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Exil de Raion Ier a Sainte-Fierdos (Travel)

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Exil de Raion Ier a Sainte-Fierdos (Travel) Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:19 am


Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

It had been time to move on from this place. Fierdos Girdle - the place of the dead. No mortals wandered this place, leaving Noels thirsting ambition unquenched. The heat was insurmountable as well, no real estate agent was to ever be found here.

That was fine. He has had his peace, it was time to return to the land of the mortals - the one place he belonged. Putting himself in exile for so long was over the trauma he has inflicted upon others - despite thinking himself as a good guy, this was a self inflicted punishment. While not being quite the Bonapartiste, he figured his job in Fiore wasn't quite done.

His next place of destination was Hosenka - a settlement not having caught his eye until months ago, when a new guild had seemed to make the place their home. Though rumors of this guild has long since perished, what once was called Daeva Eye - the title in which many female wizards associated themselves with. Including his new fling.

Noel traveled on horseback to Hosenka, his backpack filled with the trinkets used to survive the past few months in the region of an exploding volcano. On horseback he traveled, all the way to the center of Hosenkas night life. Now donning the visage of an much older man, it seems his magical youth had expired - and he was back to his old visage.


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