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Hildegard the Beastmaster (Support:Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Hildegard the Beastmaster (Support:Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:10 am

Miyamoto Akuma
That one time Akuma strolling around in the wood with Hildegard alone, they’re enjoying the view and the vibes in that cal forest. They talk about how this throne “competition” should bring the best potential of the people of Bosco. This should bring peace instead of war. Akuma agree to help supporting Hildegard because he believes that the system of Hildegard’s rulership will be beneficial for Akuma in the future. The rulership of Hildegard, Bosco would turn to tribal federalism. Since Bosco consists out of fragmented populations, Hildegard believes that regions within Bosco should be able to govern themselves with their laws. Though, in order to avoid opposing factions warring against each other, the regional governments must adhere to the laws of the central governments. As title, Hildegard would become Chieftain Hildegard. She will keep the conquered regions from Stella and allow them to participate as part of the federal system as well. In order to see representation, Hildegard will allow each region to elect one representative to move to the capital and play an important role in Boscosi politics. Akuma believe that with this system, it will be easier for him to have an advantage “business” in Bosco and that would be very beneficial for Akuma and his future partners. Akuma doesn’t mean no harm to this country, especially if Hildegard really become the ruler of Bosco, but Akuma also move and act base on his own beneficial prospects. Maybe not a materialistic benefits, but a connection to the ruler of Bosco is basically a big benefits for him.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

Hildegard the Beastmaster (Support:Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:10 am

Miyamoto Akuma
Akuma has been around supporting Hildegard for a while now, but he is different from the other supporter in the closest circle to Hildegard. Akuma know that there are some people that really close to Hildegard and they are the closest supporter. But Akuma never met any of them, he did see them hanging around with Hildegard one day in the forest high place enjoying their time, but Akuma choose leave them and focus on his journey. But in fact Akuma is also close to Hildegard, and she knows that Akuma doesn’t really good at socialising with other people so she never force him to meet any of the others. Hildegard also treat Akuma differently, she knows that Akuma will enjoy the calm time alone in the forest, she usually come by herself when she want to meet up with Akuma to talk about anything. Hildegard sometimes remind him that he should try to trust others and be friend with someone instead of stay being alone the whole time. They usually strolling in the forest looking for beasts that might want to assist them and help supporting Hildegard for the throne. This time they found a whole pack of beasts, like a whole family of beast. They look calm and harmless, they might notice the atmosphere around Hildegard since they are not that far from each other. This presence of Hildegard always able to calming down the beast around her. Akuma can feel the calmness from that presence all the time, that’s why he likes to be around Hildegard.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

Hildegard the Beastmaster (Support:Hildegard the Beastmaster)[Solo] Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:10 am

Miyamoto Akuma
This situation is still unexplainable for Akuma, even though he stay around Hildegard for some times now he still can’t explain how this possible. He doesn’t know if Hildegard cast and sustain a spell to make this calm atmosphere all the time, or maybe it’s just the way she is, or it’s a natural ability she born with. But this situation is still a mystery for Akuma every single time he see this happening. Akuma was always amazed to this situation, this time he can get the job done without even to contact Hildegard and report the beast in the forest. Hildegard then somehow communicate with those beast and was able to make them agree to assist her with the throne. This ability to tame beast is super amazing and useful, who else get an assist from the beasts that roaming in the woods besides her and that could be a big help to distribute the support from the towns to her and the other way around. Akuma get to see this process most of the time and still amazed. Hildegard then ask those beast to go to the nearest town and protect that town, Hildegard give them some symbol so the people of that town can identify that beast as one of Hildegard’s. Those beast obey her order and go together as a pack. What a breath taking moment to see for Akuma, they then continue their talk and their walk in the woods until Hildegard tell Akuma that she have to meet with the others and offer him to come with her this time so finally meet the others. Surprisingly Akuma agree to come with Hildegard, he think that he can trust the people that Hildegard trust.


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