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Hunting Grounds [ESG]

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Karisa rode on her Levi mount towards the camping grounds where people gather to hunt carnivorous dinosaurs. Stellan people come here once every season to decrease the population of the most dangerous Dinosaurs. They offered for Karisa's guild and those she invited to come and hunt some with them. Today was a special day though as they were making it a game. The Stellan people let the Empyrean Divine's Guildmaster pick a few specific Carnivores to kill and everyone else will have to hunt one down in hopes the dinosaur is one of the listed.

When everyone starts to arrive at the hunting groups by the camp she tells everyone to prepare themselves before giving them each a flare gun to shoot up once they hunt their target so the Stellan people can help cart it over to the camp. She looked at her own list and then gazed at the people in hopes that at least one person gets at least one of them right. There were four choices total, none were 100% aquatic and they were carnivores. Within Stella, killing Herbavores was banned due to the fact they were no harm to the people unless tampered with.

She straightened her camo shorts and her tank top of black as the belt was tightened perfectly. Twisting the cap of her water bottle she took a drink before taking out the whistle to blow it, letting the people go out and start the hunt. She herself had other things to do while she waited for the participants to pick, hunt, and bring back their chosen dinosaur.

Rules of the Hunting Grounds:

  • Rather it's in this topic or your own, you must type up at least 2000 words following the directions given within this post.

  • If you decide to do your own Hunting thread, please post in here with the link and a single post flaring the gun with the name of the dinosaur you picked to hunt and kill.

  • If a herbavore is killed by you then you will be disqualified.


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(hunted dinosaur here https://www.fairytailrp.com/t58603-hunting-grounds-taking-a-spinosaurus#507483)

Tempris held a rope which pulled a sled which had the head of the Spinosaurus she hunted down. She was very disappointed it was not the rumored Steakasaurus which she thought would be the baddest and most dangerous dinosaur in the world. But the expert told her the name of the creature and she had to accept it. At least it was over. She was still sweaty from all the running and she did not have help to bring this over. People in the area still did not like her. It was not her problem but it was something she did have to live with. At the very least, she hoped Karisa would praise her for her work. She did want the woman who helped her find it to get a little of the credit but fate deemed it not needed. Just like fate deemed this creature be the trophy that the guild master would take.

This is what Tempris at least prayed for. It was an interesting dinosaur to look at. If she had more people with her, she would love to show off the creatures back. It had a really cool thing the man called a sail. But at last, all that mattered now was what the Guild master would say.

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Lee Nakamura
In a flash entrance, Lee carried a large Allosaurus covered in burns and scars from her battle. Helping her carry it was five other Allosaurus members of the pack. They all respected their new leader...that being LeeAnn. She was still very stunned at what had just happened. LeeAnn began to come over the edge to see where one person was already there. A large, crocodillian stood, lying dead on a sled. Tempris was covered in sweat from pulling that thing by herself. LeeAnn felt bad for her. Though, turning to her new pack of dinosaurs, she was lucky that this trip didn't take much out of her. There was no way in hell she was capable of pulling this guy by herself, even with Lector's help.

"Well, I've got my entry for the contest" she spoke proudly. The other dinosaurs eyed Tempris them Karisa then at their LeeAnn, their pack leader. The two younger ones stood by her and Lector's side guarding her as if their young lives depended on it. This was the most oddest yet luckilest situations she had ever been in. This was defineately interesting to say the least.

Topic: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t58698-jurassic-park-allosaurus-esg-hunting-grounds#508194

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Jove Augustus
Those within the submission area for the Hunting Grounds event would eventually hear what sounded like a massive dead weight being dragged against the ground. It wasn't an uninterrupted sound of something moving smoothly across the earth, but rather the starting and stopping something with tremendous size being relocated with equal effort. After a few moments of this, had anyone noticed and bothered to follow the sound, they would notice a blond man making his way from the tree line. His hair was slicked back, and his clothes were business casual. His left shoulder seemed to be injured, the shirt he was wearing torn to shreds around the area and the cloth stained with splotches of crimson.

Behind him was a beast of impressive proportions. Dragging it to the submission area, Jove would finally let go and wipe the perspiration from his brow. "The Giganotosaurus. This will be my submission." He spoke clearly and without interruption, though his breathing was still intense and ragged. Between the adrenaline that had been released to help him hunt the beast, the damage he had taken unexpectedly, and the weight in which he was struggling to drag over a long period of time, he was exhausted. Making his way to a nearby empty space, he'd sit down and exhale, hoping to expunge the stress and exhaustion from his body.

Topic: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t58666-on-the-prowl-esg-hunting-dinos
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Poropo Poproporp
The dinosaurs presented by the other contestants were impressive and dangerous looking - all the monk did was bring a little, pink dinosaur which was meekly defending itself with a spike coming out of its rotund stomach. The monk did not know what to do next, but he say flares go off in the distance, "Oh, that is right - I need to send off a flare to show that I am done." With a fumbling inside of his silk robes, the monk held up a flare gun and fired! The bright light and loud crack and boom sent shivers down the monk's spine.

"MEEEEP!" shouted the Sugmasaurus Flex as it saw the flare come out of the gun! The meeping dinosaur attempted to scurry way, but the monk got in the way! The monk and pink dinosaur bumped into each other, sending them on the ground in an instant - thankfully the sharp end of the pink dinosaur's belly-spike was actually blunt. This little creature defended itself by bluffing, which the monk decided to recall while prone on the ground - the memory was a very recent one, but he could not help but think about how the Sugmasaurus Flex and the monk met and how they saved each other, more or less.


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Hunting Grounds [ESG] Dino10

She gazed at the dinosaurs that were given to her. She was surely going to obviously take them all with her in the end, but only one was a prize. Her black abyss eyes gave no emotion as to how she felt about every single one. Her lips made a thin line as she was thinking of each type. She saw one dinosaur being on the list, but the rest were either not on the list or 'specifically one' was some unknown creature that could be a dinosaur. She sighed and told them to grab the person who gave her the dino on her list.

It wasn't her number one choice, but it was number two - better than none at all. Her eyes scanned to see that it was Tempris who brought her the Spinosaurus. "Well - well~,", she playfully spoke and giggled at her daughter. "It seems you're the only one who got at least one of the dinos out of four I put on my list," she hoped it would not cause chaos or a riot because she knew how people were. She gave the reward to Tempris before telling the men to put the dino's in the truck. It was time to head out.


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