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Handsome Pageant [ESG]

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Handsome Pageant

It was around six at night as the sun was barely showing. People were roaming outside, trying to get inside due to the news of Stella's first Handsome Pageant. As always, when there was something huge going on or new a reporter shows up as all could hear before entering.

On today's news, Stella is holding up a Handsome Pageant. That's right folks! A handsome Pageant. So if you ladies wanna come over and oogle some men then this is the right spot. Empyrean Divine is hosting as the Guildmaster has invited all guilds of Fiore to join. The reporter woman winked cutely as she then went over to the building. The entrance was different than the woman's Pageant. The floor was made of gold and white marble that lead up to the stage and back area where all contestants will change, prepare, and can even communicate with each other.  The lights make the area appear blue as it follows the contestants each step.

Everyone that isn't a contestant can be seen roaming around, grabbing food and drinks before the show begins. The judges sit down on their chairs going through paperwork with their faces covered. They feel nervous or do the judges just not want people to know who they are? I guess we will never find out. Perhaps we should go and get ready as well! I'm excited to see how ho- I mean good these men are looking. As it appears the only men that showed up are from the well-known Rune Knights and infamously known Eternal Nightmare., she ended it there. The reporter goes in to wait to see the show. The judges were now ready to watch and judge. During this time people were now hesitantly waiting.

All the contestants were sent a letter of the three themes they will be judged on; Beach Attire, Bad Boy, and Sweet Theme!

As the contestants come out one by one, the judges ask them a question. Each judge with their own unique question.

Judge 1
"What makes you different from the other men competing today?"

Judge 2
"If you had the worlds attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?"

Judge 3
"Where is a place that you call home, but do not sleep in."


  • Rather it's in this topic or your own, you must type up at least 2000 words getting ready and showcasing your outfits that match the Judge's theme. Don't worry, there are questions as well!~

  • Once everyone has met the requirements the judges will comment on everyone's outfits and reveal the points on this topic.

  • If you choose to do your own topic, please still post the link here alongside a roleplay post of you gathering with the other contestants on the stage.


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"It's finally time, Beelzebub. All our hard work is paying off."

"I think you mean YOUR hard work. I've been opposed to this blatant waste of time from the moment the thought bounced into your head." Zane and Beelzebub bickered inside of the dark mage's head as usual, the pair leaning against the wall of dressing room. They definitely looked pretty odd already: a guy standing against a wall making a frustrated, angsty face while all of the other contestants spent their time waiting by doing normal things... the closest you could get to "normal" while in the country of Fiore, anyways. "Enough arguing! Can't you pause our bickering old married couple dynamic for an hour or two and just support me?! After a short pause Beelzebub let out a sigh full of pity, his short little fly-arms (technically legs) dropping a little. Zane liked to imagine Beelzebub as a fly that hovered around him these days. The demon wasn't actually there mind you, just a soul that rested inside Zane's head. Zane simply just liked to imagine it.

He definitely wasn't going crazy, by the way.

"Fine, for ONE day... I'll... I'll... I'll!" Beelzebub let out a little gag. "I'll support you! There! Augh, I said it! We must make sure to pick up some mouthwash on the way home..." Zane shook his head. "Nah, mouthwash is super expensive around here. They really jack up the prices for tourists. Especially devious when you consider the fact that they serve a lot of garlic dishes in the area too." Beelzebub seemed intrigued, raising his 5000 fly eyes all at once. "Oh, I'm quite fond of that idea. It seems some Earthlanders are intelligent after all."

It was definitely something that resonated quite well with both Zane and Beelzebub. Thanks to his demon friend Zane had begun to feel an intense affinity for greed, always coming up with a million different schemes to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. And he wanted a lot of things. Speaking of a lot of things, Zane had been eyeing that large pack of donuts in the center table of the room for a while. It didn't hurt to take what you wanted every once in a while, right? Waltzing up to the pack of donuts as though he owned the place, Zane immediately swiped the entire box with his grubby hands, Beelzebub landing his cute little insect legs on its lid. "I'll be taking these, gentlemen. Your bodies sure do look like they could use some work after all. I'll take the hit for you guys. Thank me later." Zane began to return to his little corner, opening up the pack of donuts and beginning his feast while he was on his way.

Ironically enough he was arguably the least fit person in this room... at least among the alive ones anyways.

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Shichiro's Handsome Pageant

Lining up with the rest of the contestants, Shichiro was wearing whichever attire was going to be judged first. As the contestants lined up, he was unsure if he recognized any of them or not but he guess that wasn't important. One by one, the contestants had walk out onto the runway in order to display their attires and walks until it got to Shichiro's turn. He would also do the say, following the instructions of Fernando as best as he could. He was confident enough in his stride to feel like he was doing a good job in the limited amount of time they had to show off. After all of the participants had present themselves. The judges had a series of questions for the contestants. After a few people had their turns, it was finally Shichiro's time to answer. The first judge had asked Shichiro, "What makes you different from the other men competing today?" 

Shichiro decided to keep it short, sweet and overall be brutally honest. "Well, to be honest, I wasn't here by choice, I lost a bet and here I am. Turns out, this is actually a lot more fun than I gave it credit for." Afterwards, the second judge asked the question, "If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?" Shichiro had to think about this for a second. He wasn't really interested in the world's attention, actually quite the opposite. Well, if he could have the world's attention he would say something generic being, "I am Shichiro Uchida, Kingsguard of the Rune Knights. We live to serve and to protect the good citizens' way of life. Also, check out my master's workshop. He's got quality weapons and armor for sale. I make some pretty decent stuff for myself so feel free to check out my wares as well for a cheap price." Shichiro couldn't help but chuckle at his shameless plug. And the last judge had asked him a question

Lastly, the final judge had asked, "Where is a place that you call home, but do not sleep in?" This was an easy one for him. He'd simply respond with, "Sieghart Mountains." The wilderness in general really. He loved to be on the road, traveling for a long time and he could enjoy being in the mountains for a long time if he had too. Unfortunately, when he had gained ranks in the Rune Knights, he had gotten used to living a lavish lifestyle so he couldn't really enjoy things like camping anymore, at least by himself. With that, those were the answers to his questions and he stepped back in line for the others to take their turns answering the questions.



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Jove Augustus
Jove made his way to the stage in his normal work fashion. He wore a light pink button up shirt, sleeves folded up to his elbows. His pants were brown, with a dark brown leather belt blending the top and bottom halves. His shoes were of the same color as his pants, and all in all, his appearance was very bland. He wasn't usually one who put a ton of thought into his appearance. He could, of course. He was definitely capable of considering fashion and putting together looks which not only looked well aesthetically, but had an idea behind them which people could think of when they saw the look. This would be a place in which he would need to show that, it seemed.

---The Pageant---

He had completed the pageant, as he had set out to do. He wasn't sure if he would win, or if his looks would even be appreciated, but he assumed that he would find out shortly whether or not he was rated well. He had answered the questions honestly, and had done his absolute best. That was all he could do, and now there was only to wait.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo prepared himself to enter the stage and show off his strange costume created by Medmar the Magnificent - the butterflies within the monk's stomach were aching but they were nothing compared to the hot lights the monk felt through the curtains of the stage. Even backstage the curtains were not enough to stop the lights from creating a heatwave, "My goodness, these lights are hot - I wonder if they will remember to announce my name?"

The monk was a little late to register the previous day for the Handsome Pageant, but he was able to register nonetheless - they were closing but the monk sprinted for the life of him to make the registration time. They appreciated his diligence and let him sign up - the monk was happy to even be a part of this event and was appreciating every second, especially if he could show off Medmar's designs. Hopefully they were acceptable for a Handsome Pageant - most would think they are more appropriate for a costume party, but the monk did not know because this was his first ever Handsome Pageant!

Only time could tell if the monk's efforts to find the seamstress, Medmar the Magnificent, would pay off. With only a few more minutes left to present himself with his first outfit, the monk remembered the thrill of proposing the idea of a Handsome Pageant to the elusive seamstress...


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Karisa looked through the papers as she was going through the answers again. She passed them onto the other two judges to see what they thought and at first, it was a hard choice between two people specifically, but in the end they found their winner. Her black eyes gazed at the four contestants as she didn't want to play favorites towards a specific one, so it couldn't be him. With that, she went off with the other judges as they stood up and walked off to go towards the Beauty Pageant. Slowly, she stood up with her hands against the table. Her body leaned over as both hands were on the two people's scripts of what they said and what their outfits were.

A beautiful smile went across her lips as she then stood up straight, arms crossed against her chest. "I thank you for joining this Pageant everyone,~", she left the table's side and grabbed the rewards that were in a large basket - filled with jewels and miscellaneous rewards. "The winner of the Handsome Pageant goes to Jove!~", She gave a gentle smile while handing him the winner's reward in hopes that it was good enough to be satisfied with.


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