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Hunting Grounds [ESG]

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Hunting Grounds [ESG] Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 2:15 pm


Karisa rode on her Levi mount towards the camping grounds where people gather to hunt carnivorous dinosaurs. Stellan people come here once every season to decrease the population of the most dangerous Dinosaurs. They offered for Karisa's guild and those she invited to come and hunt some with them. Today was a special day though as they were making it a game. The Stellan people let the Empyrean Divine's Guildmaster pick a few specific Carnivores to kill and everyone else will have to hunt one down in hopes the dinosaur is one of the listed.

When everyone starts to arrive at the hunting groups by the camp she tells everyone to prepare themselves before giving them each a flare gun to shoot up once they hunt their target so the Stellan people can help cart it over to the camp. She looked at her own list and then gazed at the people in hopes that at least one person gets at least one of them right. There were four choices total, none were 100% aquatic and they were carnivores. Within Stella, killing Herbavores was banned due to the fact they were no harm to the people unless tampered with.

She straightened her camo shorts and her tank top of black as the belt was tightened perfectly. Twisting the cap of her water bottle she took a drink before taking out the whistle to blow it, letting the people go out and start the hunt. She herself had other things to do while she waited for the participants to pick, hunt, and bring back their chosen dinosaur.

Rules of the Hunting Grounds:

  • Rather it's in this topic or your own, you must type up at least 2000 words following the directions given within this post.

  • If you decide to do your own Hunting thread, please post in here with the link and a single post flaring the gun with the name of the dinosaur you picked to hunt and kill.

  • If a herbavore is killed by you then you will be disqualified.

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