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Unexpectedly Easy Agreement(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpectedly Easy Agreement(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo] Empty Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:54 am

Miyamoto Akuma
One day, Akuma was walking in the wood at the outer part of Bosco looking for some training area to train his sword skill and strength. Akuma is looking for an area that have a lot of trees to be slice down. This outer part of Bosco feels so quite and silence, the atmosphere around this area is so calming. Akuma walks on the riverside to find the perfect place he’s looking for. It was at that moment that he saw a woman from a pretty far distance and she was taking water from the river inside the container she hold. She wasn’t notice him at first, but because Akuma doesn’t stop walking towards her, she finally sense him around her. Notice that someone unknown walks toward her, she turn her head and take a look at Akuma. She’s apparently a wood elf that come from the nearby village not far from the forest. She was so nice that she try to smile at Akuma to greet him kindly. While Akuma is just being Akuma and he just stay with his flat face expression while looking at her giving a sign that he also notice here present right there. Akuma keep walking to get closer to her and she say her greeting to Akuma, she introduced her name, it’s Moona. She come from a nearby village full of wood elves outside this wood, closer to the inner side of Bosco. Akuma ask why she is there by herself and she start talking a lot more then before.


#2Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpectedly Easy Agreement(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo] Empty Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:55 am

Miyamoto Akuma
She said that she have to go to the wood everyday and gather water and resources from the forest with some other people from her village. They start doing this for the last few weeks, since her village been attacked by Stellan rebels and force them to give them their farm harvest resources to those rebels. To protect and maintain the peace of that village, the people there agree to that request from those rebels to give them the resources they ask for. But they decided that they need to start gathering more resources from the woods to provide the daily needs of the people of that village. So since that day some of them are assigned to go to the woods and gather natural resources like water, food like fruit, edible mushrooms and vegetables while the other focus on the farm and preparing the resources for those Stellan rebels. Hearing this story Akuma decided to put his training aside and go help the people of that village while looking for more supporter for Hildegard. Akuma ask her to let him meet those other people who gathering resources in the wood with her and then go together to their village and help them fight against the Stellan rebels. A little bit confuse about what Akuma will do alone against the rebels, Moona still agree to accept his help and guide him to meet with others in the wood and after explaining to those people, Akuma and them go to the village together.


#3Miyamoto Akuma 

Unexpectedly Easy Agreement(Support:Hildegard the Beeastmaster)[Solo] Empty Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:55 am

Miyamoto Akuma
It wasn’t that fast but they finally make it to the village of those people. Akuma was amaze that this is a big village and it’s surprising that they decided to agree supporting the Stellan rebels instead of fight back for themself. This village seems big and stand on it’s own without a big help from Boscosi capital. Apparently the people of this town choose peace instead fighting for their freedom from those Stellan rebels. Akuma then talk to the people of that town, Akuma tell them that Hildegard the youngest princess of the throne need their help and their support to get the throne and rule Boscosi. He offer protection against the Stellan rebels and any other threats that might come in the future. The people of that town doesn’t expect that anyone would offer their power and support to protect them. The people of this town agree to give their support for Hildegard so she can rule Boscosi, they feels like Hildegard is the only one that offer them support for the better future of this town. Akuma then contact the people of Hildegard and tell them to come with resources to support this town, and also ask them to come with a fight power to protect this town. This time, Akuma reach agreement faster than usual and that make he feel awkward a bit but glad to have one more town supporting Hildegard for the throne. Akuma stay in this town over night to wait for the support from Hildegard to come and be in charge with the safety of this town.


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