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Beauty Pageant [ESG]

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Beauty Pageant

On a sweet afternoon where the lights start turning and the moon starts climbing people start their arrival at the Stage of Beauty. People around the world come here to share their appearance and gaze at the beauty of other Countries. It was reported that many people from Fiore were coming here to reveal to Stella how beauty even looks. Rolling down the red carpet to enter the large building of white stone with red rims. Once all are inside they are introduced by an escort that will show them to their room to change and get ready till their name is called.

The judges are left unknown besides the fact they are fellow Fiorians with the ethnicity of different cultures. They will not be found out till the showcase starts as they don't want the contestants to get favored! The reporter winks as she reported this. The stage is a true beauty, fitting for the lovely Queens that are joining us today. The stage is lilac-colored with some pink tinting to it. The mainframe is a collision of hearts. Behind the frames and Screen where the audience can see the clearness of each beauty are decorations of black and gold with blue lighting. Within time, the audience is seated, judges are preparing and waiting as the contestants reveal their fashion and answers.

All the contestants were sent a letter of the three themes they will be judged on; Beach Attire, Bunny Outfit, and Flower Theme!

As the contestants come out one by one, the judges ask them a question. Each judge with their own unique question.

Judge 1
"What are your thoughts on world-famous mage     "Christian Zane"? Asking for a friend haha."

Judge 2
"What makes you different from the other girls competing today?"

Judge 3
"If you had the worlds attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?"

Judge 4
"Where is a place that you call home, but do not sleep in."


  • Rather it's in this topic or your own, you must type up at least 2000 words getting ready and showcasing your outfits that match the Judge's theme. Don't worry, there are questions as well!~

  • Once everyone has met the requirements the judges will comment on everyone's outfits and reveal the points on this topic.

  • If you choose to do your own topic, please still post the link here alongside a roleplay post of you gathering with the other contestants on the stage.


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Tempris stood in the changing room with a pink face. She never be apart of a guild event nor has she had to partake in something so... public. She could hear the voices of the crowds cheering. She could hear the loud applause. All these sinner wanted to see everyone everyone dress up and answer questions. Why could this not be a contest on who can purge sin. She was sure she could do well at that.

Tempris held up the first outfit she had to wear. It was a two piece bikini and a sun hat. The hat was beige with a light pink ribbon that circled the crown of the hat. The ribbon was tied into a bow with two streamer 2 thin white lines ran across the ribbon, one on top and one on the bottom. Inside the hat was a shell and starfish hair accessory and a translucent . The shell was a light purple with five pearls and the star fish was pink wrist band. Behind where the outfit was hang and resting on the wall was a inner tube decorated to look like a strawberry glazed donut with sprinkles of purple, green, blue, and yellow. The top of the bikini resembled a white crop top with blue plaid strips. Pink ruffles hanged from the bottom of the top and covered the opening on the top, folding into ribbon over her chest. Underneath to top pink ruffles was a layer of white ruffles which hide the straps on her shoulders. The bottom piece for the bikini was a skirt which covered a pink bottom piece. The skirt was white with blue plaid stripes and had skirt layer underneath which was a half a inch longer than the plaid skirt. There was a light pink ban at the top which would hug the wearers body and a pink ribbon tied into a bow on the right. When wearing this outfit.

Tempris was suppose to let her hair down and not wear a veil. It was so revealing, so no fair. A woman knocked on the door before entering. She was suppose to support Tempris through the event but the girl would have preferred if someone she knew was here, like Fala or maybe. The woman snapped the girl out of her thoughts and picked up her hat. Tempris groan while picking up her hair pieces and darting to the mirror. Then she undressed and put on her bikini. She felt cold though not the normal cold that haunted her all her life. This was simply the lack of clothes combined with air conditioner. Goosebumps ran up her arm as she pushed her hand through to equip her bracelet. was a nice color, probably her favorite part of the outfit. Finally, she put on her hat and grabbed her inner tube. The woman signaled 5 minutes before she had to line up. This was going to be such a drag but she had to do it. She had to be... friendly.

With a smile on her face, Tempris looked at the woman so she could give her one final look. Once passed her strict list, the girl quickly moved out her room. Hugging her inner tube tightly she kept her head down hoping nobody would look at her. Then she waited in waiting room for her name to be called out. The woman came out, running through the list of things Tempris was suppose to do while out there. The most important thing was to smile but how could she when the air was chilly. Her name was called and the woman gently pushed the girl forward.
"Remember to smile."

Tempris walked out with an innocent smile on her face. This was the same smile many men and woman would witness before they left this realm to see Illumin free of sin. A warm expression filled with a lust for retribution and forgiveness, it was the girl's only tool to safety move Fiore till now. Now, it was her weapon to hide her feelings for this whole event. Her inner tube hanged at her left side so that her outfit could clearly be seen by the judges and the audience. Once she reached her spot, she shifted it to her shoulder and supported it with her other hand. Then she tilted her head and giggled.
"Ready for a swim!" She then winked at the crowd and then held out her right hand as she was asking them to join her.
Beauty Pageant [ESG] _oshin10

When she was finished, she left the stage. Her face turned completely pink as soon as she was out of site. She could not believe what she did. It was frighten and all those eyes looking at her made her back feel like a highway for bugs. Fortunately that part was over. Unfortunately, the next part was going to be worst. The outfit this time was suppose to be a bunny outfit. It was something she never seen or heard before. It did not look like any bunny to her outside of the bunny ear on the white head band and the bunny tail. The outfit itself was basically a dark purple strapless corset teddy basically a garment that covered the torso and crouch area; white bunny hears attached to a white headband, black pantyhose, a white collar with a red bow that would go around her neck, white cuffs, white fluffy cotton tail, and dark purple  1 inch heels. when wearing this outfit, she would be carrying a plate filled with different donuts and her nails would be painted pink. The bottom of the teddy above her thigh would be a thin ribbon which would hang in front of the wearer on their right side.

Giving how easy it was to put on this outfit despite the many parts, Tempris had a little time to take a breather and pray. She could feel the sin that radiated from the costume and she would need her lord's help to not set herself on fire. Before she could finish asking for strength, her assistant came in to assist her putting on the outfit. There was a lot that could go wrong apparently so she made sure everything was pristine. Also she wanted to paint Tempris's nails given how little the young girl used make-up. With all that done, the woman gave Tempris a warning, not to eat the donuts. It would be bad to get crumbs on the outfit or have icing on her face while still presenting. Plus apparently, this was something people wore if they were waiters. Tempris wondered about that fact but she did not have time to challenge it. She just sat tight and made her best attempts to pray under the strict eye of the woman.

"5 minute warning!" The woman's voice triggered Tempris to jump up. She slapped her cheeks and then picked up the silver platter of donuts. Then she carefully walked out of her room. In the waiting room she held up the platter with one hand, rehearsing her movements with the assistant. The woman then gave tips on how to walk so that she doesn't break her heal or roll her ankle. There was one minute left and she gave her final piece of advice.
"Remember to smile."

Tempris strutted across to the stage if only to get more used to this style of walking. When the crowd and judges, Tempris put on a cheeky smile. Her assistant said it was to build a character. She even said Tempris should chew bubble gum but the girl drew the line at that. She didn't know how to actually blow a bubble with gum and didn't want to admit it.

She held the platter of donuts and strutted out to the crowd. Once in her position she lowered the plate and took a donut off the top of the pile. Then she moved it to her mouth and pretend she would take a bite only to stop.
"Order's ready master!"

Beauty Pageant [ESG] 68605110

Inside the girl was grueling. To say such a thing was complete blasphemy and she wanted to bath in a tub of fire. However her assistant promised that this was the best way to impress the judges and score maximum points and win. She did not know what that meant but she wanted to win. At least, if she had to suffer this embarrassment.

Finally she was back in her room and she never stripped faster in her life. The final outfit would be the outfit she would wear for the rest of the pageant and luckily for Tempris, it was something a little more comfortable and less embarrassing. However, her hair would have to be tided into a braid. Due to the braid the assistant was already in her room and in Tempris's hair. The girl wanted a break, a brief moment to herself but the woman insisted that there was not much. Tempris groaned and sat down, in hopes that the woman would be satisfied quicker if she got started faster.

It took a bit of time but the woman finished. The woman dotted her braid with white flower hair pieces and a red bow with yellow stitching at the end. The outfit itself was a red paperboy hat with a daisy looking flower attached on the front left part of the hat, a red cloak which cover her shoulders that had beige
ruffles stitched at the bottom of the cloak and and a red and beige ribbon with a white flower in the middle holding the cloak together above Tempris's chest, A beige apron with red flowers lining the bottom, a large brown band under her chest with 2 pairs of 6 yellow buttons running down the middle in parallel, a large red and beige ribbon matching the one on her cloak behind her under the band, a red dress with yellow flowers lining the bottom, beige shorts, and brown boots with a tan toe covering. She also had a basket filled with yellow and white flowers. She was dressed and finally ready to go on stage.
"5 minute warning."

Tempris rushed to the waiting room. This time, she did not need to do anything specially. She just needed to act like a child. The assistant wanted the girl to skip and when she reached her spot, she had to appear as adorable as possible. Tempris nodded. This was almost over and all she had to do was appear cute. Apparently there was one more thing about this last run. She would be asked questions. Tempris giggled, knowing that answering questions could not be that hard.
"Remember to smile."

Tempris rolled her eyes as she planned her skipping motion. When her name was called, she skipped forward like the girl in the books about the wolf. Of course, she was not as helpless to any sinful beast. When she got to her spot, she picked up a flower and pretend to smell it. Then she showed off a big smile and said, "Spring's in bloom!"

Beauty Pageant [ESG] 89664210

It was now time to answer the questions.

For question one, Tempris had never heard of an "Christian Zane." However, something told her that it would be suicide to just say that. So she had to be nice, or at least she should.
"I am sure that Mr. Christian Zane is a person who has potential to do great things and if he were to ever go through a baptism of fire, he would be able to leave behind the chains which hold him back and truly become the person he was destine to be."

For question two, Tempris had to think of what made her different. Obviously she was blessed by Illumin which she doubted anyone else was but it would be sinful to brag about such a thing in a setting like this. She was granted this privilege to help people not gloat.
"What makes me different... I wish to help humanity overcome their pain. I want to bring warmth to the poor souls suffering in this cold world. I will save the world from the sin that clouds the sky and block out the light that gives strength and energy to all life."

For question three, Tempris had to think for a second. She hated attention, especially this level but she did think of something.
"No matter how alone you are, how cold your feel, how weak you feel you are, know that you are not alone. There are warm places, warm people out there that can help you. Only when you realize this can you find the strength to overcome your weakness. I know I have and I thank that special person for being there for me."

For question four, Tempris was not sure she could answer. For her, she never really had a home... at least one she would want to be at. Her story was dark and it was something she did not want to think about. So she needed an answer, something that could answer.
"Home... I been traveling most of my life so I never really settled down. Though if I had to choose... my home where I don't sleep is anywhere with the people who I have precious warm memories with!"

With that the questions were over and Tempris returned to her room to relax till the judging was over.


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Now there's a surprise... Quite honestly, Alisa had no idea Kurisa was into this sort of thing. Had somebody close to her persuaded it was a good idea...? It wasn't necessarily a bad one by any stretch of the word, considering none of the contestants were in any way required to participate. Alisa for one hadn't exactly planned for it in any way, she merely threw her name in the sign ups at last minute on a whim. While winning the contest would indeed be a pleasant turn of events, for the most part she'd just appreciate the chance to admire her opponents once they put their hearts into doing their best. Nothing really changed for Alisa Vollan, after all, that was exactly how she lived each and every day: To act and look her best, each day better than the last. The idea of making a contest out of it seemed utterly baffling, for it was tantamount to people looking their best only because there was a contest to be held, which stood in direct opposition to what she herself stood for. At the same time... Alisa had to admit... Seriousness aside, this could be pretty fun couldn't it~...? When her name was called, she stepped on stage with a smile on her hand, flipping that long, lustruous black ponytail behind her shoulders.

Beauty Pageant [ESG] 38b1zOC

First off, beach outfit hmmm~...? Before stepping out on stage, Alisa channeled her power through her wedding ring, accessing the pocket dimension it connected to before pulling out a rather daring choice of swimsuit, something that might have at some point been a proper piece of sportsweat but now reduced to little more than a daring sling. Short of actual nudity, Alisa Vollan had never been shy about showing some skin, and that's an understatement in this case, when her chosen swimsuit bared most of her taut, toned midriff and most of her cleavage, only tightly enough to hold itself in place as her bountiful bust rippled with every single step as the proud sculptress flaunted the body she spent every waking moment honing through endless training. After walking across the catwalk though, Alisa vanished from sight momentarily, once again channeling the power in her ring and changing outfits once more...

Beauty Pageant [ESG] CzMkjEG

Next up, bunny suit... Alisa smiled... She had to admit, she loved what these kind of outfits did to her legs, a simple, form fitting unitard that sat high upon the flare of her hips, baring those long, luscious legs in all their shapely glory while squeezing her generous curves in all the right ways, resulting in a flattering push up effect above. Alisa wore it comfortably, after all, she'd been wearing these costumes in just about every easter party in Blue Pegasus... In the end, she felt almost as comfortable in those as she did in her beloved purple swimsuit... But the final choice of outfit held a special place in her heart. This time, whether out of eagerness or showmanship, Alisa changed before stepping out of the stage, letting the audience watch as that glimmering light covered her her voluptuous visage, wrapping her head to toe with its dazzling gleam as she rose her arms up with a flourish, before turning right back around and presenting herself in a wedding dress...

Beauty Pageant [ESG] UfvueDC

A very floral themed wedding dress~... Something she'd only wore for Sofia and the few people fortunate enough to have been present at that secluded celebration. Unlike most wedding dresses, this one had a clear, sheer cutout up front, baring much of that washboard midriff, and most importantly, the proud stamp of Blue Pegasus. Only a glimpse after all, for after she was done showing off all the theme outfits, Alisa quickly changed back to the dress she'd picked specifically for the gala. Alisa sashayed coolly accross the stage for the last time, those wide, womanly hips to and fro in a sensual sway, sending that elegant gown fluttering left and right with every step:

"Good evening everyone~..! I hope you're having a wonderul Gala", greeted the sculptress, turning on one foot as her heel clacked across the stage when she finally turned to face the audience, "So... I'm an open book... What would you like to know about me~?"

She may not have gone out of her way to do anything different, but even then the silky, sultry wine red of her dress all but shimmering under the lights across the stage, a perfect match with the hue in her eyes as Alisa took her sweet time just striding across the center of the stage, allowing the audience to admire her as much as they desired before the judges asked at last:

"Ufufu... Is that seriously your first question~...? I'd say only a interesting man can have his name dropped so casually in a beauty pageant like this... But more importantly...", with an elegant raise of her hand in front of her mouth, Alisa's graceful chuckle echoed across the stage as her brow arched, almost baffled by the conspicuous line of questioning. With a faint smile and naught the slightest sliver of doubt as to where the question came from, Alisa winked towards the judge in question, "You can tell your friend that Christian Zane can come ask me himself after the pageant... I'll be waiting~"

Issuing her invitation, Alisa casually brushed a loose black strand behind her ear, shifting her weight onto one long, shapely leg as it slipped out through the slight in her skirt running down from her hip, baring but a few extra inches of that smooth skin, perfectly cared for as she calmly sat there with a cool faint smile, awaiting the next question:

"My name is Alisa Vollan, Crystal Demon Slayer. Guild Master of Blue Pegasus by profession, sculptress on my pasttime... I won't say it's impossible but if you do happen to find somebody you feel is exactly like me, I'd ask you to please send her my way~... I'd be thrilled to meet her.", she could have possibly come up with some half assed lines like people always say at these kind of contests, but... This one had been thrown by none other than her sister. Even if she otherwise might not have, this alone left the self reliant woman to speak from her heart, "I am who I am, that alone makes me different from anybody else around me."

The same holds true for anybody else after all, but as Alisa spoke, she showed no reservations in answering the judges directly, looking them them in the eye even if they happened to be close enough for her to see. She spoke calm and confidently as she always did, holding a conversation even as she stood high atop the stage. All the more so when the next Judge's question rang an awfully similar bell. After all, what Alisa would tell everyone listening... What could she tell them other than exactly the same thing she answered the judges about herself:

"Believe in yourself. Be proud of who you are. It may sound a bit cliché but there's a reason people say this. Everybody can idolize and mimic their favourite mages and guildmasters but... If you pour your heart and soul into something, you can be the best you that there is. And nobody can beat that. That's what it means to be beautiful.", once again, that melodious voice resonated across the stage as she spoke on her lacrima mic, deeper than most women like a smooth, vibrant mezzo-soprano, a soft glimmer in her eyes as she spoke hopefully, like some part of her hoped as many people could indeed hear her. So many people lost themselves in despair and self loathing, wallowing, stewing in it until they eventually diverted whatever energies they might have to lash out at those around them. Too many people did their damndest to tear down those around them to make themselves feel better, but... Blue Pegasus was different. Ever since she joined, she found a welcoming guild that nurtured people with all their their strenghts and weaknesses, their talents and inconsistencies, until they all could reach their own ideal, "In the end, no matter what you hear or what life throws your way... Never let anyone tell you you're not beautiful."

What Alisa stood for, first and foremost, was this. For people to strive to better themselves every day. To pursue their passions without any shortcuts. As she spoke, her smile widened at the thought of the very philosophy that helped her grow into the woman that now stood on stage, from a vindictive young girl to a happily married wife with nothing in her mind save for those she wanted to nurture and care for:

"There isn't one... Any place I wouldn't sleep in isn't home to me.", Alisa shook her head, realizing that her questions were probably not what the judges wanted to hear, but determined to speak her heart nonetheless as she once again looked to the audience and continued, "Home is where you come back to after a long, arduous journey, and however long you spent on the road, a place you know you'll find warm food and beds made. Somewhere to enjoy a warm meal with the people you love and have a good night's sleep, before you see what tomorrow has in store for you."

Still standing calmly at the center of the stage, Alisa's heart rose and fell as she took in the momentary pause to admire the splendour of the grand stage her sister had set up for themselves, nibbling her bottom lip as she couldn't help but think of what exactly she'd choose to wear for this. After so much trouble to set it up, she didn't imagine Kari would miss this for the world... Oh if only Sofia was here to see this~... Ultimately though, seeing how there were no other questions, Alisa merely bowed gracefully and smiled at the crowd once more:

"Thank you all for your attention~ I hope to see you all later on at the ball~", and with a wink and a graceful wave of her hand, Alisa strode off the stage from where she came, still hoping to meet the other contestants at some point.

Strength is also Beauty

"Summer dreams~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Beauty Pageant [ESG] CyhFjWA

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Don't they all look darling~? Lining up alongside her so-called competition and unable to hide a sneering curl in her lip as she did so, Charlotte Caldwell narrowed her emerald eyes as she looked over her rivals in the contest, and had to admit that some of them looked rather charming. Especially that skinny little thing that looked like she should have been in grade school. Someone give her a candy cane and send her on her way.
It must have taken them allllll day? Clearly seeming to appreciate the effort that they had gone to all the same given what she assumed they had started with, in some cases it seemed that they had defied the proverb and actually managed to polish up that which seemed to resistant to the process, and she was sure that in their own way each and every one of them were winners here. Just not, you know, in the way that came with laurels and cash prizes, you know?

Goodness, I do hope they don't expect to win~ Because of that the black beauty having to raise a hand and feign a cough as she tried to restrain the urge which she felt to cackle like a madwoman, one supposed that the greatest gift one could be given was to be compared to a goddess like herself, and so today she had been quite generous, hadn't she? Sure, they weren't about to win, but for a moment they knew what the glisten of true glamour was like, and ultimately that would be the real prize wouldn't it? Such a blessing to be the runner up to a woman like her, wasn't it?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

credit to nat of adoxography.

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