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spell training marathon #1

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spell training marathon #1 Empty Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:23 pm

Jikan had originally only come to Baska in the hopes of location one of her younger brothers located in the area. The information said that he was in Baska, Oak, or Astera but most likely in Baska. In that meantime, she had done many tasks along the way of waiting to get information on him and his location. Delivering medicine, collecting boar bodies for sampling, tracking down suspected contamination points. So many things were jumping into her life, Ariael, this odd man that felt....sinister, murderous. And powerful. From what she could tell, her had far more mana magical power than she did. It felt uneasy to her, that much of a gap between them. And she had to rectify that, starting today.

She stood in the middle of the room that she found herself staying in the previous night. She was fairly lucky she thought. It was relatively clean and had a comfy bed. Jikan  was stand up but still groggy like she was in bed having a dream.

Jikan lowered her hand into a wooden drawer a towel, wiping it across her brow and neck before releasing her grip on it and allowed it to flop back down onto her right shoulder. She was at it now for more than half an hour. Beads of perspiration glistened on her arms, just until the timer went off and she could stop for her break and run the towel across them. Her chest moved up and down,  heavy from exertion and her bodies task of keeping up with the pressure of the routine.

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Ever since the day that a threat on her life was sworn after her victory in one of the Baska tournaments, Jikan had been keen to be more focus and aware when she was out and about in the city and farmlands of Baska. The encounter with Ariel , she had decided to do more than just keeping an eye out. She had been training relentlessly since then to make sure she could put up a fight.

So that if and when anyone made their move on her, she could take whatever they did and throw it right back at them. Hence the need and start of her renewed need to train.

To start her training, she was trying to improve her already strong physical form, making herself stronger, which would feed her magic overall. Jikan was still new at this magic stuff, but from her personal experience, when she grows and got better, be it mentally or physically, she could feel her magic power grow in turn. Direct conflict in battle did this but it was a mental note she kept track of, at least on a subconscious level. Hopefully, this mindset and effort would improve Jikan's physical abilities as well. Giving her more options when it came time to fight as well as improve her magic capabilities.

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A book was held in her open left hand, other books laid open on the floor of the room at various angles. Each one sprawled with writings of text she was reading. Combat, magical theory, magical properties, battle tales, anything she could use to get a better understand of her magic or magic in general. One object stood out from the rest, a single piece of paper instead of a book, located in the corner of the mass of books. It displayed a number of symbols; runic markings and sections of arcane script within a larger circle. This was Jikan's magic, the magic circle that would come up when she attempted to do her own magic. It was her own, and looked different from what she read as the other various known types of spells in the world. One circle with an attachment of another, different type of circle within it. It was a curious thing, for she saw them, in her eyes and her mind, when she did her magic. But, only one type of element circle would come out when she attempted to do something. Typically she could control what it was, earth or wind so far, but it was at times something she could not control. It would appear as if it decided what was best on its own.

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This situation was something that she could easily understand, for she had long ago turned away her magic. Living the life under her parents who tried to force her to do stuff, as the oldest, the next in line to live up to their name, to have power, to keep up with tradition. Ugh. It was stifling, it was at times cold, often, and miserable. The small amount of innate magic ability or rather genes did not mean anything to her when it came to them and their goals. What point of having parents, of goals, if you didn't get to be a child or have a mom and dad? They only cared about their positions, not her.

Given that time away, going back to using magic was difficult, save for the few magic stuff she could do that she deemed so easy a noob, like herself, could do. But it was time to go to the next level, and that would involve her using some innovation. Using some scraps of people, she imagined and drew spells circles. Taking one, she placed the outline of the magic circle in her hand. Concentrating, she felt the magic in the paper, bend, grown, adapt, and mend with her, becoming one with Jikan, or rather come out.

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The mana flowed through her then directed to her outward hand holding the paper. A small giver of wind flowing down toward to the paper as it began to slowly float in the air, a few seconds after that, Jikan's feet would move slightly off the ground, only about one or two inches. Her footing was ineven, wobbly, and so Jikan had to extender her other arm out and swing it about as she helpless tried to not fall and dispel her magic. She tried to keep herself up in the air, how little it may be, for as long as she could. Eventually, she had to come down after a minute, but she had made progress. And she would steadily do so over the next several hours.

After settling her nerves and her will, Jikan tried once again, aiming to fulfill this spell to the idea conditions she had in mind when she first thought of creating it. Taking her right hand, Jikan extended it outward aware from her from the side before extending a finger and turning it towards the ceiling. A swirl of wind started, at first, only a breeze that could come from a fan on low, but slowly, it became to solidify in the direction she had pointed. A .5 white meter circle began to form at the tip of her finger, weak and feeble at first before becoming solid and firm, the white color of her magic and hard work showing proudly. Soon a circle that looked the same as the one at her fingertip formed under Jikan, the size being two meters wide. Given her inexperience with this spell, she decided to cast it in her air. It should be fine...hopefully. It was supposed to be a supplementary spell anyway not an offensive one.

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Jikan took a nervous breath then concentrated, pushing and compact her mana into it felt solid, firm, like an image she was painting in her mind. Then she simply put it under her. Soon, a small circular cylinder of wind circles was created around and under her feet. The first appearing under her and lifting her up while the others floated in place in her personal space area. Satisfaction filled her heart, she completed the first step of her exercise. With care, Jikan took the first move, swinging her left leg carefully off the wind circle before placing it down on the one out. Her foot made contact with the cylinder and did not move in place. A crisp smile on her face. "Yes! Finally". Soon Jikan moved her other foot, and made her first steps. And then another one and another one and another one until she soon made her way a good distance onto the wall of her room, and then to the top! Her hair made the process visible to see her progress. Steadily moving more and more in the way as it stayed with gravity and was pulled down, unlike the rest of Jikan's body.

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She kept track of her location, remembering in her theory that the magic only had a selective area. Unless.... Jikan tipped her head, it was a theory but one she had not attempted yet. The spell was a wide spell, a general aoe type of effect. The targets, people, were the only ones to be affected. But it was stable, until Jikan tried to go and play around. The action of her head made the circle move, not by much and she was not sure how she did it, but she did it. The circle moved and Jikan was soon half hanging from her ceiling, her right leg still in the magic circle's range. With a gruff, she twisted and moved her body back into place, and was back to standing toe down to the floor, er, roof. In an hour of work, she was walking on her walls and ceiling as if she was walking outside, fully acclimated to the spell and the act of moving it with her as its center. It should come in handy in running after people or making an escape. But the fact that other people, anyone really, could do it too if they were within the range. A fact that was a big negative but for now, would have no resolution to. She would just have to be careful on when she chooses to use it.

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The training and act of creating and figuring out the spell was tiring. She was back on the ground, her body needing a short break. A towel was in her hand, the edges of the white cotton clothe on her head and neck as she wiped the effect of her work so far today. Throwing the towel aside so that it landed in a neat heap by her books, Jikan thought of what next to do. She had far more magical ideas she thought of, trying to broader the scope of her wind and earth magic. But the next one would involve her needing to go outside...less she want to break something in the room and pay for it.

With a couple of minutes Jikan was outside in the open land of grass and isolation in the grasslands of Baska that she needed. She lined up a punch, her hand encased in a flash of pure magical wind that seemed to glimmer in white energy flowing around her arm. Centring her body and placing his right foot forward and her core tight, she extended his right fist with a shout. Her shoulders squared and his left hand to her core, her magic came to life.

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Like a snake striking and a coiled spring freeing itself, a twirl of wind is formed around her hand and grew! The size of the twister grew outward to a max of 1 meter in size and traveled 15 meters from Jikan's fist. The sound was devasting like a wild lion throwing out an explosive roar. The wind flew and skidded against the grass, cutting the grass and churning up dirt before landing against a stoned rock Jikan was using as a target punching bag. It made contact with a boom, followed by a scratching noise. The boulder was left half standing. Her fist was soon drawn back, and then hurled forwards again with equal force to finish off the imaginary enemy.

The strain slowly became visible on her face as she threw out her second attack, her jaw clenched and his head tightened, pumping with something beyond her feelings of hope and determination. The rock rocked in the earth pit it was planted in, its surroundings holding it in place as if it was a metal chain as the onslaught continued. Minutes passed, and the action was still occurring, over and over again, the same right-fisted jab, the same weight, the same power of nature put behind it, and the same outcome. Chipped pieces of stone. It just was not as strong as her first strike, and each time she drew her arm back though, she could tell its concentration was becoming smaller and smaller. She needed a lot more work to get the most out of her magic.

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