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Unexpectedly Easy Agreement II(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpectedly Easy Agreement II(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo] Empty Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:52 am

Miyamoto Akuma
But the night doesn’t went well, the news about Akuma unexpectedly spread to the ears of the Stellan rebel members. At a peaceful night when everyone asleep, and expecting the support from Hildegsard come in the morning, they start hear something between houses. The Stellan rebels start destroying stuff in the town, starting from public stuff outdoor. Doesn’t stop there, they start breaking into the houses and force everyone to come out with violance. They start asking everyone about the random guy from the forest that offer this town protect, where is that guy now, and who is backing him up. Some people who made it safe from those Stellan rebels try to get to Akuma as fast as they can. They warn Akuma about the attacked from the rebels and that they are looking for Akuma because of the news about Akuma helping this town. After he got that news, Akuma quickly move his leg and get to the central part of the town and stand against the rebels. Akuma then stop those rebels by saying that he is the one they’re looking for. Akuma got their attention and able to make them stop attacking the people of the town. They then start attacking Akuma without hesitation at all. Fire, water, ice, earth, lightning you kinda be able to see every element of magic at that fight coming from the members of the Stellan rebel. All of their attack force was focused on attacking Akuma and at this moment Akuma told everyone from this town to get to the safety area or houses to hide and protect themselves while Akuma fights against those rebels.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpectedly Easy Agreement II(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo] Empty Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:52 am

Miyamoto Akuma
Akuma then swings his arm downward to their side while chanting 悪魔の強さ and a magic seal appear above his sword. Black flames then shroud his sword and his fist. This magic provide him a strength buff of a D-rank, but doubled because of his class as the berserker. After that Akuma start running towards the enemies, he start avoiding those magic attack from the enemy. Luckily for Akuma, this people are not really strong to stop or seriously harm his life, they only have the advantage of number since Akuma was fighting alone and this fight become even because of that. Akuma start attacking and push them back one by one while avoiding the attack from the others. The strength buff he got from his spell help him knock his enemies easier. One by one, those enemies army start to fall down fighting against him. Akuma avoiding a fire ball coming from his left side, dashing forward towards another guy from the rebels and knock him down with the blunt side of his sword. After that Akuma quickly jump back to his previous position. That is his basic strategy to fight against all this people, to take care of them one by one and keeping distance so he will be able to see all his opponents on his sight. This strategy also help him to see his opponents attack faster and the distance give him more time to respond to it. His opponents start retreating back one by one after most of their people are knocked down by Akuma.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpectedly Easy Agreement II(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo] Empty Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:53 am

Miyamoto Akuma
At that moment, gladly the people of Hildegard come faster than expected. They came and fortunately they understand the situation quickly so the stop the rebels from running away, they stand behind them ready to launch their attack and that situation stopped the rebels from running away from that town. The situation instantly turned around and the advantage now is on the side of Akuma and Hildegard supporter cause now they have more power to fight the rebels. This surprise back up greatly help the people of the town as well, at the end those rebels finally give themselves up and choose to stop fighting. The people of that town can then come out from their hiding place safely, and they can see that the people of Hildegard are really there to help them, and Akuma can be trusted. The Stellan rebels then get caught and bring to some room as a prison to keep them in there for further interrogation later. The people of Hildegard help this town to clean up the mess in that town under Akuma’s order. With the help of Hildegard’s people and Akuma, this town now safe from the Stellan rebels attack. Akuma then arrange the protection system for that town and choose a guy from the town and a guy from Hildegard people to lead those army under their responsibility. He also help that town to grow their resources and be a better town. They also planned to start train the young people of that town to fight so they can have their own force to protect the town and hopefully grow bigger to support Hildegard in the future.


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