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Sabotage: Hildegard The Beastmaster 1

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Tempris could remember. It was a horrible day. The sun was out. The sky was clear. Flowers were blooming, but the girl was in all black. The only thing that was not the dark color was her cloth that rested over her head. That was white, not the brilliant gold that she loved so very much. The air, the city, the whole country of Bosco was cold. This wasn't even the worst of it. See, even Stella was a cold place to the girl. Everything was calming down but inside. She felt betrayed, tricked, deceived. The demon that was Hildegard had did it. She ruined the good memory that was Brunhild. She ruined the who reason Tempris was here, to make a warmer memory.

So to that, she was going to make the woman's day the worst. This was not about gods. It was not about believe. It was about retribution. It was about settling the score, getting what was rightfully hers. Flames would pave the path to sanctuary and all those who dare called themselves supports of the accused one would feel the girl's wrath. If only Fala was here... She would make this fun. If only she was here.


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She has not see the woman since the terrible day. Tempris walked the streets with her sword on her back. Stellans were everywhere but they were not the target of her fury. No, those people could live with their sin. They could suffer like she was in this cold world praying for some immortal sun to give them warmth or love or whatever. She did not care. She never did. A emblem flashed in front of her, the emblem of a dreaded beast master supporter. Being in this area would be his last mistake.

Tempris drew her sword, setting it a flame. Then she screamed her rage. She screamed her damnation of the supporter and how they ruined her. They took away her warm memories and moments and turned this whole country cold to her. If only they could just be the fuel to the fire that will keep her warm. In fact she gave them the offer. Their baptism of fire would save them from their sins and give of the heat, the warmth of Illumin that could brighten her day. Of course the supporter did not want to give in or go through the process willing as with most people she meet.


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So she attacked me supporter. He was a burning Man of Bosco descent. He was not from Stella or at least there was no signs that his heritage would have originated from the country so Tempris was not worried about pissing off the locals by attacking him. She charged forward with her holy blade and swung down but the man was quick and sidestepped her in trying to punch her hand to make her release the blade. She managed to shift her arm a bit so that she wouldn't lose her grip on her sword and then she showed her checked him like a football player because she was small and the guy was not ready to get shoulder checked in the knee.

This caused the guy to trip and fall to the ground with a broken knee since Tempris was the strong. Tempers stood up placing one foot on the man's back forcing him to the ground. She would have asked for any last words but she knew she was not given any chance to stop her hero. So she did not care to give the same formalities to the enemy. With one action she swing her sword down and set the man ablaze and holy flames to let his sin burn away. Then she went off on her way to continue supporting the faction she didn't care about.

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