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Sugma Ball [ESG]

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Sugma Ball

Karisa gazed at the beautiful setup that was all put together thanks to the people of Stella and herself. She was excited to have everyone arrive, or at least enough people to have one. She wore a long red mermaid dress with several layers of frills with lace. The v-line of the chest was opened with ruffles waving towards the opposite side to reveal the lining of her chest. Her curvacious body swayed with each step as she paced due to her being anxious. By this time she waited for Tempris to get out of her room from changing. "Tempris, let's hurry. We need to let everyone in," she giggled and was panicking.

It was too late as she then told her daughter, "Once you're done. Join me downstairs to meet all the guests," she softly spoke and walked down the hall to then turn to see the curving stairs that met the ballroom. It was beautiful as the chandeliers lit the room perfectly with the lightings that shined the area a blue color. Flowers were correctly in their vases on each table and all had a variety of flowers that were neatly put in. She made sure there were enough tables, chairs and even stocked up the buffet. After checking all the food she went towards the bar to make sure they were also stocked. There was punch and lemonade for the younger ones. The bar was able to create any mixed drink possible with what they had so she asked for a glass herself before everyone arrived.

Her arm swung up and waved for the announcer to open the doors. He nodded and started to let people in as she herself went towards the back end where the host seats were located. One of the waiters appeared with a plater to take away the glass she just chugged down and left to tell the staff the Ball was starting. The musicians have finally begun their music as the tune was slow and beautiful. They did take requests as long as it was appropriate. She awaited, not only for her children to get ready, but for her fiancee to appear as well.


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#2Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
And so the another time for something important for Judith, By that it meant she needed to go to this oddly named ball. But she would not complain about the name of it, she still needed to go to it after all it was more important for the sake to being around and seeing some one important, as well as being there for Kazimir as well if he were to show up, these kind of events Judith felt she more or less needed to be here to be the rep for Fairy Tail, After all she knew she was the better fitting face of it.

So had been preparing for this day for a few weeks now, Judith had sewn her own dress for this matter, With a long dress in a slightly off white colour, with her typical golden trim around the sleeves and holes, she had added in golden lily flowers around the sleeves of her hands, it had taken a fair amount of time for her to finish this with the details she had put into it. Eventually even putting the Fairy Tail guild mark on the centre of the dress as well, rather it being orange as she would normally would have it, but gold to match the dress, She would wear a nice pair of match shoes to her dress.

She also took time to braid her hair, with it normally being kept free and just slightly messy looking no matter her attempts to brush it. being tied back and braided did make this all work a bit more, Then well because Judith loved flowers she would make sure a few blossoms of white roses are in her hair as well.

It would be a magical day, Whenever the doors opened up, But Judith also tended to show up early, But most likely she had been sure to be prepared and ready.

When the doors had open up, Judith would casually take her time to walk in to the ball, As it was her chance to take in the faces of the people around to see who they are, Hopefully some new faces would be there, But Judith did not mind seeing the old ones she was use too, It was just her always being a delighted soul to meet new people, Even then taking her time she had not attempted to get anything to drink at this current time, most likely waiting to see who she would talk to first.


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Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

And in came Noel - now donning the visage of a much older man, battle-torn & fielding the grit of a warrior. Albeit that came in a ceremonial package, consisting of a clean tailored outfit. A blue tunic with figures of clouds sewn across as a pattern truly popped. A very recognizable loose hanging wolf scarf hung around his neck, hiding some of his features. His usual trinkets were on his person, including accessories like his  black ring, an amulet that spoke fear into the hearts of mages, and his earrings of course. Though they were hid by his medium sized gray hair. A sword hung by his waist partially covered.

A few days ago an invitation to party was sent to Noel - most likely including many others, possibly from his guild also. That was the way about why he came. To see some old faces, and perhaps meet a few new. Though after just entering the newly opened doors of the ball, he greedily took a few snacks being presented on silver platters by various butlers and a glass of champagne. After which he snuck onto one of the many balconies. By a reflection of a mirror by the right side of the balcony, he could see which guests were entering. He'd occasionally peek over - specifically looking for an authoritative figure to talk to. He wanted to get updated with the latest events happening in the empire. It had been quite a moment since his absence after all. It may turn out he wouldn't approach a person at the ball at all, and silently retreat in the depth of the night - it mostly depended on who came.

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer


Yards of silk, clouds of powder, brushes, combs, pearls, and diamonds glistened before Venus’ eyes. As the beauty arranged the last strand of her hair neatly around her face, complete the finishing touches of her makeup and placed a small ruby tiara on her head, Venus couldn’t help but feel, despite herself, like a princess.

”If I didn’t know know better, I’d call myself a Fiorian Queen.” Her companion cat, Blair, curled around the edge of her bed while the redhead knelt to polish the lump of crystal on her silver heels. Though not often, the black feline enjoyed talking to her owner as if it was a human through telepathy – the only form of communication she had with her owner and as Venus’ number one devotee, she showered her with compliments. ”I barely recognize you!”

”Good,” Venus said. This would be her first ball where she wasn’t there to kill someone. True, she was mostly going to make sure Odin wasn’t being hunted again. But, a ball was a ball, and she was also personally invited by the host. Maybe if she was lucky, she could dance a little.

Standing before her reflection, she admired the dress she wore, her eyes filling with light. It was coloured the same shade as her hair and her scarlet hues, perhaps even brighter, and its narrow and flowy skirts and bodice were encrusted with thousands of minuscule crystals that reminded Venus of the surface of the sea. Swirls of silver thread that made rose-like designs that could have passed for a work by any master painter lined the neck all the way down to the back of her dress. The dress so graceful and decorative, and revealing at the same time with an open arch in the center of her chest revealing the cleavage of her well-formed breasts and her open back.

Tiny diamond droplets fell from her ears, and her hair was curled and swept up onto her head, strands of pearls woven in. The clock struck seven and Venus glanced towards the doorway and hastily slipped a dagger down her bodice, strapped around her thigh. It wouldn't hurt to be careful just in case, she thought.


The grand doors appeared and before they opened, she’d wait for the two striking men who promised to accompany her to the ball today. ”They better not be late.” She spoke through gritted teeth and glanced around the massive establishment. For the first time in a long while, she was nervous.


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"Alright Beelzebub." Putting the finishing touches on his outfit, Zane turned away from his mirror and faced towards a non-existent fly his mind imagined was there. "Ready for Sugma?" The fly tilted its head, 3000 of 6000 eyes raising. "What in the world is Sugma? I've not yet heard an Earthlander use such slang..." Walking out of his hotel room's bathroom, Zane slipped into his boots as he explained. "Sugma Ball."

The fly seemed to get quite angry at that, slamming into Zane with its little insect body as he tightened his footwear. "I don't expect much from you, but even that's far too immature! How dare you speak such tomfoolery around a Demon Lord?! Zane paused for a moment, chuckling soon after. So that's what he meant. Hard to believe that he hadn't realized it sooner. Had Zane become mature?! "No, the event is LITERALLY called Sugma Ball." The fly began to calm down, letting out a little sigh. "What a dumb name." Zane thought it was a pretty funny name, all things considered. Though that might be a sign he hadn't gotten a single bit more mature.

Zane's outfit certainly stood out just a tad as he walked down the street towards the ball. While most men would probably just wear a black tuxedo or something, Zane dressed himself in a rather grand outfit of white. There was some sort of insignia on around the shoulders, though Zane himself didn't know what it meant. He slapped on some medals, chains and other trinkets he found lying around in an attempt to make the outfit cooler. Beelzebub tried to warn him against doing such a thing, but Zane was intent on putting more stuff than he needed on his outfit... which was actually pretty greedy of him, ironically enough. Zane also decided to unbutton the front of the shirt as much as he reasonably could in order to show off his chest, though he might have gone just a tad bit overboard with that as well. What stood out perhaps the most was the shako cap he was wearing, making Zane's already tall self look even taller.

He liked the outfit. Beelzebub didn't, but when did he like anything?

Zane spotted the back of a head full of crimson hair as he approached the entrance to the ball. There was only one person who had hair that blindingly red. "Hey!" Zane called out to Venus, approaching her from her left side. "I see you're all ready to Sugma Ball." Zane's face showed hints of a slight smirk. It was impressive he could hold it in at all. "Us demons lack empathy, but even I feel for this poor girl who got stuck with you..." Zane certainly didn't pity himself right now, though! Venus' outfit stood out just as much as Zane's did, and he quite liked it. The tiara was an especially nice touch. "That's a really nice dress. It's a shame your - err..." Zane stopped himself for a moment. He always got this feeling that Venus was probably pretty strong... perhaps living through the night was worth not saying his mind 100% of the time. "... your tiara couldn't be even shinier! That thing is seriously nice, haha." Crisis averted.

Now that both of them were here, Zane felt there was no point in staying outside. Holding out his arm towards Venus, Zane hoped for her to take it. That was what usually happened at these kinda things, right? He'd never been before... "Shall we?" He asked, unaware that Venus was waiting for a second man. It seemed as though Zane wasn't the greediest person at the ball after all...

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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir approached the ball. It was a big moment for Karisa and he wanted to be there to support her, even if he didn't frequent these things. He pulled at the seams of his outfit and stretched his legs. Unlike his normal wear, he wanted to put in a little extra effort for the event. And She probably didn't want him to show up in a boring military-styled uniform that was worn in from daily use.

Instead, he wore a combination of his military uniform with his clan robe. Something not too terribly creative but the wind mage was hard to change some old habits. He stood at the door, arriving just in time to see others pouring into the ball, some he knew and others only through reputation. The mage wandered in, keeping more to himself until he noticed Judith.

"Hey, Judi. I figured I would find you here. That's a good look for you,"
Kaz said. Part of his attention was looking for his fiancee and the other was looking at the security provided. Another habit that would be easy for Judith to pick up on.

"Hopefully you didn't get roped into cooking this time and can just enjoy the moment,"  he teased. "Say, have you seen, Karisa? I assume she'll want some time to address the crowd once everyone has arrived," he still spoke to Judith and once he spotted the love of his life he would give a wave, giving her the space she needed to be the herald of tonight's event. He simply mouthed the words, "You look amazing,"



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It wasn't necessarily correct to say Odin was running late, but it also maybe wasn't entirely incorrect as he stood in the mirror at his hotel, admiring the outfit he had chosen for the evening. He was a Lich, time wasn't really a consequence of his existence, so if he was never affected by time could he even really be late? Venus would probably argue yes, especially given that she was waiting on his arrival at the doors to the Ball.

It had started a few hours prior. One of the Lich's cultists apparently was also a tailor, it was incredible the uses they brought, and she was not entirely enamoured by the idea of Odin arriving to the event in his standard robes. As someone who was constantly under threat and having just escaped the literal prison in Fiore, it had made sense, especially given the public nature of the event. But Kristen, the tailor, wasn't allowing it. Apparently you could be head of your own cult and an incredibly powerful dark mage known for countless atrocities, but sometimes people would still outrank you.

Odin wasn't really the kind of person who could go to a shop and pick out an outfit. He was taller than average for a start, but he was also the skinniest man alive. There was nothing that would ever fit him without alterations, so Kristen had gone out to buy various outfits with the plan to make a brand new suit specifically for Odin's needs. It took many hours even with magic but, Odin had to admit, she was a master at what she was doing. As he slipped everything on, even being able to wear his jewellery, Odin's usually evil looking skull was positively glowing.

Sugma Ball [ESG] Tumblr_pr680iCLEm1rs2188_1280

He left his staff and shield in the room, as neither complemented his outfit and today wasn't intended for combat. If nothing else, he would still have Greed anyway. The loose outfit he wore was completed by a wide brimmed hat and a pair of black gloves, hiding the dark ring that another attendee was also wearing. Upon his arrival, and spotting both Zane and Venus, Odin would copy -although he'd never admit it- the Takeover mage by unbuttoning some his shirt and allowing the tie to sit, undone, around his neck. His rib cage was exposed, showing the skull necklace that honestly was more ironic than anything else he had ever owned. He wasn't planning on hiding who he was, not today. Today was for grand gestures, and one was about to come.

"Well don't you both look incredible. I think it's safe to say Eternal Nightmare are going to be the best dressed at this little event." He would take Venus' other arm and allow the staff to announce their presence as they opened the grand doors. After all, Odin and Venus were the guests of honour. And Zane was with them too, that meant he was slightly more important as well.



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Tempris stood in her room and looked at her outfit. It was a red dress with black fur covering her chest region. The top portion of the dress was looked like a vest with white frills running down the middle. At the end of the “vest” tails was more black fur. The skirt portion of the dress started under the “vest” and did not have any designs or frills. There was a pair of white evening gloves with black fur jetting out of the opening, a pair of white one-inch heels, and black stockings. This was supposed to be a special day, a special moment; and yet, she was so nervous. It was something she needed to accept. It wasn't a trap. It wasn't a trick to take her into the ice box. This was real.

A call from Karisa woke the girl out of her thoughts. "Oh, umm... Yes Guild Master.. I mean..." The girl was having trouble adjusting to the idea, the concept that she was not alone anymore. She was loved by more than that Illumin. She was safe. She was... late.

Tempris put on her dresses and only kept her shoes off. She was not use to walking in heels and the curse shoes that pained her was still in her mind. Besides, she was late and needed to run. With her excuse primed and ready, she left her room. You follow the path that Karisa instructed her to take. She slowed down once she reached the ball area. Her shoes were still in her hands as she walked around looking for Karisa.

Sugma Ball [ESG] 74020311

Once down stairs she met up with Karisa and did her best to put on a smile before putting on her shoes. She did not want to get in trouble for not wearing them, she didn’t want to go in the ice box. A deep breath sent the thought out her mind. This was a safe place. Tempris would follow Karisa’s instructions and then break away once she was allowed.

Seeing the doors open and hearing the music playing reminded the girl of her friend Fala. It was with her that she really experienced her first party so it was sad that the woman was not here to share this experience as well. With heavy thoughts Tempris made her way to the bar to get herself a drink. For once in her life, she wanted to try that stupid drink that made her feel funny but she was denied. Something about her being too young. Instead, he just gave her a glass of white grape cocktail. At least he was considerate enough to give her no ice so the drink would be a room temperature.

With her "drink" in hand, she dragged her feet. Once again, she had her shoes in her other hand. She saw Karisa at the host table and wondered if she should go hang out there. Only, a dark memory creeped up forcing the girl to turn away. She was not ready. To have such warmth and it be the real deal. It was too hard to lower her guard, especially without her weapon. She moved deeper into the crowd until she came across an interesting individual. It was a skeleton… who looked an awfully lot like King. Was that King? It had to be! That coward did not even come to fight the bandits that they were suppose to fight.

Tempris started marching her way over to the skeleton dude with a scowl only to realize something important. She did not have her sword. Not only that, she wasn’t allowed to fight. It was all to late though as she was basically visible to him. She hoped the skeleton did not recognize her from the bandit encounter now. If anything, she kind of wanted to run away but what kind of person would she be if she ran from some weak sinner. In a last ditch effort hide her mistake, the girl took a sip of her drink and then walked in a different direction so she could spy more on the skeleton.

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"I must say... Hosenka feels a lot more welcoming with her in charge~...", idly musing her thoughts aloud, Alisa Vollan strode inside the ball without a care in the world, seeing this as little more than paying her beloved sister a visit. Almost absently, she found one hand reaching high behind her chest, adjusting her ponytail and running a hand down her hair, delighting in the feel of that cool breeze against her bare shoulders as she pulled the strap of her dress a bit higher over her shoulder, making damned sure to look her best as she stepped inside.

Though her wonderful wife had chosen not to join her and Alisa defenitely missed her presence, that didn't stop her from enjoying the lavish party Karisa had set up for them, or to come dressed for the occasion. After all, she'd come to Hosenka all by her lonesome, in person, for the first time in years, and naturally determined to make an impression after so long. As such, she went for a long, elegant gown, flowing and fluttering with every step, coloured a deep wine red matching her eyes, sitting snugly around her sinuous shape in a flattering fashion, yet loosely enough to hand weightlessly on her curvaceous frame, flaunting much of her back and a plunging, well rounded cleavage clearly exposed:

"Now, I wonder where she went...?", however, no sooner than she'd stepped inside the ball, Alisa took a moment just hanging around the entrance, sinking her weight on one hip as her hand came to rest on her slim waist, even now yet marvelling at the impossible, irresistible softness of the silken fabric as she looked left, then right, clearly looking for someone. Picking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, Alisa soon went about exploring the room, looking around as she sashayed across the ball, her dress fluttering gracefully left and right with every subtle sway of her hips. It took her little more than a few minutes to meet her sister, flashing her brightest smile as she walked up and greeted her with a kiss to each cheek, "Good evening Kuri~... Quite the wonderful party you've thrown for us, tonight~"

She'd greet everyone else later, after all, she had a whole evening to mingle to her heart's content. For now, her eyes focused solely on the one she'd come here to see~

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"Summer dreams~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Sugma Ball [ESG] CyhFjWA

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#10Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus

Compared to his normal attire, Jove had truly gone all out. Long gone were his tie and shirt who lived in contrast with one another. In their stead, proof that he could dress himself should he choose.

Stepping into the beautiful banquet hall which housed the Sugma Ball, the middle aged businessman wouldn't exactly grab peoples attention. He was not one of the picture perfect members of Blue Pegasus, and he would never make it to the front page of a magazine. Still, what he had cultivated for this event was an image of refined taste. It wasn't a blaring fashion statement, nor was it tone deaf for the evening. Instead it struck a simple middle ground, and he believe he pulled it off well.

His hair had been slicked back, his blond locks still without so much as a single strand of grey. A single cluster of his bangs fell forward over his forehead, though they hung in such a way that it actually aided in pulling the look together. Balanced on the bridge of his nose were a pair of sunglasses, something he usually made a part of his attire. Rather than the normal green tint that he preferred, these were a pair of black spectacles with a wire that hung down and around his neck. This wire meant even should his lenses fall from his face, they would stay with him and add to the image.

His suit was a charcoal black, with storm grey strips in even spacing throughout. The clothes were devoid of so much as a spec of dust or a single hair, sitting in untouched perfection upon his well sculpted body. A closer look would reveal that this suit was not made of the same silk as many of the attendants. A page of the Rune Knights, he'd never be able to afford such an expensive fabric. Still, the suit did not appear cheap.

Under his jacket was a crimson red button up shirt, the contrast working to draw eyes to his chest for a moment. In that brief glance, one would notice his solid build that helped add to the overall appearance. The tie was a shade of off-white, black plots of color spaced unevenly throughout, giving it an almost milk-and-cookie vibe that somehow fit the overall composition of his attire. His wrists held cufflinks that bore the symbols of the Rune Knights, a silver that did well to fit the overall color scheme. Finally his shoes, customized dress shoes which allowed for mobility should then need arise, were a black which matched both his socks and his suit.

Making his way into the center of the room, Jove would help himself to a glass of champagne from a passive butler. Offering up a word of thanks, the sunglasses on his eyes were tinted to a deceptive color. He could actually see nearly perfectly within the building, but still he took them off and pulled the entire string up from around his neck. Folding their arms in, he would tuck the glasses safely into his chest pocket, in front of the folded red handkerchief, and somehow it made his look seem a little more complete than before.

He had not come on official duty, but rather as Jove Augustus. He would bring the far too expensive drink to his lips as he worked his way through the crowd, eyeing passerby's in the hope that he could identify someone whom he knew.

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Shitty quality of outfit

Karisa's eyes gazed at everything and one that was in front of her. She was happy to see that people were slowly arriving. Her fingers rubbed against her thumb on each hand as she kept a calm face yet was nervous. Every blink of her eye she saw a new human or some dark race.  She saw directly who was here as she saw her past in people and then her future. Her mind was in the direction of a swirling car as it was finally put on a sudden stop once she heard the voice of her Fiancee and then her sister. How amazing they both looked. Her lips curved into a small smile and noticed by the corner of her eye that her daughter was going off somewhere. A smirk escaped as no one knew yet that she was hers.

Oh, how time flies by...

Speaking of which, the father was here as she noticed Noel, somewhat. He seemed to have changed his appearance which she only knew and found out due to her own magic. She was sure he was too busy to speak to her right now as everyone was with someone. It won't be right of her to go to him first as she was sure his 'lover' was looking for him. She instantly went to Kazimir first as her arms wrapped around his free one. "Hello, sister,~" she spoke towards Judith and gazed upward as she made herself shorter than she really is once again. Her normal height was pretty tall, six foot seven to be exact. Eris was hiding in her shadow as always, she felt it with chills against her back. Her attention went to Kazimir and gave a sweeter smile, "I see you sneak your attire in here as well,~". Oh, how she wanted to see him in an actual suit, but whatever he wore was good on him anyways.

She saw Alisa come towards her in her beautiful cocktail dress with a slit on the side. It was her own type of dress. "It's almost the whole family here. Only one missing is my cousin now,~" she jested as she doubted her cousin was coming. They were the most enclosed type, staying away from popular places. She let go of Kazimir for a moment to give what she received from Alisa in greetings before going back into Kazimir's arms. More than anyone, Alisa and Judith know how clingy she was when she finds someone. "I bare news my sisters,~" she spoke in a calm yet excited tone.

She lifted her hand to reveal a ring that shined beautifully and then with her free hand she put it against her stomach. "Almost due soon..." she whispered sweetly as the base of her thumb rubbed softly against her stomach as she then leaned her head against Kazimir's arm. "Time is nothing anymore..." she whispered soft enough for only the three to hear. She was hoping her two daughters were doing well, not getting into trouble.

#12Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was the wonderful magic moment Judith seemed to have been greeted by Kazimir and such it seemed, that he had expected her to not be working, Which well, considering Judith was more here for relaxing and meeting people."Greetings Kazimir, I do my best with what time I have, I just happen to spare the time to make this all my self."[/color]Pausing for a moment thinking about it Judith would also mention."By that i am referring to the dress." So it would lead into Judith mentioning the part to ease Kazimir's worry."So I have not been cooking around here, Besides I personally doubt I would have been invite to cook, Even when I would have no problem doing that or serving drinks."

Nonetheless they would carry on."I do think she is not too far, I was just about to greet her, Just taking the a moment as I always do and figure out out how to enjoy the moment."Which was never shocking to anyone who knew Judith to start with.

However with that greeting from Karisa it reveal something Judith might have not told Kazimir yet, Then again Judith had a lot of secrets and things she kept to herself and never really mentioned any of that."Greetings sister." She was however just equally casual about it as always, Since being able to play off of situations like this was fairly simple."Oh, It does seem we do have such good news."Judith mentioned in delight, not that she was intentionally ignoring Alisa's arrival just other things took her focus."It does seem we all keep busy in one way or another, The beauty of life continues on."Then well before she really forgot the because it would almost make her look horrible."Also Hello Alisa." Because she would not forget her as well.


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As Noel entered the ball, he spotted Venus in the distance - who was perhaps the most famed woman in Fiore, followed by his ex-wife and his current Blue Pegasus guild master. She did appear quite dashing, he was used to nothing but else from her.

From a quick glance it didn't appear she had come alone. After all, why should she? Noel hasn't been around in several months - though he did receive a letter from her not a while ago. The others with Venus Noel didn't easily notice, he stood far apart when he entered the ball. It was unlikely that he was going to be recognized, the intense heat of the Fierdos Girdle undid over thirty years of skin care. The hair dye that used to keep his hair jet black was not available at the Fierdos, and it seemed like the mid-life crisis didn't have a strong a hold on Noel anymore. So he didn't care to paint it back.

There, at that balcony, stood a man proud of his accomplishments - no longer regretting the past that has led him to this moment. Being one of the first people in, he had the luxury of being able to keep a close eye on the attendants.

One after the other entered, more familiar faces appeared. Blue Pegasus members mainly himself and Alisa. Several shady individuals. Several Fairy Tail members, and what seemed like beat cops. When the Fairy Tail guild master walked past by him, to presumably talk to his friends and family - he'd subtly nudge towards him. "Psht. We should talk when you're available."

Noel turned back to the balcony, not wanting to interrupt his little moment. He overheard his ex-wife's name being mentioned and figured she was at this ball too. Several high ranking mages were present too, the ball was quite high profile.

During the conversations of the incoming guests, Noel snuck into the party from the balcony to grab more drinks. A like minded individual had a similar idea. Noel had a hint about what type of occupation this individual had but wasn't sure. So in true Noel fashion, he'd bump into them and spill a few drops of his champagne onto Joves blouse.

"Oh gosh, so sorry - let me help you out. Names Noel."

Noels forced his face to look concerned, despite him looking around him to witness anyone spying on him and Jove. Giving the man he bumped into more reasons to assume that this was a ploy to get him alone. He didn't want anyone to hear his name other than the man he bumped into. As to prevent him from thinking he was about to be assassinated - it was that kinda party in retrospect.

He'd immediately lunge forwards to attempt to grab the man by his red shirt and 'wipe' it off. He'd then let go of the mans shirt, had he been able to grip it in the first place, and point towards a sign that read toilets. Noels intention was to have a private conversation with what seemed like a Rune Knight. If that had to be at the bathroom to avoid burning his cover so to say, then that was fine. If this man took his hint and went to the bathrooms, Noel was to follow him and continue the conversation. If he wasn't, well, then he'd simply back off and retreat back to the balcony.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had crossed the room when a small nudge got his attention. He was a man of repute and one that had a chiseled look about him. The nature of the whisper led Kaz to believe a private conversation was at hand but of what, he had no idea, from the blue pegasus mage. "30 on the balcony," he replied with an almost imperceptible nod. The wind mage was used to these sorts of interactions from his missions with the knights. And in truth, he was glad something serious was may be afoot as these affairs were not his comfort zone.

As he arrived at Judith she mentioned making it herself, "Oh," he replied and began to look at the door until she slyly corrected his assumption, garnering a lopsided smile from the wind mage. "You did an outstanding job."

"Same here. I wanted to give her some time to do whatever it is the host of a ball needs to," Kaz chuckled and looked at the many people now pouring in. A smile gleened the mage's face as Karisa appeared beside him. He gave her arm a squeeze with his own. Kazimir looked between the two sisters. Still an enigma of time between the two of them.

"Oh, haha, Caught me. But I did wear my nice robe over it," he replied and scratched the back of his head. Soon Alisa joined the circle and he couldn't remember the last time so many people had gathered like this. "Alisa," he replied with a welcoming nod. It was almost odd to be around the whole family. A new situation for the wind mage, that normally would have made his collar feel tight if his emotions had not dulled somewhat from his transformation.

When Karisa opened up about the news, Kaz felt a chill, thinking about what questions would follow for him, if any. He was going to say something but decided to keep silent and let the family share their moment. He simply placed his hand atop hers on her stomach.

"I figured you would be happy about the news Judith," Kaz smiled and Kissed Karisa's cheek. The idea of her expedited time magic had become more comfortable to him. He would wait for any light conversation that involved him, but if the family wanted some time alone to catch up he would excuse himself.

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer



The two men that she had been waiting for gallantly showed up – later than everyone else, but still looking dashing as ever. ”Oh, look at you two. I almost didn’t recognize you!” A gasp escaped her lips as her eyes roamed free over their outfits. She had let out a soft chuckle when she noticed Odin imitating Zane by releasing a few buttons to reveal his ribcage. ”Well, well, I didn’t know a lich could be this handsome in a suit.”

She turned to face the other debonair. Zane looked much different than the last time she saw him – his hair was trimmed and dyed and the eye patch was gone, which honestly was such a shame because she preferred his previous appearance and his smooth silver hair. Nonetheless, he was still the striking man she knew him to be. ”That’s a very interesting outfit. I nearly mistook you of a very attractive general.” She grinned, baring her vampire fangs and dimples around the corners of her mouth.

”Shall we?”

She nodded. It was kind of nerve-wracking, for some reason and it wasn’t as though she had never been to a ball. The vampire hooked both of her hands onto the gentlemen’s arms; Zane on her left and Odin on her right and the three of them entered through the large, massive doors of the ballroom. She couldn’t deny Odin; the three of them were truly serving looks, it would be amazing if they actually gave out awards for being best dressed, she thought.

There were lots that Venus didn’t know of, a few familiar faces here and there but none that were actually close to her. From a far distance, she’d caught sight of an ebony-haired beauty, a face that she would never forget: Alisa Vollan, whom she’d sparred against in the tournament eons ago. Flashing back to her shameful defeat, the woman gritted her teeth, her brows immediately knotting deep into the center of her forehead. The vampire faced many losses but it was a loss that tormented her and hence, her name was etched into her head as a rival of hers, promising herself that she would win one day.  


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Zane was entirely convinced that it was just him and Venus attending together. To have a different person on each arm seemed like an idea Zane would come up with, not Venus. "Odin?!" Zane asked, the face he wore while doing so being by far the most caught off guard expression he'd shown to Venus and Odin to this day. "You're allowed to bring two?!" Zane asked, his eyes immediately brought back to Venus. "I almost wish she was my host. She'd most certainly be better than you either way." Beelzebub commented, kicking Zane while he was down. After a moment Zane would simply let out a defeated sigh, closing his eyes. "I wish I had thought of that. I could've gotten another person too." If he was lucky enough there would be another chance to Sugma Ball in the future. In the meantime he could start reading up on books about magics to see if there were any spells to give him 4 arm. Or 8. Or 16!

Zane went with Odin and Venus into the hall, his eyes already amazed by the flashy nature of the venue. Beelzebub was practically drooling from all the high-class furniture, clothes and more. Zane admittedly wasn't the biggest fan of sharing Venus, the man being too greedy for someone to Sugma Ball with one on one. His eyes wandered the floor, looking around to see if there was anyone he recognized. There was that little girl from the Beauty Pageant. Zane hoped nobody accidentally tripped on her while they danced... Zane had trouble recognizing most of the others. He supposed his social circle was just too good for a 4-Star Ball like this. Still though, there was one man of a middle-aged look who caught Zane's eye. "Finally decided to swing the other way? It certainly took you a while to admi-" Zane cut Beelzebub off. "Shut up, that's obviously not what I meant. That guy feels weird to me."

"Weird?" Beelzebub asked. "Hmmm... perhaps you're right. Maybe he's someone we ought to look out for." Zane nodded lightly, staring at the man while letting Venus direct where he was actually going. She was turning out to be quite helpful, even if completely unintentionally. "Yeah... there's something about that guy. You know what I mean, right Beelzebub? He seems like the kind of guy who doesn't cut his sandwich into quarters. He seems like the kind of guy who cuts his entire steak beforehand. He seems like the kina gu-"

"So in other words he's mature. No wonder you get that kind of feeling - he's practically your antithesis." Zane grumbled a little bit. He didn't like that guy. Oh well, in a simple turn of Zane's head that man would be out of his mind anyways. Directly afterwards Zane would be met by the sight of someone he DID recognize - Alisa Vollan. The two had met long ago, but she took up a more recent space in Zane's mind thanks to her words at the beauty pageant. "I gotta make sure to talk to her." Zane thought to himself. "She does indeed seem to have the qualities that appeal to your monkey brain."

"Huh? That's not it at all! She told me to go talk to her, that's all."

"Mhm." Beelzebub replied. "We'll go with that."

Zane let out a frustrated sigh, one that was sure to confuse Venus and Odin. "I gotta go pee or something." Zane would make sure to also make his excuse as needlessly over complicated as possible. He could've just said he needed to go pee. Breaking away from Venus' hold for now, Zane proceeded to head deeper into the ball in order to find a way to get to Alisa Vollan. He had a request of her's to fulfill.


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Shichiro was getting dressed up for a ball this evening in Bosco. He was begrudgingly doing so as a way to potentially form some connections as he sees it as a form of power. Giving a little sigh, he figured he'd have to suck it up, get dressed and be on his merry way. Choosing his choice in attire, he figured he'd wear a tuxedo that Fernando had provided for him to go. The attire consisted of a white undershirt with a navy blue vest over it. Instead of a navy blue coat, he would wear a black jacket suit over his vest. He went with a yellow tie as well. His pants, of course, were black, tuxedo pants and black dress shoes. With this he was ready to enter the Sugma Ball looking as best as he could without standing out too much.  It was a vain attempt though even if he tried. He decided to leave his companion Panther Lily behind since there wouldn't be much of a point of him joining in on the human activities. Looking into a mirror, he straightened up his tie, and made sure his collar was fastened properly as he didn't want to look like a slob. 

Making the final touches, he assumed he was good enough to go and stopped fussing over his attire too much. Leaving his temporary lodgings in Bosco, he made his way towards the ball that was being held. Entering the building it was being held in, Shichiro had seen how beautifully the chandeliers lit the room and just how perfectly the lighting that shined the area was a blue color. Flowers were correctly in their vases on each table and all had a variety of flowers that were neatly put in. He had to admit he was quite impressed with the décor here as he could never dream of hosting something like this himself. Well, there weren't many things he could do in the way of an artisan as he was more of a brute with some authority backing his actions. Well, here goes nothing, he thought to himself. Looking around, there were already quite a bit of people in the hall of the building. It seems they were enjoying themselves and it was quite a crowd. The thing is, Shichiro disliked crowds and couldn't really bring himself to initiate conversation with random strangers so he found a corner to tuck himself away in. 

He wouldn't do so of course without nabbing himself a drink or two. Shichiro situated himself into the most empty corner he could find and decided to relax there. Despite his original intentions of coming to the ball, he had seemed to have reverted back to his old demeanor of not wanting to stand out. This would be a long night for him.


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Venus, ever the calm and collected veteran member of Eternal Nightmare, simply repaid the pleasantries offered her by complimenting both Odin and Zane's outfits. She truly was a beauty, easily beating out the likes of Alisa and Kurisa as far as Odin was concerned. Maybe that was partly also because she was on his side though. Zane, on the other hand, was not entirely calm and collected, seemingly upset that he hadn't considered bringing two dates. Odin chuckled lightly, "You'd have to find two people willing to go, and you can't count Beelzebub as your date." The two couldn't be more different as people, Venus and Zane that was, and yet there was no one Odin would rather arrive with.

The moment they entered, Odin's eyes scanned the entire room. It was an old habit, even though there was a strict 'no fighting' rule in place, that he had to keep his one good eye on any potential threats. After all, as the Lich spotted faces such as Alisa Vollan and Kazimir Seiryu, a lot of big names in the 'good guy' community were going to be present. Odin was a criminal, maybe they'd be too tempted to try and take his bounty. After all, it wasn't like the members of Eternal Nightmare were blending into the crowd. Between the stark white outfit of Zane, Venus' stunning red hair, and Odin being a skeleton, many eyes were on them. Some gossiped about who they were, some averted their gazes. As someone that thrived on theatrics as much as possible, Odin was loving every moment of it.

Something strange then happened. Well, two things, but Odin had become accustomed to Zane's antics, as the demon vessel ran off to go to the bathroom, or something. A little girl walked up to Odin, her eyes intently focused on him. That in itself wasn't entirely odd: he was an anomaly that young children probably had never seen before. What confused Odin was the look of familiarity on the girl's face, like she knew the Lich. Odin had terrorised a lot of people in his time, so that was entirely possible, but it amounted to nothing as she walked off, losing her nerve on the approach.

Shrugging his shoulders, now being alone with Venus, Odin would call a passing attendant and take two glasses of champagne from their tray, one for himself and one for Venus. Taking a sip, remembering that he was supposed to savour it for appearance sake even though the taste turned to dust in his mouth, he would nudged the side of his guild mate, a playful tone in his voice, "Hey Venus, how many people here do you think want to arrest me?"


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It was a weird feeling. She was sure the skeleton saw her but the way he was acting was different. It was, as if he did not recognize her. Worst, when he spoke, he did not have the same wordiness and egotistical mannerism. Was this the same King, the same heathen that she was suppose to work with? Tempris took another sip from her drink and then took one more look at the guy. Maybe it didn't matter. He clearly didn't seem interested in her, which was good for her. Thus, why should she be interested in him. Tempris huffed and then stomped off. She didn't want to be recognized. She probably couldn't be recognized given the fact that she didn't wear her usual clothes.

The girl would continue walking till she was surrounded by strangers. There were so many people, so many adults she didn't know. Yet, she felt alone. She folded her arms imagining goosebumps running up as a cold feeling crawled over her exposed skin. Maybe it was better to go confront King. At least it would distract her. She lifted her glass to take another sip, but it was empty. With a sigh, she seek out a empty table to place her glass then she looked around for a place to stand or sit down.

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Kenzo Valens
”Shall we, then?” Kenzo asked with a smirk as he offered his arm at the black haired beauty standing right next to him. The mercenary knew how to enjoy a party, but to be quite honest he was nervously excited. It had been almost a year since he’d last been to Fiore, so in a sense, this was Kenzo’s debut back in society. How he’d be received though, was yet to be seen. It was not every day you met a Blue Pegasus member that had held a bounty as considerable as the swordsman’s.

Making their way through the lavishly decorated reception hall, Kenzo couldn’t help but take a glance at the woman accompanying him and feel glad he spent the entire morning looking for an appropriate outfit. Blue Pegasus had a reputation to maintain, so he’d decided to wear something to fit the part. The male sported a white suit and a matching black shirt with dress pants. A black tie was loosely placed around his slightly opened shirt, more as a convenience rather than a fashion statement. Not that it mattered how he wore his tie. The ominous looking jawbone at his cheek would certainly attract more attention.

As the two Blue Pegasus members finally made it inside the room, Kenzo’s right eye shone with a blueish light for a mere second. Luckily for him, they’d probably be looking at the young paladin standing next to his side, so he was able to scout the premises. ”I think we should probably greet the guild master first.” Kenzo said as he took two glasses of champagne from a nearby waiter, handing one to Rania. Taking a sip of the bubbly glass, the warrior smiled with excitement at what he could see. It was at this kind of events that his ability turned to be quite useful outside of combat. Quickly identifying the guests attending, he was now certain the ball was going to be quite interesting. For now, the pair walked along the grand hall towards the group talking with each other. While he was unsure how the black-haired girl at his side would respond to him dragging her along for an intrusion of their conversation, he had urgent matters to discuss with Alisa, so he would make it brief.

”Greetings everyone~ Hope you don’t mind me interrupting, but I simply had to say hi after such a long time.” Kenzo nonchalantly barged into the conversation being held between the stars of the evening with a playful smile. ”Lovely seeing you again Karisa… I hope the captain’s been treating you well.” Kenzo said at the night’s host as he nodded with a wink at Kazimir. Kenzo and Karisa had spent a drinking evening at Hosenka, where the two of them got on friendly terms and Kazimir was one of the first people in Fiore the warrior had gotten friendly with, so he was quite glad to see the two of them as a pair. ”Hope we get a chance to catch up” He remarked at the wind wizard.

Without missing a beat, he finally faced the woman he’d come looking for. ”It’s a pleasure seeing you again boss” The male kept his playfully demeanor as he greeted Alisa. ”Looking as lovely as ever~” Getting closer to her in what would appear to be a greeting kiss, the male’s voice suddenly changed into a serious one as he whispered at her ear. ”I’ve got news about them His face immediately returned to his charming self as soon as he leaned back once again.

The exchange was brief, so most of the people around would have probably missed it, but Alisa knew what he was talking about. He’d be waiting for the perfect chance to speak privately with her that night. With a tilt of his head, Kenzo brought up his glass of champagne to the center as he motioned it forward quickly for a toast. Not really waiting for the rest to follow suit, he took a sip of his drink before bidding them farewell for the moment. ”I’ll be looking forward to speaking to you all later… Thank you for the invitation, and sorry for the intrusion again.” Kenzo said as he looked at Karisa and her companions with a charming smile.

As quickly as he approached the group, Kenzo and Rania were now walking away from it. He’d told Alisa what he needed, so it was now a matter of time before he acted again. Taking a look at his companion, Kenzo acted as if nothing had happened. ”Should we get something more to drink?”

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Alisa understood fully well how this party could very easily turn into a tense one~... She didn't know about anybody else, but she for one seemed to have earned the attention of not one but three of the members of Eternal Nightmare, the Dark Guild everyone loved to hate. Though all of their members were strong in their own right, one in particular caught her attention as she always did: Venus Rose~... Alisa bit her lip... Oh, what she wouldn't give to have a go at her again. Just the two of them cooped up inside a training room, breath ragged, their bodies and clothes utterly drenched in sweat, unable to leave until either was declared a victor...

"Now there's a thought~..."

Perhaps she'd have a chance to indulge in that particular want before the night was over... For now though, even as she indulged in her fantasies. She wouldn't feel like a lesser woman for losing to Venus, after all, she and Karisa were one of the few people she recognized as equals, and strove to surpass at all times. However, this was hardly the ideal setting for that particular craving, and once she laid eyes on her sister and in laws, she pushed those thoughts aside for the moment:

"Judith, Kazimir~", she nodded at the two Fairies with a soft smile, returning the greeting in kind before her wine red hues fell right back on her sister, "Ufufu~... Who knows, maybe he'll show up here sooner or later hmm?"

Alisa took a sip from her champagne, brow arching as she Kari mentioned news. Oh...? What kind of news might she have... Just one look at her and Alisa could tell, her sister looked positively glowing, brimming with bliss. When she laid her hand over her midriff, Alisa's eyes flared open. Oh wow~... Her hand rose over her mouth as her plush pink lips parted in bewilderment, soon replaced by a radiant smile as she turned to the couple:

"My, congratulations you two. Have you thought of names yet~?"

How things change huh~...? All this time, the lithomancer had been preaching, for years in fact, spending far too much time guiding her sister away from her bad habit of picking unreliable men... And now here she was, holding hands with a proper husband for once, and the Guildmaster of Fairy Tail no less... Many people think there's no point trying to protect a woman as strong as Karisa or herself. After all, few people could rival her in sheer power right? However true that may be, Alisa had to admit... There was something captivating about seeing someone ready to lay down everything to protect you~... And right now, it felt as though Kari had finally picked a man with the power and integrity to do so, and couldn't help but giggle at the notion:

"Still, I'll admit... Good to see you're finally done with bad boys hmmm~...?", shooting Kazimir a knowing wink, brushing a loose black lock behind her ear, tilting her head ever so slightly as a quizzical look crossed her face, "I don't believe we formally met yet, have we...?", in the end, she merely flashed him that ever cool smile, offering the man a hand, "Pleasure to meet you at last Kazimir... Good to see Fairy Tail is in good hands~"

Seemed almost impressive that the two had never had a chance to meet face to face in a casual environment like this... As it stood, Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus were the last two remaining Light Guilds in the country, and for all the notions of a potential alliance, the distance between the two regions always made it a less pressing matter than it should have been. Perhaps now with the three of them together they could make some effort to remedy this? Alisa cocked her wide, womanly hip to the side, casually resting her hand there, making a mental note to brush this subject later on in the evening, that was, until she came face to face with someone she hadn't seen in months. Even now, she never forgot the voice of a cherished guildmate, and one who'd embarked all by himself on a rather personal mission for the two of them:

"Oh, you're a sight for sore eyes, Kenzo, Rania. How have the travels been treating you~?", that look of surprise defenitely drew on her face at the unexpected arrival of her friend, making her brow raise at the sight of the pair... At the same time, she took it in stride, cool as a cucumber as she merely smiled, winking playfully in return as a hint of colour drew on her cheeks, idly running a hand down her hair, "Ufufu~... Ever the flatterer hmm~?"

Now this was... Surprising... Last time they talked, Kenzo had embarked on a long, grueling quest leaving little hints as to how long he might take. And now here he was, and Alisa found herself thinking about that good old question. What happened to Finn...? They knew he passed away, but nobody really knew how, why, or even when. He wouldn't have abandoned his own Guild unless something had happened to him, and when Kenzo leaned in, Alisa idly rested a hand on his arm, kissing his other cheek in return as she added:

"Hmmm~?", her interest piqued, Alisa's focus turned away from her family. Kenzo's sudden arrival earned her curiosity, but now he had her full attention. When he slipped away from them, Alisa took the cue, turning back to the three and excusing herself, "Excuse me for a few minutes will you? I'll be back shortly~"

Strength is also Beauty

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Lee Nakamura
Lee's Outfit:

Ragtime's outfit:

Lee laid in her room, nervous. She had not been to any form event since well...ever. Dressing up was something she never was good at. Her mother was always the one making the calls on her hair and outfits. Now that she wasn't here to do it, she was left alone. Ragtime had gotten tired of her trying to choose an outfit. He huffed and controlled her body picking something that would go good with her hair and eyes. It was a simple, but elegant black dress that was long with a small sparkle. "There, black. Simple yet sexy, but also, brings out your inner beauty. Now, put it on while I go get ready."

She was given control again and now felt his presence to be absent. Lee did as she was told and put on the dress. It hugged her torso a little too much, showing her curves and figure. It fanned out downward near her feet. The most stunning part was her kitsune tails. All of them were laid out. Thankfully, they were not as fluffy as some other kitsunes and more slender out of the way. Her fox ears were perked up as she heard footstep from behind her then a simple knock.

"Lee, I am ready." She opened the door to see a tall, gentle men with long blonde hair with an eyepatch. He gave a smirk of confidence. Her face contorted into a weird expression. Ragtime? What are you doing?"

"The one and only! Now take my arm, my lady. We shall go to a ball" he held out his arm. He was in fancy, expensive armor that a long, fluffy cape. Confused still, she hesitatly too his arm. "I thought you couldn't be seen by other's besides me" she hissed. He gave a small smirk and pushed the hair out of his eyes. "Yeah, but I can possess people still besides you. Though, this is only temporary. Also, this is the guard Miles send with you. Hot isn't he?" Lee's face went flush red.

"Ragtime, I am going to kill you. Let Vilkas go, his body is not yours!" She threatened the spirit, but he shrugged and smiled. "Nah, this is much more fun. Now, let's go" he spoke as he pushed open the doors. Immediately, there were people from all over Fiore here. She smelled familiar scents and new ones. The demi-human became overwhelmed. She grew a little stage fright as her eyes shifted to find someone she knew. Ragtime laid a careful hand on her shoulder. "Knock it off, no one's looking at us. Let's go make everyone jealous of our dancing" he spoke. He guided her to the dancefloor and took the lead. Lee was amazed with his dancing that she forgot everything around her.

"Let's see...I see Kurisa, Tempris, your guildmaster, Judith, and the guildmaster of Fairy Tail. Anyone of those would be good for conversation. I think people are staring too." he spoke. "Shush and keep dancing! I will talk when I am ready. Will you knock it off you bull" Lee hissed. Ragtime knew his was not right and ended the  dancing. He walked over to find Tempris. Hello Tempris, what are you doing? smiled Ragtime. Of course, no body knew who he was, which was great for him. In a response, LeeAnn smacked him upside the head. "Tempris, I am sorry about him. He's is not well-mannered for a man his age. Anyways, finally, a face I can talk to without feeling...overwhelmed" she smiled. Earlier she noticed the girl spying on a lich, the kitsune tilted her head and shrugged. "Tempris, get out of there. Let's go somewhere...that's not getting you suspcious" she spoke. Gently, she guided the girl away from her hiding spot to a place where she could talk. Of course, Ragtime would not stop. "My name is Vilkas, a personal guard for Lady Nakamura, the fire queen herself" he spoke, bowing. He was being a little shit in Lee's perspective. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. "Tempris, let's go find your guildmaster, shall we" she spoke.

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Sugma Ball [ESG] MVZHtc3

“Okay,” said the paladin and linked her arm with Kenzo’s. The ball was absolutely grand and a part of her still couldn’t believe that this was real – that she was here, attending such fancy festivities wearing pretty dresses and holding hands with a handsome knight. To be born into slavery only to escape and evolve from it was quite the feat–if I do say so myself–and Rania felt blessed to be the person who had accomplished all that.

The mage wore a gorgeous black dress that matched the dark, silken colour of her wonderfully long hair. Golden ornaments adorned her attire and a beautiful–and very expensive–diadem rested atop of her head. A pair of emerald earrings, a colour to match her eyes, rounded up the look and after entering the premises Rania felt glad to have put so much effort into her outfit – everyone else was looking fabulous as well.

That, and as a member of Blue Pegasus Rania had a reputation to maintain.

Without hesitating, the warrior then proceeded to drag her from one person to the next. He offered her a glass of champagne, which she gratefully accepted, before he went ahead and approached the hostess of the ball. Rania didn’t know Kurisa personally, but her persona was known among the land of Fiore and the paladin politely curtsied the much taller woman and her companion.

The couple was headed for Alisa’s location next and Rania used the moment to take a quick sip from her glass. “There’s a lot of people here,” she said quietly to Kenzo and looked up at the blue haired man. “They must have invited almost the whole country.” There was a hint of admiration in her voice and wonderment written all over her pretty face. Kenzo and Rania approached Alisa shortly after and the paladin felt relieved seeing her guild master again. “It’s so good to see you,” she greeted her with a respectful bow and approached the voluptuous woman for a hug. “I’m sorry for being gone so long, please allow me to resume my duties as a Blue Pegasus member from here on.” She had written Alisa a letter to inform her about her upcoming travels, but Rania still sometimes worried that “simply disappearing” was considered rude.

It appeared that Kenzo and Alisa had urgent matters to discuss and even though Rania was curious and eager to learn what was being spoken about, she decided to hold herself back for now. Perhaps there was someone else on the ball she could spend some time with. Instinctively, she began looking around for familiar faces.


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Jove Augustus
Jove had moved through the crowd, hoping to become lost in obscurity. With the peak of wizarding society at all corners of the room and the gaps rife with nobility, there would be no reason for someone such as himself to stand out. Even when he chose to go all out, wearing his best and taking the time to attempt sculpting his image, the realm which these titans stood in was simply too different. He was a simple salaryman at heart.

Yet despite feeling as if he did nothing to stand out, it seemed that situations simply attracted themselves to him. He found himself in a low speed collision with another attendant. A few splashes of bright amber liquid found itself on his chest, though it was no bother. Glancing down at the new stains and then back up at the man, Jove had opened his mouth to speak. Before words could form, he noticed the man before him acting rather odd. He looked around as if paranoid in nature, and quickly closed the distance to wipe away the accidental mess.

In close proximity, the man motioned at a far wall. Following with his eyes, Jove would see an opening that led into another part of the venue. There was nothing indicating for him that it was the bathroom, and the way it was attached to the extravagant ballroom made it seem like it was simply the direction to another part of the celebration. A sigh escaped his lips, and the rune knight simply nodded. He didn't know why he was being requested somewhere, but he knew a look of distress when it stained his clothes.

With that, Jove would push gently away from the man and make his way away from the bathrooms, still unaware of their true nature. Noel had gone through all the effort to ensure that his motions were secretive, the least Jove could do was not make it blatantly obvious.

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Khalfani †
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Tonight was going to be an interesting night, to say the least. Khalfani was getting ready in a room they had actually bought himself, you know, from using their hard earned money. It was funny really, because the last time they were in Stella they had murdered their slave masters. Oddly enough he wasn't anxious being back in this country. In fact, they felt safer than ever...after all, Odin would be here and they were sure that the Lich would kill anyone who tried to harm them- or so they hoped at least. Besides, Khal was well aware of the political state this nation was in. They weren't worried about them, Stella was literally in the middle of a war or something. Today Fani would be wearing something extremely different than what people would expect at a ball. In honor of Empyrean Divine's culture, Khalfani wore a kimono. His fashion-sense was definitely going to...stand out? Hopefully not. The Kimono was moon-colored, with a fan tucked in the silk raspberry tie around their waist. The Desiertan hesitated to bring their gun. This ball was supposed to be a safe space, but even with Odin being there they still wanted to prepare for the worst. So, with no further hesitation they shrugged and placed their gun in the holster inside the kimono. Their armor was safely tucked and hidden behind the fabric as well.

Tonight Khalfani felt...expensive. Their hair was styled with in a bun, wrapped in braids as their bang draped like curtains over their face. They smelled good too, which wasn't always a luxury the young knight had. With a slight smile on their face, Khal walked through the doors of the hall that had been opened by the previous guest; a woman. They slid inside with a few other unknown individuals like a snake. Immediately their mouth opened. Slowly, the brown skinned teenager walked deeper into the ball. People were dancing and chatting, but they were amazed mostly by the scenery. The guild mistress throwing this party had some real heavy cashflow if she could afford all of this. Khalfani looked around slowly, finding tables placed around the hall and drinks on the other side of the room. Overwhelmed by everything, the hunter scratched the back of their head. They knew hardly nobody in this bitch. 14 was too young of an age to drink, but man...they wanted a shot or two to "take the edge off", or whatever the adults say.

Ahead of them they could see a skull floating atop a suit. Odin! they thought. Relief. An immediate sense of relief filled their body as they lightly released a sigh. Accompanying the Wizard Lord was a woman. Fani couldn't exactly tell who she was, but she was definitely important. Maybe that was Odins woman? Perhaps she was the reason why the old fuck didn't come with them to this ball. With a twisted expression Khal slowly made their way towards their fathers direction- that was before a little girl stopped in front of the Lich. Why is she grillin' him? Khalfani thought. Naturally, they didn't like that. So as they walked towards Odin and who they suspected to be his girlfriend, Khal walked between the girl and another pair of unknown folks as they spoke. "Watch it." Fani would say, mean-mugging the blondie just after one of the other individuals talking to her introduced themselves.

Finally catching up to the guild master of Eternal nightmare, Khalfani gently pushed his back. "You could've waited for me." they said coldly. Granted Khal's appearance changed drastically, Odin had been updated on all of Khal's new changes- if Odin had read the letters, that was. "I don't know any of these people.


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