuchi couldn’t help but associate Sage with a ghost. He was on his feet instinctually, but he managed to prevent himself from fleeing at top speed. ‘I fucking hate ghosts…’ He was covered in goosebumps as he stared intently at the items that remained.

Should I bury those?” He couldn’t help but ask this question as he contemplated the matter. If Sage happened to be some kind of ghost, then it was possible that not doing so could end terribly. ‘...Better safe than sorry.’

Ikazuchi was still cautious as he proceeded to poke the wet clothes with Spelllcutter before proceeding to dig a whole and bury what little Sage left behind. Other than the clothes, he left behind a sizable amount of jewels. Greed possessed Ikazuchi for a moment as he pocketed those for himself as the dead don’t need jewels for the afterlife. After that, he was quick to properly bury the items and leave hurriedly. ‘You better not haunt me…’

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