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Sabotage: Hildegard the Beastmaster

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Sabotage: Hildegard the Beastmaster Empty Tue Jul 13, 2021 6:51 pm

Stationed out into the forest with his companion Panther Lily, Shichiro was doing his best to keep himself out of view from other people. He was in a forest that was known to be home to Demi-humans and Wood Elves of Bosco. He was sent on a covert operation today, tasked with destroying the food source of Hildegard's beast companions. He wasn't sure what they were used for nor did he care when he took the job but all he knew was the mission he was given had to be carried out if they wanted Reiner to pull ahead for whatever reason they had.

Laying on his stomach under some shrubbery he was using as cover, Shichiro figured it was best if he let his animal companion do some scouting and if possible, the entirety of the mission himself since he was smaller, agile and it would be easier to conceal himself in the forests and the trees. Panther Lily simply nodded at the request before fastening his sword properly onto his back before he crawled out of the shrubbery and headed towards the stables of the town they were watching from. Shichiro had watched his companion go before he decided it was time for him to check the equipment he was given.


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Watching Panther Lily disappear under the cover of darkness, Shichiro had begun to check his equipment. Pulling back into the shrubbery under the cover of night, he was given a tinder box and a small canteen of oil that he was to use strategically in various parts of the area. There were three locations to hit and he was supposed to get them all by the time dawn came. After checking his equipment, he was ready to move out as soon as his companion returned. The thing was, in his mission briefing. He knew how many he was supposed to destroy and the general location of where the stables were located.

Unfortunately for him, it was up to them to find out the exact location of the target objectives. After what felt like some hours, Panther lily had returned to report he had found all three of what looked like stables to him. He also found what looks like a warehouse for the demi-humans and wood elves. it wasn't the main objective but it was something they could also hit to further weaken the supporters. Shichiro nodded at this information and prepared to make a few trips to the stables and possibly the warehouse.


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Panther Lily also provided Shichiro some information about the guard patrols, the best routes to each stable and potential hiding spots should he be in trouble. On another note, he also mentioned there were two stables that it was easier if Shichiro did alone while another he himself can do alone. Nodding, Shichiro decided he would go and take care of the one Panther lily had recommended he'd do by himself. He didn't need the Tinder box and oil since he was capable of using a spell for fire so he gave it to Panther Lily. With that, they had both split up to take care of their respective objectives.

After starting a fire in two of the stables, they had met up at the last one in order to begin burning that one, lastly moving to the storage warehouse where the enemy camp kept a majority of the food. It was part of the main objective but he figured it would earn him brownie points if he completed the secondary objective as well. After burning that down, Shichiro sulked back under the cover of night in order to hide out until dawn. He'd then return to where he came from, taking the long route in order to try and rid himself of would be pursuers.


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